GOP Rep to ‘Proud Right-Wing Terrorist’— ‘There is a Great American’

August 27, 2009

(Chattahbox)—Republican Congressman Wally Herger held a town hall meeting in Redding, California last week where he enthusiastically bobbed his head, smiled and commended an audience member, who described himself, as a “…right-wing terrorist.

Angry right-wing protesters, tea party activists, birther conspiracy theorists, deathers and men openly displaying guns have appeared at the many raucous town halls this month to discuss health care reform. And many Republican lawmakers have done nothing to temper the violent mobs, but instead, have chosen to fan the flames of their enraged, paranoid and misinformed constituents with their own inflammatory rhetoric.

On August 18, at Simpson University in Redding, CA., Rep. Berger put on quite a performance that has been captured on Youtube. First, he warmed up the supportive crowd by declaring, “Our democracy has never been threatened as much as it is today,” Herger said to a loud standing ovation.

Herger then took aim at global warming and the cap-and-trade bill saying, “Health care is not the only threat to our democracy.” He received more cheers when he declared that a public health care option was “unacceptable.”

An audience member, named Bert Stead stood up extolling his Mayflower ancestry, and then said, “I am a proud right-wing terrorist.” Stead then made reference to the birther conspiracy theory and admitted to attending tea party protests. The self-described terrorist then sat down to cheers from the audience.

After a few moments, Rep. Herger said, “Amen, God bless you. There is a great American,” to more cheers. It’s doubtful that Bert Stead is dangerous, but that’s not really the point. A member of the U.S. Congress condoned right-wing domestic terrorism, as an acceptable way to deal with opposition to government policies.

After receiving criticism, Rep. Herger stood by his support of a “right-wing terrorist” in a statement posted on his official Web site:

“Mr. Bert Stead is a taxpayer and veteran, who, like so many others, is rightfully fed up with being called “un-American,” or “extremist” or a “political terrorist” by liberals in Washington, for simply exercising his First Amendment rights.” The Congressman doesn’t at all regret commending him for standing up, exercising his free speech rights, and expressing his strong concerns with the direction liberals in Washington are taking our country,” wrote Herger.

Rep. Herger is not alone, just last night, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) decided to fan the flames of violence as well, saying the country is headed for a “revolution.”

At a town hall meeting held in Chickasha, Okla., Inhofe said, “We’re almost reaching a revolution in this country.” Inhofe attributed the upcoming “revolution” to “[p]eople…not buying these concepts that are completely foreign to America.”

Inhofe also reiterated his promise not to vote for the health care reform bill, no matter what is in it. “I don’t have to read it, or know what’s in it. I’m going to oppose it anyways,” said Inhofe proud of his stubborn ignorance.

It’s a dangerous and frightening phenomenon when U.S lawmakers praise a self-described “terrorist” and talk about an upcoming “revolution” when there is an alarming rise in this country of right-wing extremism.

Watch the video of Rep. Wally Herger:


6 Responses to “GOP Rep to ‘Proud Right-Wing Terrorist’— ‘There is a Great American’”

  1. Bob on August 28th, 2009 8:13 am

    Congressman Herger and the extreme right wing “wingnut” he encouraged both ought to be arrested. When you cut through all of the BS, what they are essentially doing is advocating the violent overthrow of the United States. At a minimum, congressman Herger ought to be removed from the House. He is sworn to uphold the constitution and his remarks clearly indicate that he is not.

    All he is doing is fanning the flames hate , racism and violence.

  2. Old Man Dotes on August 28th, 2009 12:30 pm

    Terrorism is a US Federal crime. Support of terrorists is also a crime.

    It’s time for the Congress to review the laws regarding impeachment of criminal behavior of sitting Congressmen, and take the appropriate *and legally mandated* actions.

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  5. chucknfw on September 1st, 2009 3:48 pm

    Do you understand that people are merely responding to ridiculous name calling like right-wing domestic terrorists , birthers, denialists, unamerican, or astro-turf objectors. When considering the sources of those using these terms, we might as well embrace the terms. Anger is an appropriate response to the loss of freedom. Revolution as defined by an American is to change the balance of power on election day. Boy, that sounds pretty extreme to me.

  6. Bill R on December 15th, 2009 2:21 pm

    Funny that chuck says the teaparty extremists lost rights, what rights? Did they lose the right to bear assault rifles at townhalls displaying the same slogan McVeigh wore o his T shirt the day he bombed the OKC federal building? Did they lose the right to free speech when Glenn Beck aired his fantasy poison Pelosi skit? Or did Anne Coulter lose her right to say “Liberals can only be talked to with a baseball bat? No. I did not hear you whine about losing your right to private phone calls without Cheney listening in, or your loss of due process due to the Biggest of Big Govt laws, the Patriot Act. You bought into the right-wing lie machine whose sole purpose is to generate lies to foment hatred for non party members and its showing by this guy calling himself a terrorist.

    What if instead of taking right wing extremists who advocate violent overthrow of the US government and calling them something’ tough’ like terrorist, we called them ‘gay pedophiles’. Would you still expect the guy in the video stand up saying “Hi, Im a right wing gay pedophile and I am proud of it.” He wouldnt even had called himself ‘whacko’ which is the most common psuedonym for ‘birther’ amongst normal people. Nope, the reason he latched onto” terrorist” is because he thinks it inspires fear among non-party members. This man’s message is clear : 1. He is willing to divorce himself from all reason which is why he chose the birther issue, to show that reason will not dissuade him. 2. He is a self-labeled terrorist, a name carefully chosen to provoke compliance through fear.

    The fact that Wally Herger God Blessed this self labeled terrorist shows how deeply the ultra right wing media has penetrated America. We have US congressmen God Blessing self professed right wing terrorists. What if this guy was not kidding? Did he say he was kidding or did you just assume? If we accept this man is an honest man, then we have to assume he is sincere, although not necessarily currently practicing terrorism, but he has obviously thought about it..

    As to your anger about loss to freedom please elaborate, unless your upset at that Bush took away a right that you cherished, don’t go whining about something Obama did, because obviously Obama has not repealed any rights, whatsoever. As a matter of fact, do you think a townhall with Bush would have allowed a man with an assualt rifle and a sign that had the same slogan as McVeigh was sporting on his shirt the day he bombed OKC? It seems you righties are exercising the fullest of your rights with your waiving around guns at townhalls talking about violent overthrow of the USA, not just the government mind you, but the whole USA, your media tycoons threatening poisoning of the US Speaker of the House, etc. This phoney outrage at losing no rights means you already do not view yourself as American,and that is dangerous for America.

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