Sarah Palin: If President, “Department of Law” Blocks Ethics Allegations

July 7, 2009

(ChattahBox)—After last Friday’s resignation shocker, Sarah Palin kept her distance from the media, except for a tweet, a head-scratching Facebook post and a threat through her attorney to sue the entire Internet.

Today, Palin made herself available for back-to-back media interviews in full costume aboard her fishing boat, with her folksy jargon in high gear and her lack of knowledge about the office she seeks on full display.

Bedecked in voluminous fishing waders and elbow length pink rubber fishing gloves, Palin held court in Dillingham, Alaska, while fishing for wild Alaskan salmon. She repeated her former claims that she is resigning from office, because of a series of baseless ethics complaints that have drained both the state’s and her own personal finances.

Palin surprisingly claimed she was surprised by all of the media attention after her resignation muttering, she didn’t think it was going to be “such a darn big deal.”

Regarding her future run for presidential office, “…I can’t predict what the next fish run’s gonna look like down on the Nushagak [River], said Palin.

Palin lambasted what she referred to as “opposition researchers” who she said arrived in Wasilla after her run for Vice President to dig up dirt, as another reason for leaving office.

When asked by Kate Snow of ABC News, how things would be any different outside of Alaska, were she to run for elective office in the future, Palin responded with a straight face that something she called “the department of law” would protect her from ethics complaints.

“I think on a national level, your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we’ve been charged with and automatically throw them out,” she said.

It’s not certain if Palin was referring to the Office of the White House Counsel or the Justice Department, either way she is horribly confused.

There is no “department of law” in the White House or in national government for that matter, and if there were, why Palin thinks such an office would exist to throw out ethics complaints made against her is a head scratcher.



13 Responses to “Sarah Palin: If President, “Department of Law” Blocks Ethics Allegations”

  1. Old Man Dotes on July 7th, 2009 6:29 pm

    Palin thinks that the Office of the President exists outside of the restrictions of law and ethics, which makes sense if you realize that everything she knows about law and ethics was learned by observing George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Of course, when referring to Palin, I use the term “thinks” as loosely as possible, in an attempt to be charitable to a creature which clearly has only the reptilian brain functions (eat, sleep, procreate, attack anything that might be a threat to eating, sleeping, or procreating).

  2. JakeD on July 7th, 2009 7:31 pm

    No, Palin thinks that the FEDERAL immunity law would protect her as President. Alaska’s “Justice Department” is actually called the “Department of Law” , headed by Attorney General Daniel S. Sullivan:

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  4. Mary Mangold on July 7th, 2009 11:13 pm

    Its a disgrace to human kind the way you folks throw crap as though slinging it is what your life depends on. When the liberals speak of peace, love and unity, I’m sure I’m not familiar with this brand.

    You people don’t even know this person, Sarah Palin. Yet your ceaseless attacks make you feel good.

    goody for you!

    Love and compassion will save you, if you can muster up the courage.

  5. MDA on July 8th, 2009 12:55 am

    Palin actually debuted the “Law Department” on Friday 7/3, but no one seemed to pick it up. She said it and she posted it on her website. In her 7/3 remarks the “Law Department” is the Supreme Court. Excerpt from Palin’s 7/3 speech:

    “Another accomplishment — our Law Department protected states’ rights — two huge U.S. Supreme Court reversals came down against that liberal Ninth Circuit, deciding in our state’s favor over the last two weeks. We’re protectors of our Constitution — federalists protect states’ rights as mandated in 10th amendment.”

    Paul Begala’s great post:

    Her speech was not off the cuff. Palin wrote it herself and posted it word for word on her website just as the press conference was starting. She read the speech into a portable, mobile teleprompter. Greta’s show posted enough video that it included pan back shots showing the teleprompter Palin read into, with a camera on either side of the teleprompter. Paul Begala’s take at HuffPo on her posted text is priceless, with all of its various ALL CAPS and exclamation points and odd punctuation. Her rambling syntax was planned, and all the more frightening.

