Corporate Lobbyist Dick Armey: God Wouldn’t Allow Global Warming

July 31, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Corporate Lobbyist and global warming denier Dick Armey, presented quite a novel argument against global warming on Thursday, while appearing on Capitol Hill to testify before a Republican hearing on climate change legislation. Armey suggested that global warming doesn’t exist, because the Lord God Almighty would not allow man to destroy his creation.

That means in Armey’s mind, Earth is indestructible and that we can continue to gobble up fossil fuels and pollute our environment with CO2 emissions to our heart’s content, because God is on the side of big oil companies.

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX), has long been a supporter of corporate polluters and big oil companies in and out of office. And he has spent his post Congressional career, as a lobbyist for DLA Piper representing big oil interests.

Sen. Orrin Hatch(R-UT) was happy to have Armey on board to do his part to deny global warming, and help the Republicans obstruct clean energy legislation. After a handful of witnesses representing corporate interests testified, Armey appeared with his new argument, likening global warming deniers to true believers in God and smearing the fact-base science of global warming as hysterical and paranoid.

Read excerpts from Armey’s testimony:

“We have sort of an eco-evangelical hysteria that’s going on and it leads me to almost wonder if we are becoming a nation of environmental hypochondriacs that are willing to use the power of the state to impose enormous restrictions on the rights and the comforts of, and incomes of individuals who serve essentially a paranoia, a phobia, that has very little fact– evidence in fact.”

“Now these are observations that are popular to make because right now it’s almost taken as an article of faith that this crisis is real. Let me say I take it as an article of faith if the lord God almighty made the heavens and the Earth, and he made them to his satisfaction and it is quite pretentious of we little weaklings here on earth to think that we are going to destroy God’s creation.” […]

Despite the arguments of Armey and other global warming deniers, global warming is harming our planet at an alarming rate. And if Armey and the Republicans have their way, God’s creation will be in big trouble.

When Armey isn’t denying Global warming in the name of God, he plans divisive anti-Obama tea party rallies, under the cover of his right-wing Astroturf organization, FreedomWorks.

Source: Think Progress

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17 Responses to “Corporate Lobbyist Dick Armey: God Wouldn’t Allow Global Warming”

  1. Old Man Dotes on July 31st, 2009 7:10 pm

    Pardon me, but who’s going to argue that God wanted Man to destroy the dodo? Or to introduce assembly-line genocide (Nazi Germany), mass incineration of civilians (Allied fire-bombing of Dresden), atomic weapons (Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and so far no other city, thank whatever gods you may believe in)? Did God want the Crusaders to be utterly demolished by the Muslims during the Crusades? Seems to me that means God is on the side of the Iranians.

    Or maybe when the Bible said that God gave Man stewardship and dominion over the Earth, it meant that Man was expected to maintain and care for the planet as if it were his very own cherished home. In which case Dick Armey is clearly a godless whore, who will say anything for a buck, as long as he gets paid his 30 pieces of silver.

    I leave the decision to the gentle reader.

  2. Sue on July 31st, 2009 7:27 pm

    Old Man Dotes: Thank you for the excellent and insightful comments.

    “When the Bible said that God gave Man stewardship and dominion over the Earth, it meant that Man was expected to maintain and care for the planet as if it were his very own cherished home.” No truer words have been said Dotes.


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  4. Vierotchka on July 31st, 2009 10:12 pm

    The man shows unmistakable signs of senile dementia.

  5. Eve on July 31st, 2009 10:51 pm

    Any politiian who speaks for or votes for a carbon tax or cap and trade is a crook. Why? Because the hypothesis of AGW is that, a hypothesis and you cannot vote for a measure that will destroy your country and make your citizens pay more for heat, electricity, food, transportation etc unless you are making something from that vote. If you are making something off that vote then you are a crook. Simple.
    I do believe in a hell and every one of these congresspeople who voted for the clinate bill are going there.

  6. Manfred Zysk on July 31st, 2009 11:02 pm

    By Manfred Zysk, July 8, 2009
    Updated July 31, 2009
    Research is proprietary and contains intellectual property rights.
    Publication is authorized with author’s name.

    The current global priorities are global climate change, abundant inexpensive global energy supply and global food supply for global survivability and stability. An overview of the present global climate situation and peak energy shows that we are truly in a world crisis that now requires emergency global participation by all countries. The following information provides important factors that portray the coming global climate and energy crisis.

