GOP Rep. Joe Wilson Shouts Out to Obama: ‘You Lie’

September 9, 2009

(ChattahBox)— In a new low for Republican lawmakers more concerned with demagoguery and spreading falsehoods to the American public about health care reform, than serving the needs of their constituents, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) yelled out during President Obama’s health care speech and called our President a liar on national television. What an outrage!

During the point in the President’s joint speech to Congress, when he was debunking Republican falsehoods, and he said health reform would not provide insurance to illegal aliens, Rep. Wilson yelled out: “You Lie.”

As Rep. Wilson cowardly yelled “You Lie” from the anonymity of the crowd, pointing his finger at President Obama, the President looked in his direction and said, “that’s not true.”

Some Republican lawmakers were heard booing the President. Other boos seemed to come from Democrats booing Rep. Wilson and his outrageous disrespect of the Presidency and of the man.

According to, the House bill specifically says that no federal money would be spent on giving illegal immigrants health coverage:

“H.R. 3200: Sec 246 — NO FEDERAL PAYMENT FOR UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.”

Also, under current law, those in the country illegally don’t qualify for federal health programs.

Update: After the speech, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel approached two Republican House leaders, Roy Blunt and Paul Ryan and said, “No president has ever had that happen,” and urged them to have the lawmaker “apologize immediately.”

Update: Rep. Wilson apologizes in a written statement:

“This evening I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the President’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill. While I disagree with the President’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the President for this lack of civility.”

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19 Responses to “GOP Rep. Joe Wilson Shouts Out to Obama: ‘You Lie’”

  1. Matt on September 9th, 2009 10:11 pm

    Yep, he called it correctly too. I guess you think it’s OK for the “prez” to call half the republicans sitting in front of him liars on national TV, dontcha. Problem is the “prez” was just reading what was written for him on a tele-prompter. He’s not smart enough to come up with that speech on his own.
    I imagine this will be censored but that’s OK, you know the definition of hypocrite.

  2. patriot on September 9th, 2009 10:17 pm

    Wilson’s behavior was shameful, disgraceful, and pathetic. He should be impeached.

  3. John on September 9th, 2009 10:32 pm

    Give ’em Hell, Joe! And while you’re at it, give Nancy Pelosi a swift kick in the ass!

  4. Matt on September 9th, 2009 10:47 pm

    “H.R. 3200: Sec 246 is as useless as the paper it’s written on!! Explain how they will enforce it. They can’t. Illegals aren’t suppose to get federal aid now but they do everyday. Prove me wrong.

  5. barbara on September 9th, 2009 11:18 pm

    go for it joe at least someone was telling the truth tonight!!

  6. Judith MacDougall on September 9th, 2009 11:32 pm

    Rep. Joe Wilson’s behavior was inexcusable and indefensible. Never before in the history of Presidential speeches to Congress has this happened. Demagoguery is alive and well in the Republican camp. An apology to Rahm Emanuel is totally insufficient.

    The very least that should happen is that Rep. Joe Wilson should have to stand in front of the President on national tv and apologise to his face, instead of the cowardly way he handled his so-called apology. He should also be censured by the House for unethical and unacceptable behavior.

    And for all you die-hard right wingers out there — no Democratic Representative or Senator, during the eight years the American Public was lied to, EVER called out “liar” to President Bush! Look in the mirror. You are the reason this country remains divided. And also, I remind you, that one of your own (Abraham Lincoln) said, “A house divided cannot stand.” Stop the division tactics. Americans have to have affordable health care. That is the bottom line.

  7. Gus on September 10th, 2009 12:12 am

    I respectfully would like to express how disappointed I am on Rep. Wilson display of uncivil outburst he had towards our president. Although I do respect Rep. Wilson’s right to show any disagreement towards the President’s Health Plan, his choice of words as well as the place and time he chose to make them where unbecoming from a gentleman who is a member of congress. What saddens me the most is to see that he called our president a liar on national television without even having the facts straight. Section 246 provides in relevant part that “NO FEDERAL PAYMENT FOR UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS. Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.” Rep Wilson should do more than apologize; an honorable man is expected to come clean and present the facts as they are.

