Operation Rescue’s ‘Kill Granny-Kill Babies’ Tour Ends With a Threat

August 25, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, the controversial militant anti-abortion group, is just wrapping up a 10-city “kill granny/kill babies” tour, by threatening to disrupt Rep. James P. Moran (D-VA) and Howard Dean’s town hall meeting on Tuesday to discuss health care reform.

“In Reston, we intend to disrupt a meeting being run by Congressman James Moran and Howard Dean,” said Terry.

Terry’s violent antics and angry rhetoric, laced with thinly veiled threats against the government and public officials, includes vile street theatre skits, where plastic baby dolls and protesters dressed as grannies are stabbed with knives and doused with fake blood. Terry ominously warned that government “socialist” programs will lead to people refusing to pay taxes and to “random acts of violence against people in power.”

Terry falsely claims that the health care reform proposals would kill the elderly and provide federal taxpayer funded abortions.

His repulsive skits are described by Right Wing Watch:

“A character wearing an Obama mask opened the skit by handing Terry three baby dolls in rapid succession. Terry stabbed each one, then threw them over his shoulder.

Terry, the physician, then examined a woman with a wig of long gray hair. After looking at her eyes and listening to her heart, Terry stabbed her.

“‘That’s your health-care bill. Kill Granny,” Terry said. “Go Obama. One dead person at a time.'”

During the course of Terry’s “kill granny/kill babies” tour, he has used dangerous and fiery rhetoric designed to stoke acts of violent retribution against public officials who are pro-choice.

Read some excerpts of Terry’s violent rhetoric below:

“Let all those in government be warned: They cannot order people to pay for the murder of babies, and betray God Himself, without horrific consequences,” Terry says.

“Please understand: neither I, nor any thinking person wants the convulsions that would inevitably come from such a government policy — the decision to force Americans to pay for the murder of their neighbor.”

“Nevertheless, the sheer horror and frustration of such an evil policy will lead some people to absolutely refuse to pay their taxes. And I believe — if my reading of history from America and around the world is correct — that there are others who will be tempted to acts of violence.”

“If the government of this country tramples the faith and values of its citizens, history will hold those in power responsible for the violent convulsions that follow.”

Terry also likened health care reform to the enslavement of the population saying, “Obama and Pelosi intend to use our money to kill innocent babies, and call it ‘health care.’ This would make us their political slaves, forcing us to pay for their crimes against babies.”

Terry’s violent language is truly frightening and needs to be vigorously condemned, before one of his deranged followers decides to physically carry out one of his threats of violence.

Terry and his followers harassed Wichita, Kan., abortion provider George Tiller, until the very day he was gunned down by a man with a long history of anti-government and anti-abortion extremism.

Photo Source: Louisville Public Media


6 Responses to “Operation Rescue’s ‘Kill Granny-Kill Babies’ Tour Ends With a Threat”

  1. Twitted by parentinfo101 on August 25th, 2009 10:05 pm

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  2. mjschumaker on August 26th, 2009 10:27 am

    It’s ironic how some people can be offended by violent rhetoric about abortion and euthansia but not by the violent acts of abortion and euthansia themselves. One would think that if you hate violence so much, you would be offended by the doctors killing unborn children and euthanizing the elderly rather than being offended by actors dramatizing the events.

  3. olivia on August 26th, 2009 10:58 am

    Anyone against abortion should probably stop to consider the fact that people like this make you all look like idiot fanatics. Not only does it not help your cause, it hurts it. Just sayin’.

  4. Chuck C on August 26th, 2009 11:06 am

    What’s great about folks like “mjschumaker” is that they justify actual murder in their own minds as “saving the unborn”. These are the same people who generally support things like the Death Penalty. These folks certainly didn’t protest when the U.S. launched an illegal and unnecessary war in Iraq that has literally killed hundreds-of-thousands of human lives.

    “Preventing birth” is not murder. It’s a lot like having your tonsils out.

    And there is nothing in ANY bill (nor has there ever been) that includes euthanasia. It’s a provision for the government to help pay for Living Wills.

    Will you people EVER stop lying? Ever? How about actually read the bill rather than trying to scare your grandma?

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