    By Jesse Zwick, The Vine – July 30, 2009

    Congress held hearings on the national security aspects of climate change. Energy and climate change are two of the key strategic trends affecting national security. The impacts of climate change will disproportionately affect regions with limited adaptive capacity and contribute to food and water shortages, spread of disease and may lead to mass migration.

    Climate change is different from traditional military threats. It is going to happen to every country and every person in the whole world at the same time. Drought and scant water have already fueled civil conflicts in global hot spots. . . .

    Current generals and admirals are discouraged from airing their views on anything remotely political, which is why the Military Advisory Board is made up of retired generals, admirals and vice admirals; all agreed about the dire security consequences of letting global warming go unchecked.

    American Electric Power spent $4.6 million lobbying Congress, while Southern Co. spent $6.3 million, which are the largest coal consumers and the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. The electric utility industry’s main trade group has joined into the lobbying efforts of Congress. The oil companies such as Conoco-Phillips and Exxon Mobil reported heavy increases in their lobbying as the global warming legislation makes its way through Congress. It is believed that the climate change legislation has now been “watered down” and will not produce the necessary improvements to the global climate. A commenter stated: Why do they even bother to call it lobbying. Just be honest and call it bribing congressmen.

    Based upon present data, the following energy sources will be depleted and consumed as shown:
    World Natural Gas Supply exhausted: September, 2068
    World Oil Supply 1.206 trillion barrels exhausted: October, 2047
    World Coal Supply (in metric tons) 841 billion exhausted: May, 2140
    World Uranium Supply (U-235) 18096 metric tons exhausted: November, 2144
    Note: The above figures are estimates, and can vary substantially, and will further fluctuate as economic conditions keep changing.

    The Energy Outlook 2007 shows Commercially Exploitable Reserves of Global Fossil Fuel as shown:
    Gas from hydrates – 3 Trillion Tons of carbon on the ocean floor
    Natural Gas – 96 Trillion Tons of carbon on the ocean floor
    Oil – 60 Billion Tons of carbon on the ocean floor
    Coal – 675 Billion Tons of carbon on the ocean floor

    Within 5 years, about 25% of (oil refining) capacity in North America and 30% of Europe’s capacity will be idled, the International Energy Agency says. Refiners are weighing plans to shut or sell plants. Royal Dutch Shell may sell or close 2 plants, 1 plant in Montreal, Canada and 2 plants are for sale in Northern Germany. Total SA will dismantle 25% of France’s biggest refinery. These are major developments by the oil industry.

    When 60%-70% of all energy resources have been consumed, it is expected that the energy industry will start to abandon their operations because of instability, low productivity and yield, high production costs, remote/inaccessible locations, high exploration costs, high transportation/distribution costs, scarce investment funds, and low profitability, et cetera, et cetera. With the last 30%-40% of global energy resources remaining, the world economy will be declining and disappearing very quickly, because any country with fossil fuel deposits would want to save themselves economically for as long as possible. Any oil exporting countries with small oil/fossil fuel deposits will reduce or suspend exports accordingly, and this data has not been calculated into the global availability of oil and fossil fuel for the next 5 to 20 years from now. Some oil exports are already being reduced, and an economic analysis will indicate what the gradual reductions by oil exporters will have on the global economy in the next 5 to 20 years. The suspension of exports by fossil fuel exporters then becomes far more critical and these fossil fuel export cutoffs have to be deducted from the overall global energy supply. This means that approximately 30% of existing energy supplies is not available for world consumption. Wind, solar, algae and nuclear power do not have the capability to run the trucking industry, the airline industry, to run the national train system, or to keep our global military operational. The only available remaining global energy resource is hydrogen gas obtained from the oceans which contain 11% hydrogen. The hydrogen energy can be regenerated in a closed loop process for most applications. If done wisely and intelligently, hydrogen energy regeneration processes can be developed to produce prosperity and bring about a new era in human evolution for several hundred years. For additional energy information, please see:

    By Nadim Kawach, Emirates Business, July 8, 2009 (condensed)
    Of substantial importance is the world news release by Sr. Vice President Abdulaziz Al Khayyal of Saudi Aramco to Emirates Business 24/7 on July 8. 2009, pertaining to present Saudi Arabia’s Oil Reserves.

    The National Commercial Bank (NCB) said the kingdom’s oil resources that can be recovered by present technology are estimated at around 260 billion barrels. In a short study sent to Emirates Business, NCB estimated Saudi Arabia’s total crude resources in place at more than 742 billion barrels, including those which can not be reached by present production and drilling techniques.