  8. Shawn O'Brien on September 10th, 2009 1:00 am

    I am a Marine serving in Kabul now, I was disgusted at the behavior of my congressman Republican Rep. Joe Wilson. I voted for him, now I feel I made the wrong choice, I didn’t vote for Barack Obama, but he is my President now and the leader of the free world. The World looks up to United States as the greatest country on this planet rightfully so, and the Rep’s represent us in the Congress should set an example to the rest of the World. I served twice in Iraq and now in Kabul-Afghanistan with my company in the line of fire everyday. He made me look and feel very very small today. He let all of us down, he is a disgrace to my country and the Republican party whom I have been a member since even before I was born.

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  10. Charlie on September 10th, 2009 10:58 am

    As an Independent I keep searching both sides for the answers. What Rep Joe Wilson did was appalling, if for no other reason, this was not a debate but an explaination of proposals being discussed. He does need to have a severe sanction. I have seen these town hall meeting on TV and while they are nothing more than shouting matches (which was evident last night by Rep Wilson, they also are making statements that are at the edge of being completely false. I have been reading everything I can about the plans and the statements by Palin and other Republicans are not true. Remember that nothing is final, it is up to ALL parties to come to the table in good faith and STOP thinking about the next election and how many seats they can take away from the other political party. The American people are at stake. While I have great insurance, I would love to have the same insurance that Congress has, which will not happen. Everyone needs to set aside their parties agenda, come to the table, and help design affortable Health insurance programs for ALL Americans. If not the financial and employment mess that began more than 2 years ago will only be the beginning of the demiss of the middle class in the US.

  11. Shoji on September 10th, 2009 1:17 pm

    To Shawn O’Brien:
    Thank you for your service and come back soon, safe. Always faithful.
    To the right: I was am so fiscally conservative it is sad. What we see now in the right is not what the republican party was founded on. This outbreak is a huge slap in the face for the office of the President of the United States. Rude, disrespectful and tactless are obvious. I cannot believe my party has stooped so low. I am embarrassed for the right, after eight years of lies, over 3000 dead American soldiers, and now this. What more do we need to tarnish this party? This was no help.

    Stop sacrificing freedom for fear. Embrace new change and the advance of social reform, for the good of us all.

  12. Jane Parker on September 10th, 2009 3:22 pm

    I can’t believe the inappropriate and disrespectful behavior towards our president.

  13. Pamela in Florida on September 10th, 2009 8:55 pm

    Go Joe Go! Away that is… far far away from the United States…


  14. John on September 11th, 2009 12:03 pm

    No, Joe Wilson may have been out of line in his delivery but his message was right on target….. Obama is a liar, almost everything he utters is a lie. To say that I am disgusted with this president and his sleezy cabinet is beyond gross understatement. I pray to GOD that we can survive four more years of this man. He has truly brought us “change we can bereave in”!

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  16. lucille m muzeroll on September 16th, 2009 10:30 am

    there was no excuse for the bad behavior of this idoit. he is acting very
    arragont and apparently thinks. he is god. there is a lot in the senate who think’
    they are above reproach. i do not know the man but from his demeanor he is
    on of the rich senators that set around on their butt looking down on others.
    there i something about the man that is not nice and it shows in his
    attitude. he most likely has a beautiful home great cars a place in florida or
    else where plus a big boat and etc. never once thinking like ed kennedy about
    the poor and without health care as his butt is covered. the worst thing i just
    foun out that explains a lot about him is he is a mason. they only think about
    money and getting ahead not for the people and as long as he is comfortable
    he will care less about any of us !!!!!!!!!! thats really sad for us poor folks !!

  17. Juliusz on January 20th, 2010 2:25 am

    Well, Scott Brown won in MA. this evening,,,and it’s been determined that illegal aliens would have been covered in the proposed health insurance plan which Joe Wilson was referring to. The one that the prez was vomitting out for our legislative houses. Where he was outright lying to all of them/our representatives….Turns out Wilson was right. Out of place,,,certainly,,,,out of line???? He spoke the truth while the other guy continued to lie….Remember this lesson.

