Abortion Foe Randall Terry Ejected From Dem Town Hall

August 26, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, ominously threatened to disrupt the town hall meeting held by Rep. James Moran (D-VA) and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean last night in Virginia, and he did indeed cause a disruption, screaming, “baby killer” to the two Democrats. Earlier in the week, during his 10-city “kill granny/kill babies” tour, Randall threatened “random acts of violence against people in power,” who are pro-choice.

The militant anti-abortion activist was physically removed, before he completely hijacked the meeting, held to allow Rep. Moran’s constituents to ask questions about health care reform.

Terry and his group of extremists staged violent street theatre skits outside the town hall event. The Hill and Think Progress described Terry’s repulsive antics:

‘Terry’s colleagues put on a skit with a man in an Obama mask pretending to whip a bloodied woman, who kept saying, “Massa, don’t hit me no more. I got the money to kill the babies.”’

Terry himself dressed in a doctor’s lab coat and pretended to stab a woman in a gray wig.

‘”There’s no way to pay for this thing without killing granny,”’ Terry explained.

The event was loud and raucous, with Terry’s group and tea party protesters heckling supporters of health care reform inside and outside the meeting. Two anti-health care protesters were dressed in large flags with the image of a large machine gun and the words, “Come and take it.”

Inside, the anti-health care reform disruptors were loud, forcing Rep. Moran to use a loud speaker to talk over the heckling. Once Dean was iintroduced, Terry began shouting and accusing the former governer of being a baby killer. The crowd starting chanting “kick him out” and the police obliged, as he was escorted out screaming while “baby killer.”

Watch a video of the scene provided by Firedoglake:


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