Poll: Seniors Least Supportive of Health Care Reform

August 10, 2009

(ChattahBox)—A recent USA Today/Gallup Poll shows that our nation’s senior citizens are the least supportive of health care reform. Perhaps the GOP deathers with their “kill granny” scare tactics of “euthanasia” and “death panels” have resonated with the elderly or they are fearful of cuts in their Medicare coverage, which they believe may result from remaking the health insurance system.

The Poll surveyed 3,026 adults, asking questions about what’s important to emphasize in health care reform, how soon to reform it and what’s important to protect.

When asked, “Which goal of health care coverage is more important: expanding coverage to the uninsured or controlling rising health care costs?” people over 30 chose controlling costs by a significant margin.

For example, in the 30-49 age group, 44 percent chose expanding coverage, compared to 53 percent favoring controlling costs.

In the 65 and older group the divide was wider, with only 29 percent choosing expanding coverage and 61 percent choosing controlling health insurance costs. Only in the 18 to 29, age group was there a majority in favor of expanding coverage at 50 percent compare to 42 percent favoring cost controls.

The poll showed divisions along racial lines, as well as age with the same question. Two-thirds of blacks and six in 10 Hispanics support expanding coverage to the uninsured, compared to six in 10 whites favoring controlling costs.

Along regional lines, more Southerners support controlling costs, while Westerners want expanded coverage.

Regarding the question of the urgency to enact health reform this year, fewer than half of all seniors polled favor health reform this year.

There was less support for health reform this year among people who were healthy and were covered by health insurance, which represented the majority of all people polled.



2 Responses to “Poll: Seniors Least Supportive of Health Care Reform”

  1. Old Man Dotes on August 11th, 2009 10:09 am

    Obviously, seniors are gullible and ignorant. I say this as a 58-year-old (almost 59 – just 3 weeks) white male. Anyone who would believe the lies told by the Nazis, er, I mean, Republicans (and especially Ignorance is Bliss Barbie, aka Sarah Palin) is clearly too stupid to be trusted with aspirin, much less anything stronger.

  2. M. Reynolds on August 12th, 2009 5:22 pm

    Obviously lots of people who voted for Obama had no idea he intended to take over the health care industry. Sure, say all you want about how this bill just gives a public “option”, anyone with a brain knows it will move millions to government run insurance, without their choice. You cannot say you will bring down costs for all and insure millions of americans you cannot or often will not pay for health insurance while also claiming that it is fiscally responsible.

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