  18. JHunt on September 28th, 2010 6:44 am

    About R-senator Joe Wilson yells out on the health care speech that the words
    “You Lie” I find his first amendment rights were violated by anyone who says he does not have the right to call the president out on his lie for the truth is there are
    entire medical facilities four of which in the city next to mine San Jose california
    which has closed their doors in the past five years as the population of illegal aliens who were given free unpaid birthing medical care which caused my home towns medical hospital to close its prenatal and then all birthing facility care due to the majority of the beds in our city of 70,000 now is without a open hospital
    to which we can go to give birth to our children we are now forced to have to travel 17 miles to the south to another city with the closest neonatal nursery and birthing so the facts are medical hospitals are closing the entire bay area sectors nine bay counties wide four of which were reported on in the san jose mercury news paper so they went out of business closed their E/R rooms and
    are not providing services of any medical nurse or doctors for anyone closed
    so Joe Wilson is right no matter what the health care bill says that no funds will be made available to fund present illegal aliens within the US this was the case
    before Obama’s speech yet we are still seeing nursing staff locked out of jobs
    and doctors closing up shop due to they cannot provide free healthcare without
    financial pay for their services thus Obama lied when he said illegal aliens wont get free paid for health care from this health care bill its happening now the very reason we are see our own hospital closed they have since reopened the building but with severely limited services they have a blood lab for lab work
    like xray service and blood testing lab work and they provide as a convalescent
    care facility to ease transition congestion in our nearest cities overflow for elderly
    convalescent care persons not sick but on the mend due to geriactric care needs and for convalescent recovery type care for all ages but no longer provide
    care to anyone uninsured or illegal or giving birth to a child which was prior to
    2006 the majority of the healthcare for one third of the upper wings of the maternity wings where the mothers had a wing the nurses referred to the population as majority 80% of the twenty semi private rooms filled with illegal aliens mothers who had no insurance but still were being cared for and
    doctors provided and nurses cared for with all the needs of new mothers for the four days most stayed during the time they were giving birth to children none of which would have been in a bed and being fed and their babies where being
    and obtaining post birth feedings and diapering and care all new borns need until they were able to be released from the hospitals care. The nurses reported they had given up pay in order to keep their jobs until the hospital had reached
    a point of millions in debt and the doors closed they turned me away one day
    the lab office said they were not providing care for any services and closing
    due to lack of funding and they used the laim excuse the hospital was no longer earthquake safe in order to keep open so they were closing and rerouting all patients to the hospitals in the area so every on the city had lost their hospital
    and we all had to scramble to find what doctors were still taking our insurance coverage and accepting patients at the hospital there so dont tell me Joe wilsons first amendment rights are he has the right to freedom of speech and he was right to call the president on this lie he of course would say anything to get his unwanted by a vast majority of the US nation population who dont want Obama;s healthcare plan since it was hastily pushed on the american public
    and florced to pass through a predominate Democrat driven washington
    without the checks and balance of having allowed congress the time to
    review the legislation and make referendum or allow for proposition public vote
    on the viability of this healthcare plan not even a dominate part of the senate had even been able to read the healthcare bill prior to Obama and his white house staff pushing it through to get it on the signing desk. SO the lie is we as americans had the processes fail the people who the senate and the house and the president work for the people and the fact this Republican called out the president and it had never been done so publically in the forum he had been called a bold face liar by Joe wilson He may have been rash in his outvurst but
    when in a time when the very leader of such sweeping reform change that
    the bulk of the insured americans do not and have not approved of and barely had the opportunity to write to their congressman their personal disfavor for
    such changes to damage and in process eliminate the peoples rights to
    comment on such legislation especially when it was in all probability eliminating
    the medicare healthcare system in creation of a whole new system that would include giving away to another 48 million or more uninsured americans
    or underinsured at the cost of the previously insured which were already in the loss column having lost billions of general funds dollars in the support of indigent and illegal aliens in this state the state of california reported for last year 2009
    that over 4.5 Billion of the states of california outstanding debt costs to the general funds were outstanding for the care or costs of servicing healthcare