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  8. Benito on July 8th, 2009 3:40 pm

    When she accepted the VP nomination, she knew she needed to bring her professional game up to another level, she never did. She knew that her family would get attacked as did Hilary and Chelsea before her (by even her twin maverick brother McCain in 1998), let face it she knew her family affairs would come out. But now she plays the victim card again, a card she played after those comical first extended interviews that we all enjoyed and SNL immortalized. But for the icing on the cake, she quits, because she does not want to be a lame duck governor, because the lawsuits keep coming, because it was the media’s fault, because seeing Russia from her house finally got to her, because its not fair that Alaskan’s paid her salary while she was running for the VP position, take your pick. So what does she tells us? Dear Mr. President, when things get tough, quit. Dear military men and women, if you are not having fun, quit. Dear son or daughter, if things are not going your way, quit. Sure, I agree when she first was introduced and gave a descent speech, sure the polls went up, but after the extended interviews, they went where they ended, down. She showed her true character, I real hope the book deal, Radio/ TV shows and the lecture circuits make up for what her party has lost by her actions. She may go down in history as the quitter that twittered.

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  11. Paul on July 10th, 2009 2:56 pm

    Who would you chose to get a surgery from a person who worked hard and received an Ivy League education, or one who does not care about education (especially science) and drifts and somehow manages to get a degree. She showed her true character, by quitting (cut and run) just like her college years. She couldn’t even give a decent exit speech (her railing against the media was sweet until she ask them to go with her on a fishing trip to clarify her “Rambling Rose” comments). She was right for Alaska (with a population of less than 700,000), and her education matches it (journalism degree from the University of Idaho in 1987). But if you think and anyone who wants to get our country back on track after the fiasco of the last administration with our economy and the fabricated two wars then you along with the republican party are completely lost (are you surprise about the election results?). For the previous eight years we put up with a dullard president, but no more, you may try in 2012 but our eyes are open. I have heard that Republicans lost because God was against them, I can only say look at the candidates the Republican party put forward on their national ticket and don’t make the same mistake again. Mavericks, please, more like flash over substance (she quit and he fumbled) and the majority of voters saw it. We both know that she is cashing out, book deal, a show (Radio/TV), speaking engagements, she will keep her followers as long as she keeps the possibility open for running in 2012.

  12. Paul on July 13th, 2009 12:51 pm

    Can anyone real tell me that you were impressed by her exit speech? You can’t real believe that she is the only person that can win in 2012. You know, if she can’t take a joke, don’t get in the game, its politics, they all get kicked around. Let me paint you a picture, in my opinion, for the last eight years where the mantra was no regulation and no oversight and spread to all federal agencies and the justice department was filled by unqualified religious types and the dullard (ex-drunk) religious president started two wars of choice with extreme tax dollar spending, is anyone surprised with our current economic situation because of those choices. Sure “W” sucker the religious right to vote for him and that’s why he placed unqualified people in positions of responsibility and they failed (almost a “plan to fail”), do you forget Katrina, where the Director of FEMA Michael D. Brown, was relieved of his duties because of incompetence? Or can you forget disgraced White House correspondent James Guckert, AKA Jeff Gannon, the male escort, why was a male escort getting into the Whitehouse, hmmm? I know it was Barney Frank’s fault, he controls the county and republicans had their hands tied (even though 7 of the last 8 years they had the majority and the presidency to do something (fact or fiction?), but not the will to act). Oh, by the way I read that God blog, very funny, it reminds me of those TV evangelists who claim the talk to God and want so and so foreign country leader to be killed or such and such a us state to be punished by God for a court ruling that intelligent design is just another word for religion. We had enough of religious dullards in our government. If you believe that the USA has strayed from God then go out to your communities and preach to your neighbors, the sick, the shut ins, the poor and invite them to take part in your church, build a community. But I know that’s hard work we want a government official to do that for us, well they tried that and look where it left us, in the gutter, but our country does not quit and we will rise again. Do you remember how Ronald Reagan got us out of a recession? By spending and we will do the same. But she is just another “W” in heels and she is stringing the religious right along, she will sell you her books, her radio/TV shows and speaking engagements. Lastly, I do not want you to believe what I believe, so please keep writing, feel free, I am starting to enjoy this.

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