    “Only a small fraction of this oil can be brought to the surface on limitations of petroleum extraction technologies and the typical structure of the reservoir … at the end of 2008, Saudi Aramco’s oil and gas reserves were spread over 104 fields of which only 23 were in production,” it said. These fields have so far known 354 different reservoirs with a combined capacity of more than 742 billion barrels of discovered oil resources in place, including proven, probable and possible reserves. “At the end of 2008, the remaining proven reserves composed roughly 260 billion barrels of the total oil in place,” the study said.

    “Assuming a crude oil production rate of 8.9 million barrels per day, these proven reserves could deplete in the next 80 years”… Saudi Arabia is boosting its oil production to 12.5 million barrels per day by the end of 2009, which then reduces their production and supply to 57 years. Saudi Arabia expects to boost its oil production to 15 million barrels per day in the next 5 years, which then reduces their production to approximately 49 years of oil supply. A 30% to 40% oil supply cutoff by Saudi Arabia would reduce the oil exports to approximately 29 years to 34 years of oil supply for the global market. Unforeseen factors could add another 10+ years to the supply of world oil availability such as curbing or stretching out exports to the world market, but population growth and more energy demands can reduce any gains substantially. If the oil and fossil fuel industry cannot supply the necessary energy in a safe climate environment at reasonable prices to sustain the global economy, then we are indeed in an energy crisis. This is very simple to understand, even for the oil and fossil fuel industry.

    At the May 2, 2006 Center for Strategic & International Studies Forum in Washington, D.C., the Petroleum & Minerals Minister Ali Ibrahim al-Naimi of Saudi Arabia stated: “I believe there are at least 14 trillion barrels of reserves left, 7 trillion of which are conventional with advancing technology, we’ll produce more of it.”

    Bloomberg reports on July 5, 2008 – Madrid: “The world has as much as five trillion to seven trillion barrels of oil yet to be developed, located in “challenging” areas or acreage closed to exploration,” Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said.

    Where have so many trillions of barrels of oil disappeared to?? When assuming Saudi Arabia’s self interest and politics, it can be expected that exports may be stopped entirely in approximately 26 to 30 years, or by the year 2034 to 2038. By this time most oil exporting countries will have stopped all exports and Saudi Arabia then definitely would stop all exports as well. The rest of the world should not count on the oil/natural gas fields in Iraq and Iran, because whether we like it or not, these are their natural resources. The International Energy Agency published the International Energy Outlook 2009 and stated that World Oil Reserves amounted to 1.342 billion barrels of oil.

      

    Unless we act expeditiously to resolve these coming crisis’s with practical solutions, otherwise we will face major global economic deterioration. The present global economic recession and subsequent reduction of oil depletion/consumption has done little to change, or to have a major effect upon the global climate crisis at this point in time. Present plans, legislation and financial commitments by the U.S.A. and Europe are inadequate to make a substantial dent in the approaching global climate change crisis.

    Again, multiple forces are converging simultaneously upon global climate changes, global fossil fuel energy supply, and global food supply that are impacting upon global economic stability with continued global population growth, which at this point now require the most effective technological solutions. Too much money is wasted on insignificant energy projects, bankrupt banks, bankrupt corporations, ever increasing defense appropriations and for idle job creation programs that generate little or no economic value or stability for the next 10 to 20 years from now. The $57 Trillion in total public/private debt and another $70+ Trillion in unfunded liabilities amount to a total of $127 Trillion, compared to our U.S. GDP of $11.5 Trillion/Year is very troublesome to manage.

    The United Nations, the European Union, numerous governments and international organizations have repeatedly disclosed the worsening global climate change situation, and have been criticized for their diligent concerns about the world’s future survival by large self-serving corporations and the news media.

    The global climate crisis has many different aspects and involves carbon dioxide, fossil fuel, chemicals, methane in permafrost and methane frozen on the ocean floor. The rapid acceleration of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere is due to a combination of factors that have set this trend into motion, and our global efforts to stabilize this climate crisis may require much greater determination and financial allocation than what we are willing to allocate.

    The broad diversification of government funded energy projects can only produce limited results and only dilute and confuse the necessary efforts for producing abundant future global energy supplies and interfere with the necessary global climate change solutions.