    to those uninsured but provided healthcare because the state was by law not allowed to reject in the saving of lives when presented inthe E/R with health issues of a life or death issue which could have been saved. usually charged to
    excessive overcharging charges to those who had insurance where these costs
    were hiked in order to cover those unable to pay for life saving care provided to the genral public unable to pay. So while the legislation says no prroivision for
    illegal alien present in the US. The truth is no one who enters US E/R is refused
    healthcare also these illegals who dont pay unable or not were self inflicted victims of gang related injuries which could have been avoided injuries according to the nursing staff the majority of the injuries were gang fights and gunshots of gang on gang andmostly over drug turf wars which as a citizen
    I was appalled to know my tax dollars patched up idiots who are here il;egal;y
    Joe Wilson was right to call out the lie made by the president in public and first amendment rights even though it set a precident that no president had been
    disrespected by being called a lie on the congress floor of the house during a presidential healthcare speech about his sweeping reform. I say cudos to the man for the truth about this lie cause we see and know our tax dollars are being wasted on people causing their own injuries even if you negate those costs the majority of a cost of single four day stay in the birthing of a child is well over 20 andas much as 40 thousand dollars in costs for both the children being cared for after the surgery births since the vast majority of births were
    C section
    and the stays for some of the mothers and children were well over the four day stay minimum and for boy children a later surgery for the circumcision and all followup care for the umbilical and postnatal care for all those mothers like //i said the maternity nursing staff reported 80% of our maternity ward was
    indigent illegal birthing mothers who had entered the borders within the last
    months of their terms. This meant only 20% of the beds were left for the available
    mothers of the city with insurance a burden no wonder our hospital closed its doors it has since been slated for demolishing and retrofitting work which has
    off and on closed it wings to even the convalescent care service in transit from the pleasanton medical hospital where I had to been moved to its critical care unit in 2008 when I had a foot condition and needed long term infection care
    for a ulceration which required introvienus antibiotic care. I agree with joe wilson
    and commend the man for having the gumption to report to the floor of the same venue to the presidents lie to our nation when he knows center for the disease control reports to the DOH and human services which would be available to the president and his advisory staff about healthcare stats for care provided without cost to the patient due to unrecoverable uninsured indigent care which is how
    these costs are masked in this state these are general tax funds are used
    which as IVe reported last year alone to the tune of lost 4.5 Billlions dollar in california which accounts for one third of the entire overhead costs overruns
    on our states outstanding unpaid debts which was totally reported by the state commerce stats to be 21 billion in debt from the governors office budget report.
    So prove to me by article or reason answer to the question if Joe wilson was
    wrong to report the lie he obviously can see as a disfavor to the american public by a elected official in the highest office spouting untruths about his very own
    legislation and my last comment from the same speech he lied twice the second lie was the statement Barrack Obama made the statement where he said the AARP backed and supported aprroval for this legislation from the same speech
    which was a direct lie too by Obama due to the fact I went direct ly to the
    AARP website to which he had said the AARP aproved of the healthcare bill he had sent to be signed by him on a set date around the eighteen of that month
    being the Sept 9th speech was prior to signing of the bill he had rushed the fed to
    provide him a signable bill on his desk in the oval offices in a quick and expeditious time frame this we all know is a ploitical ploy used by leaders in office to avoid the foot dragging or provisional additons or alterations to complete elimination of the thats bills deliverable for signing thus virtually insuring the bills
    escape from scrutiny from the republican house which would have given enough time made severe changes and or deletions of the content and context to the bills
    original language or intent also by expedition of the time frame of this legislation into a bill signing it escaped public comment and provisional scrutiny by the republicans this also made the content of this bill a solely democrat owned bill
    which the republicans could wash their hands of its effects on current insurance holders and the adverse affects to the public for this expedition process also eliminated bi partisan oversight to the final bill. Thus any changes would require
    avoter propostion call for and make changes to or to reform or reverse the bill affects knowing this legislation would have such damaing effects on medicare
    the previous in trouble medical services system would be unrecoverably ended
    once this new system was put into operation all medicare as ut had been known
    even though flawed and unsed funded by a future date was unsupported
    and the insurance moneies would have compromised medicare to insure it would not be reversable without major addition debt costs tot he public and
    added tax requirements to the future health care of our nations descendants
