Silver Fox Rams Tea Party Leader Hard In CNN Interview

September 15, 2009

US (ChattahBox) – It doesn’t matter what side of the debate you are on. One thing is becoming clear, and that is that Mark Williams, along with the racist sign holders during protests (and I mean the ones with the actual racist signs, not the protesters in general) are not coming off well.

Mark Williams was on the panel of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360”, and he didn’t come off looking very good.

Not only did he contradict a number of his own points, but he stumbled through the interview, and was actually openly laughed at by the other panelists.

It is a trend that has come from several sides at this point. Even conservatives who are openly against Obama and his policies have made many disdainful remarks about Mark Williams.

So, where does this lead the protesters?

There are rational Tea Party protesters, I am positive of this. I don’t agree with their views, and find some of the allegations frankly laughable, but I still think they have a right to their point of view.

But as long as you are all led by a man who posts on his blog ridiculous, nonsensical rants alleging that President Obama is an ‘Indonesian Muslim’ (which is confusing), or a ‘welfare thug’, which just comes off at odds with the working class mentality Williams tries to build on, you probably won’t get further than protests.

This is doubly true of those who are actually showing respect to the protesters at the rallies that hold up signs promoting racist propaganda, such as showing Obama as an African witchdoctor.

For all of you who are rational, intelligent citizens who just don’t happen to agree with Obama, I salute you and your attempt to exercise your right to protest.

For those like Williams and the protesters he condemns in one breath, and supports in the next, you will bring your own cause down. Especially since you seem to be shouting the loudest.

In the meantime, keep it up. It’s only good for the Left, as we seek a public option and revised health care system for all Americans. It is you and your ilk that will get that for us.

On behalf of my own cause, thanks for all the hard work!



3 Responses to “Silver Fox Rams Tea Party Leader Hard In CNN Interview”

  1. NH on September 15th, 2009 7:16 pm

    Your problem is, you are screaming ‘racist’ at signs that say “end the fed” or “stop socialism”.

    So you are not credible and have overused the term.

    What a shame, because if there ever were real racism you will suffer the fate of the boy who cried wolf.

  2. olivia on September 15th, 2009 8:43 pm

    No, I am shouting ‘racism’ at the signs that depict Barack Obama as an African witch doctor, right down to a stereotypical bone through his nose. Others, such as signs that say ‘What you talkin’ bout Willis’ are also a cause for crying racism.

    If you have actually read the post you might know that, but thank you for jumping the gun. Again, it’s a great help!

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