    It is estimated that the 5 top oil exporting countries may stop oil exports in about year 2030, and oil imports into the USA are expected to decline and start to dry up very soon. This means that other forms of renewable energy are supposed to take the place of oil. The OECD and IAE says that 40% of renewable energy could stabilize CO2 emissions at 450 ppm, while international organizations agree to a range between 450-550 ppm.

    Present global CO2 concentrations are at 387 ppm, and previous geophysical records show that Greenland had become free of ice at 400 ppm. The absorption of CO2 acidity by the oceans has about reached the limits so that now more CO2 is being retained in the atmosphere. The melting of Arctic ice is not able to absorb additional billions of tons of annual CO2 emissions. When comparing pound per pound, methane is 25 times more potent than CO2, while the overall impact of methane on the climate is about half of CO2.

    At the present, global warming due to CO2, methane, and chemical emissions are melting the Arctic and Antarctic ice shelves which in turn produce a chain reaction that create warmer temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere with wind currents, warmer ocean currents that in turn melt the permafrost.

    The global permafrost is estimated to contain approximately 950 billion to 1.5 trillion tons of stored methane, and annual methane emissions are presently estimated at 150-250 million tons. A study indicated that when a 10 percent release of atmospheric CO2 from permafrost would increase the count of parts per million by 80, or to about 467 ppm. Methane is 25 times stronger than CO2. Organic decomposition of thawed vegetation and soil of permafrost can reach depths of more than 20 feet.

    There are approximately 3 trillion tons of methane gas contained in frozen hydrates beneath the ocean floor along the East and West Coast of South America, North America, entire North Pacific, Asia, Indonesia, Australia, India, Arabian Sea, around the coasts of East and West Africa and a large area of the Barents Sea. The methane hydrate was found in thick sediment layers of 15-20 meters (50-65 feet) in China, 132 meters (433 feet) in India, and Adaman Islands 600 meters (984 feet) beneath the ocean floor.

    The huge problem is the 950-1,500 billion tons of methane stored in frozen permafrost and the 3 trillion tons of methane stored beneath the ocean floor. Warmer wind currents and warmer ocean water currents are causing major changes in the overall global weather system by continuously feeding more methane into the atmosphere from the melting permafrost as well as from warmer oceans releasing ever more methane from the ocean floor.

    The combined quantity of methane in the permafrost and in the ocean floor sediment is approximately 3.95-4.5 trillion tons. Warmer air and warmer ocean water are expected to increase air currents and water currents to cause underwater turbulence which are expected to thaw the frozen methane on the ocean floor, and release large amounts of more methane hydrates into the atmosphere. The frozen methane on the ocean floor covers such an immensely large area, that it warrants the publication of this map below, and it was published by Energy Outlook 2007 and Der Spiegel, 2005.

    For additional information on world energy supply and climate change research, please see my website:

    The planned sequestration of CO2 on the ocean floor will be dangerous because the CO2 will spread out over a large ocean floor area and warmer air and ocean currents cause an upwelling motion toward the water surface and release the CO2 into the atmosphere. In addition, there are earth plate movements, plate tectonics and underwater earthquakes causing tsunamis which can cause violent shaking and movement of the sequestered CO2 toward the ocean surface.

    When viewing the global earth plate movements and plate buckling, earth plate subduction, active global earthquakes and the amount of existing methane deposits on the ocean floor, it becomes obvious that the sequestration of CO2 on the ocean floor can become catastrophic. A NASA study in 2001 shows a huge release of frozen sea floor methane about 55 million years ago that heated the Earth by 13 degrees F. (7 degrees C.), and that was a huge catastrophe.

    With the global warming of the air and the warming of ocean waters, the ocean floor is then melting the frozen methane, which has a tendency to carry the CO2 gas to the surface of the ocean and the wind carries the methane and additional CO2 into the atmosphere. Then this is a global catastrophe, and the consequences are unimaginable to the human race. Climate changes such as increased warmer temperatures over several continents have an effect on air currents and therefore change the jet-stream and existing weather patterns into unusual and abnormal conditions. This causes a more profound force and velocity that in turn tend to shift the overall world weather pattern into global warming, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere. The earth rotation with fluctuating temperatures of day and night, including seasonal temperature changes combined with the annual movement (approx. 25 miles) of the North Pole contribute to the present global climate changes.

    Since April, 2009, I have checked the daily temperatures of Fairbanks, Alaska. During this time I was shocked to see that the temperatures in Fairbanks (72-85 degrees) repeatedly were warmer than in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City and Los Angeles. The average temperature for the month of July is 72 degrees.

