Sarah Palin May Not Gain The Success She Hopes On Lecture Circuit

September 30, 2009

US (ChattahBox) – Sarah Palin may have finish her memoirs early, but her time as a public speaker may not be quite so successful.

An anonymous expert in the public speaking industry spoke to the New York Post, saying that despite Palin having signed on with the Washington Speakers Bureau, she was unlikely to make the money she was hoping.

“The big lecture buyers in the US are paralyzed with fear about booking her, basically because they think she is a blithering idiot. Palin is so uninteresting to so many groups — unless they are interested in moose hunting,” said our insider. “What does she have to say? She can’t even describe what she reads.”

Harsh words, but not inaccurate. Palin hasn’t exactly been booking a full schedule, despite her speech in Hong Kong, one which raised many eyebrows.

But it is all a part of her taking advantage of her limited fame during the past election, in order to make a profit, which is why she left office in the first place.

“She knew that if she waited until her term ended in 2010, these opportunities would be gone,” a source was quoted as saying.

“She would have lost millions by staying in office.”



7 Responses to “Sarah Palin May Not Gain The Success She Hopes On Lecture Circuit”

  1. greg on September 30th, 2009 11:25 am

    I guess that’s why she has over 1,000 invitations to speak to various groups around the country and around the world. It sounds like the “anonymous expert” is the blithering idiot. No one knows what Palin’s schedule is, because since she cut ties with the McCain campaign, things aren’t leaking out, and that drives the blithering idiots like your anonymous expert, crazy.

  2. Oliver21 on September 30th, 2009 11:55 am

    @ Greg

    Show us that list of a 1,000 invitations, no one has seen it yet.

  3. dennisintn on September 30th, 2009 12:56 pm

    roflmfao, an anonymous “expert” quoted by someone with an obvious agenda. it sounds like one of obama’s daughters wrote this piece.

  4. Old Man Dotes on September 30th, 2009 1:00 pm

    One would have to be a blithering idiot to believe that anyone wants to hear a speech given by a woman who doesn’t know what the job of the Vice President of the United States is, and who thinks she’s an expert on Soviet affairs because “she can see Russia from her house.”

    Only Dead Fish Go Rogue.

  5. Gunner Sykes on September 30th, 2009 1:18 pm

    I see someone trotted out the old Russia from the house chestnut. How clever.

    Did you get that info from an anonymous authority?

    They’re everywhere, you know.

  6. Jeff on September 30th, 2009 7:19 pm

    If Gov. P comes to California I would go. She is somewhat new to politics, and may not have the gift of gab or as ” “smart ” ” as the rest of those crusty kooks in Washington. Right or wrong, good or bad Palin stands for something she believes in, and doesn’t seem to be as tainted as the rest of our ” ” trusted ” ” politicians. I don’t agree with all she says and I am not her biggest fan, but dude please give this chick a break. She got on the ticket with McCain and aside from our completely scrutinizing left media, and a couple of bad interviews she fared pretty well for a soccer mom from Alaska. Way better then Dan I can’t spell potato Quail- I think it’s so popular for these barneys to talk smack on her cause she is hot and there so not. Palin speaks to small business owner like me who are sick of government that doesn’t deliver on promises made to get elected. Like cutting taxes. Obama is a shame. I may be a younger not totally up to speed politically intelligent person, but I have voted in the last 5 presidential elections and I was not expecting McCain to beat Obama, but you can’t blame this lady . Anyone that tells you another Republican could have been elected after Bush and his lame duck finish has a different outlook then I do.

  7. Handsome on October 3rd, 2009 6:41 pm

    While there are reservations about anonymous sources, there are some merits to the claim.

    Based upon reading released excerpts of her Hong Kong speech, Palin ranted on issues more appropriate for a domestic partisan audience and not a group of investment experts; F-22 cuts; universal health care not in manner relevent to
    bankers and traders from Tokyo or London but “govt bad, overpriced premiums good” and spouted the discredited talking point that the Community Reinvestment Act caused the mortgage crisis even though industry experts and
    evidence says otherwise; most subprime loans at the core of the real estate bust were issued by unregulated, non-CRA mortgage companies and bought and sold by loosely regulated Wall Street brokerages and investment firms.

    Corporations, composed of shareholders, managers, etc, do not want to pay money to listen to a woman who babbles on about topics not relevant to
    the audience (re: Hong Kong speech); speaks in unintelligible word salads and
    reduces complex issues to simple slogans and buzzwords.

    She demonstrated she could not answer 8th and 11th grade level questions, such as controversial Supreme Court rulings; what does she read; very basic
    topics anyone running for high office should have some fundamental
    awareness. Her debate perfromance sealed Obama’s victory; reduced
    to folksy aphorisms and subtle come-ons (winks).

    Big time businesspeople, investors, bankers, etc, want to listen to someone who has something intelligent to say. The reason Clinton and Gore have spoken to CLSA is that, no matter your POV on their politics, they were responsible for
    economic policy and process in the 1990s, some such policies which still
    have effect today (Gramm-Leach) and can articulate both the pros and cons of their policies and what they would do different if they could do so again.

    Palin is one of those awful fads like the Macarena, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer
    pants; in 10 years, we will be laughing at her on an episode of WHERE ARE THEY NOW?

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