    whether the illegal alien issues were adjudicated in the courts or not from the
    bills affect on medicare demise,. Or the fact medicare would or would not
    be able to recover without major damage to the insured losses in medical care due to the added burdens of the previously ununsured being added to the fold.
    its a opprobium as well as a fabrication “Lie ” to this nations healthcare
    institutions providers to say this bill does not allow for funding from federal
    resources since the state get its funding for healthcare programs from the fed
    through the white house department of health and human services. Also a
    tax payer provided office ofo oversight which is well aware of how the illegal alien question on funding per state is controlled reported and used to inform the president in his staff meetings every day this country is in business.
    For the president to say he did not know illegals where still being provided
    healthcare medical services regardless of their ability to pay at the publics federal
    and state levels which was a general debt dorect cost to these instituitons and reported to the office of health the director of health knows these costs stats and reports directly to the presidents offices of these $$$ amounts daily in brief,
    So dont try to make out your indignant about a man calling you on the carpet
    it is a lie you cannot hide behind mixed words when hospitals are lcosing all around this nation and you speak in front of the nations news on al channels and out right lie and are called on it you do a diservice to our nation for it is very
    deceiving to this american veteran to know he has heard his leader directly
    report a untruthful lie when Ive seen the direct affects of this free handout medical services and their affects on my medical services and the only hospital
    in my very own city is closed due to illegal aliens under the guise of earthquake
    alone retrofitting concerns
    they reopened the convalescent part of the that same hospital and failed to reopen to staff and to even report to the public the maternity wards were
    out of order and not returning to function in this hospital and the transient
    nature of the transititonnal service provided by the the other parts of the
    hospital and the fact the operations rooms where all still in opersations use
    per the cleaning staff proved that the costs of the illegal aliens had forced
    into closing the maternity wards not to reutrn even though the entire faciity
    was still providing transitory ambulatory support to persons who lived within the city
    that were not maternity in needs but healing with medical needs such that
    geriatrics and elderly care between facilties needs were still supported.
    Its a lie that AARP on its main website the director of the AARP denied
    the fact they have not spoken or stated favor for or against the new healthcare
    plan legislation and was not supporting the presidents statement which was a nice way to say he had lied without saying the word lie in the responce. for website confimation of this go to and under search there is a statement from the director of AARP in direct denial of the support as the speech date and the day after full articles of that denial of AARP supporting nothing
    of this medicare health care plan Obama out right lied direct by telecast to every american in a democratic speech to the nation. Not since Nixons office had I heard
    such a undenyable untruth so Mr Joe Wilson was right in his call to anger
    just may have been with zeal of emotion of the moment may and should have
    delayed his comment for the steps outside the halls or afull press meeting in his offices a less publicly embarrasing forum for the president which could have been answered without labouring another lie on top of the public humiliation
    he brought to the presidential office by reporting untruths in order to pass
    his only to date accomplishment to a promised delegate tot he oiffice of president
    a promise to his word once entering and elected though most democratic promises made during the run for office are historically not kept once the office is
    held. Thats my take on the Joe WIlson You lie call out on the floor of the healthcare speech and the facts are what they are as I see them today if this can be refuted and proved beyond a doubt What I understand them to be please
    let me stand corrected since I give full weight to Joe wilson a true republican with
    the right to speak his first amendment rightssince he was speaking his rights
    to point to the truths as he saw them and the fact was a lie to the public and not the only one I was able to look up and refute The second part I found about AARP
    support of the bill which it had ibviously not endorsed nor condoned that through
    the director of the websote for AARP. Please do not repost this rebuttal without
    notification or permissions from me directly in writting signed by me would nt
    want my thoughts and rights of free speech run over because some politician
    felt he needed to correct and or reprimand or make problems for this veteran of
    the USA and would not allow anyone to read this as a forum reply to comment
    on Joe wilsons rights to his oppinion and freedom of speech and mine being
    discounted as lies. Ive been to the hospital here and can tell you what
    the nurses reported to me directly al of which no longer have jobs due to the closing of the maternity services for the maternity wings no longer in operation
    in my city and the facts of the site for which AARP reported the denial to the presidents lie tot he house floor speech that AARP backed the bill he was