    David A. Fahrenthold, LA Times-Washington Post – July 24, 2009
    Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) from refrigerators, auto air conditioners and insulating foam can trap heat amounting to1,430 times more for 12-14 years than CO2, and to 4,470 times more heat for 52 years the global warming impact of carbon dioxide. The HFC’s are leaking into the atmosphere and a new type of refrigerant has to be developed because the HFC’s are now trapping too much heat in the atmosphere and over the Antarctic region.

    This is bad news, but then we should do what we can to rectify such an impending crisis with the most effective measures and technology. At this point in time and history, the time has come to dispense with global exploitive foreign policies and constant irrational wars, or wars over the control of global natural resources, and concentrate on how to plan the survival of the global human race.

    The latest energy development involves a natural gas pipeline project with Nigeria, Niger and Algeria to deliver 30 billion cubic meters/year through a 2,580 mile (4,128 km) long pipeline, from an estimated 5.1 trillion cubic meters (180 trillion cubic feet) gas field for European consumption for approximately 80-100+ years. Some oil companies are now involved in the exploration and production of natural gas in Canada and in other countries. The new natural gas production will produce more carbon dioxide emissions.

    Therefore, present attempts of carbon trading and ineffective schemes to limit or reduce CO2 emissions to acceptable levels cannot be achieved because global population growth and normal global economic expansion is a necessity. The most promising and effective solution to global climate change, global energy supply, global economy and global food problems would be hydrogen energy produced from ocean waters (11% hydrogen) that will last for several hundred years, and hydrogen regeneration systems for most energy applications. The hydrogen energy regeneration systems are the only methods that can replace oil and fossil fuels, and is the most effective method to reduce the global climate change problem. If and when hydrogen energy regeneration processes are developed and manufactured for most energy applications, a new era of global prosperity can be created with abundant and inexpensive energy for the global population.

    For more detailed information about energy research and supply, and global climate and temperature changes, please see my website: Please endorse and vote for the vital climate change and energy legislation. A response is sincerely appreciated. Thank you. This e-mail was sent to 80 Senators and 28 Congressmen. Only 6 Senator responded, and one was concerned about the unemployment in the state of Michigan, and wants to manufacture wind turbines, or anything that would help the unemployment problem. Four congressmen responded with general preprinted form letters involving energy legislation.

    Manfred Zysk, M.E.

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  10. grasspress on March 24th, 2010 2:47 pm

    sorry dick. if there were a god, he wouldn’t allow you, either. proof positive there’s no god!

  11. james rishe on July 26th, 2010 5:20 am

    this guy is either stoned or stupid

  12. Thinking is not illegal.... yet on August 29th, 2010 4:15 am

    So……I’m supposed to take this article seriously with the post “Spy Babe Anna Chapman Gets Her Own Sexy Action Figure” lurking on the side????? The environmental guilt trippers have a way with fear-mongering… with embarrassing results (University of East Anglia emails, anyone?) Nothing says “cop-out” like changing the term global warming into climate change when record freezing temperatures hit like they did in 2008 and 2009.

    Being good stewards is commendable and righteous, certainly something for each individual to strive for. Bludgeoning the whole of civilization on this planet with guilt and punishment for our sins against nature like a Catholic priest of the Dark Ages? Cap and Trade bears a striking resemblance to the payment of indulgences to the Catholic church: a true mark of sincere penitence and honest money-handling *this is sarcasm, in case any one is missing it*. We all know how that worked out.

    For those who have been seduced by the MSM and its desperate attempts to increase ratings, the Tea Parties are a result of Obama’s divisive political tactics and blatant snobbery that’s pissing We the People off. I dare everyone to do some actual research and everyone shall find that the Tea Party Movement is comprised of people across the political, cultural, and ethnic spectrum. I’ve heard so many people admit to having buyer’s remorse because they bought into the “Hope” and “Change” mantra. November is coming 😉

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  16. miko guinto on December 20th, 2010 4:08 pm

    bakit nilikha ni lord ang puno na pagkakakilala sa mabuti at masama kung ito ang magiging dahilan ng pagkakasala ni adan,,

  17. miko guinto on December 20th, 2010 4:10 pm

    at dahil sa pag suway ni adan nagkasala ang tao, at dahil sa kasalanan,ang tao ay nasakop ng parusang kamatayan,,,

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