San Diego Sheriff Buys Sonic Weapon for ‘Terrorists on Walkers’ Threat

September 17, 2009

(ChattahBox)—San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore is a man who likes his toys big and loud, like for example, a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) military grade sonic weapon that can cause burst eardrums, bleeding in the inner ear and even death in some cases. Inexplicably, Sheriff Gore purchased such a weapon to use for local crowd control.

The Sheriff’s department recently used the powerful sonic device to broadcast messages during a child’s sandcastle contest. And brought it to a recent town hall meeting held by U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa, in the event the numerous elderly attendees on walkers turned into an unruly mob.

The Sheriff paid $40,000 for the military device, using a grant from Homeland Security. Sheriff Gore said he purchased the weapon to use, as “a non-lethal type of device to disperse crowds should there be the need.”

But the weapon is not marketed for use as a civilian crowd control device.

The LRAD is made by American Technology Corporation and marketed as a military device, which is currently used in Iraq and Afghanistan and by naval ships to repel pirates.

The manufacturer’s Web site promotes the LRAD weapon, as having a high decibel output, capable of “attention-getting and highly irritating deterrent tone for behavior modification.” The weapons are reportedly used to target insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. The weapon can conceivably target an individual and burst his eardrums, without affecting people around him.

After receiving both local and national criticism for purchasing a military weapon to use against civilians, the Sheriff’s department announced that it “disabled” the sonic weapons switch, after a recent demonstration on Wednesday. And the department will only be using the device’s loudspeaker capability.

However, during the demonstration, Lieutenant Ed Musgrove acknowledged even the decibel level of the loudspeaker on the device could damage eardrums.

Although the weapon’s switch has been disabled, residents are concerned that the switch could be turned on accidentally, causing harm to individuals within a 30-foot range of the device.

Candidates running to unseat Sheriff Gore recently blasted his decision to purchase the LRAD device at a debate last weekend. Sheriff’s Candidate Jay LaSuer offered up the best comment of the evening:

“they are military weapons. They have no place in law enforcement. Why in the name of God you would take one when a United States member of Congress has invited people to come speak about health debates that’s going on right now, I don’t know. Probably the majority of these people are Medicaid recipients, so you probably have terrorists on walkers,” he quipped, then turned to Gore: “You have deployed a weapon to be used potentially against American citizens…shame on you,” said LaSuer.



One Response to “San Diego Sheriff Buys Sonic Weapon for ‘Terrorists on Walkers’ Threat”

  1. kmhappel on September 25th, 2009 5:25 pm

    I am familiar with LRAD. It is a phased loudspeaker array, that means that it cancels all sound going in directions other than the desired heading. It also amplifies the sound beam and keeps the sound column compact so that it can penetrate great distances with enough sound force left to be effective. Effective against armed insurgents, crowds of attacking people, etc. It can disorient and confuse or it can just drop you. Especially if you are old, a cardiac patient or have a disposition to siezures.

    I have no idea what the Sheriff was expecting, maybe the DHS warnings about tea-party people and anti-obama protestors were affecting their reason at the department.

    Pelosi’s tears and fears and the government’s warnings are by design & based on her own fantasies. I was the medical coordinator of the 912 march in Washington. A million+ people gathered and were not only more peaceful than the crowd at Yazger’s farm (Woodstock) but much more tidy…

    A sonic jolt from an LRAD could have killed about half of them outright, a monumental error in judgement, Sheriff Gore.

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