    expiditeingthrough for signing which happened sept 18th 2010. You can check the website for AARP for yourself search for healthcare support from AARP
    denied as support was not given nor supported from AARP as of the speech date from Obama healthcare speech to the floor of congressional floor.
    Mrs Pelosi and the speaker of the house along with the vice president were all oresent and heard the YOu LIE call from the floor by MR R- Joe Wilson a very respected american politician I regret he later the next day was due to press and bad publicity being nade by democrats throughlout the fed to appoligize for his
    blurting out of you lie to the president as a disgrace to the office even though
    he disapproved of the presidents speech content and context for the untruths he was mis respresenting in his attempt to expedite the legislation to insure he had at leadt one promised electorial accomplishment completed to insure those not insured and unable to afford insurance where covered by medical services
    paid for from the bills medical provisions made for all americans to be able to have health care affordable healthcare, The lie was that fact illegal aliens where
    still being provided life healthcare services where or not their ability to pay for the services when they entered any american hospitals the hospitals where under
    law obligated to provide ambulatory healthcare to save the life of the patient thus free healthcare for alien and illegals who where not legal citizens of the USA
    by legal birth with proper medical insurance and papers to show they we of
    legal ameircan citizen birthed here from legal entered citizenship paper parents.
    The second lie stated was AARP supported the medical bill Obama was to sign
    into law later that month whihc the director of AARP and he is the man in charge of the AARP as a american publication says no support for this obamacare healthcare bill had been giventhus denied Obama’s speech given lie a second untruth with in the speech time limit. I dont think Obmam brought any more favor for the office of the president of this nation when he out right lies to the nation
    over a telecast which the world is aware of and was watching and could cerify with the same efforts and the same knowing the lie was stated by Obama
    for which R-Joe wilson had the guile and the gumption to state the facts to
    the statements by the lie Obama thought the US public was not savvy enough to
    understand they had been directly face value told untruths bya standing president
    through national Telecast for the world to see his deceptions on the public.,
    Our nation and its offices are above these outrageous lies and Obama just as Nixon brings dishonor on the office of the president as well as distrust of our very republic leaders I just chalked it up to the lies we always get from Democrats
    nothing changed but severe distrust for anything this president says and a sever loss of candor and sdisdain for democrats which is why I vote republican
    Jefferson was the follower of republican values which the party stands for and R=
    Joe wilson had the huevos gumption and guile to call out the lies without
    mising words for al to hear I commend those republican values and dont
    think he had any need to appologize for his shouting You Lie when you did MR president and thats why not the fact your our first anything or the fact I did not vote for you in the election but for the fact People tht run for public office will say or do anything to promote and or inhance their public persona in this fact you did and by doing so in my face I took it as a travesty tot he office a man I hoped i could
    count on even though he was in a opposing party he would not let down the american public and bold face lie to its face then expect a appology and humiliate
    the man that called you out for the lies you obviously did expose and then expect the man to appologize when he has rights made him recount his regrets for having called you out on the carpet for the lies you had told it maddened me too
    I wanted to yell you lie too so I felt his pain when he did not hold back, for I jad those very words on my lips at the very moment Joe wilson spoke for me on that floor. Thats why I commend the man for his action and dont appolgize for this.
    You hurt my ideas and trust this day and for that will never forget forever etched in my mind your evil lies. I might forgive in time but never forget the trechery of this leader of our nation so I have the same disdain for the Republican Nixon
    but that man is gone now having been pardoned by a following president you are forgiven not as yet from anyone so you will not be forgotten either. known for your lies.

  19. Sandra on April 29th, 2011 1:12 pm

    No one needs prove “Matt” wrong, He makes the accusation, let HIM prove his statement RIGHT! Congressman Wilson not only showed lack of respect for our President, but he showed a blatant lack of respect for our governing system as a whole. I find the people who are always complaining about their “right to free speech” are usually the people who believe free speech entitles them to be rude, arrogant, and abusive. This was not a matter of whether or not Joe Wilson had the right to his opinion, it was about whether or not his outburst was appropriate. It was NOT. Those who support this type of inappropriate behavior can dance around it all they want, however it was unnecessary and uncalled for. Joe Wilson was entitled to disagree, however he was NOT entitled to be uncivilized when doing so. His actions were a disgrace.

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