Arrest Affidavit Calls Suspected Cat Killer “A Sociopath”

July 7, 2009

Florida (ChattahBox) – An arrest affidavit that was released to the public this morning described Tyler Weinman, the suspected cat killer of Miami-Dade, as a ‘sociopath’.

The police who interviewed Weinman spoke of the way that the 19-year-old explained how to dissect a cat, taking special care to describe the ‘ripping’ sound of the flesh under the knife.

The affidavit also described claw marks on his arms at the time of the rest, and various statements he cryptically made concerning violence, and his own part in the cat killings.

It was the police psychologists who made the official diagnosis of ‘sociopath’, a theory that had been posed on this blog in the past. But Weinman’s attorney disagrees.

“I’m not exactly sure where they came up with their conclusion or their junk science but all that’s going to be proven faulty,” the Miami Herald quoted David Macey.

“It’s really important to note that there is not one single witness in there that says that Tyler Weinman touched a cat. Not one witness.”

But even with the lack of witnesses, the psychological profile, added to the statements and descriptions that Weinman made, are a powerful indication of his possible guilt.

The Miami Herald listed various pieces of evidence given in the affidavit. Here is the list taken directly from that source:

• On May 14 about 2 a.m., officers found him walking along Whispering Pines Road. A witness told police he saw Weinman walking and using his cell phone on the same street about an hour later — then three hours after that, another cat was found nearby.
The next night, a Miami-Dade sergeant found Weinman — clad in black, wearing a backpack — skateboarding in Cutler Bay. Weinman laughed when the sergeant suggested he keep his cats indoors.

• On May 15, officers stopped Weinman when he ran a red light in Cutler Bay. They found a ”cutting tool” he apparently threw outside his driver’s side window. The tool was impounded. Weinman was arrested for marijuana possession.

• During that arrest, officers noticed a ”prominent red-colored scratch across the right side of Weinman’s neck.” He claimed it came from feeding a stray cat at his mother’s house — he then eagerly showed detectives another scratch on his back.
”The cat climbed down my back,” Weinman told Miami-Dade Detective Dominick Columbro.

• Police attached an electronic tracking device to his car that pinpointed him in the immediate area of one killing reported June 6. A witness also told police that a suspicious black car — similar to Weinman’s — was seen casing the street as detectives pored over the crime scene. The car sped off.

• Weinman, at length, described dissecting cats, which he learned during an anatomy class at Palmetto Senior High. To police, he noted ”with excitement” that cats for dissection could only be received from Mexico, the warrant said.


2 Responses to “Arrest Affidavit Calls Suspected Cat Killer “A Sociopath””

  1. Ellen on July 8th, 2009 9:57 am

    If Tyler tortured the cats, that is very bad. I like cats a lot. But aren’t people supposed to keep their cats inside because of the problem of them killing all the birds? Didn’t he learn this “activity” in his biology class? Maybe a visit to the MOSI Bodies Exhibit helped erode the natural horror of this sort of thing. And is what Tyler is accused of doing a greater breach of ethics than the vocation of licensed abortionists who rip apart the bodies of preborn human beings for cash?

  2. olivia on July 8th, 2009 11:11 am

    Ellen – What are you talking about? Seriously, that reply was not only offensive, but it was barely comprehensible. I am hoping for your sake that you were kidding, because otherwise I am amazed that you are capable of walking and breathing at the same time, much less typing out a reply to a news story.

    Are you actually suggesting that it is technically understandable that Weinman tortured a few dozen animals ( a well-known precursor, to human killing in many cases, btw) because he may have seen a science exhibit?

    Are you also saying that it is OK because some people get abortions, which does NOT rip through the bodies of pre-term babies, as you so charmingly put it. Have you never had an ultrasound within the first three months of a pregnancy? Because whatever your moral leanings are on the issue, you could at least not try to stimulate your argument with pointless shock value.

    What he allegedly did was not only illegal, wrong, and disgusting, it was terrorizing a community, and is a symptom of a much, much deeper problem. If you think it isn’t a big deal then if he is convinced and tried, I dare you to lock yourself in a house with him for a few days once he is out, and see how normal he is. Because if he did this, I bet you anything it will not be cats that he chooses to keep his knife in. It never is.

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