Mom of severely burned teen set on fire: ‘Teen violence has to stop’

October 15, 2009

(ChattahBox) — The mother of a Florida boy severely burned after a group of teenagers viciously set him on fire appealed for the need to do something to stop the wave of violence among children.  Michael Brewer, 15, of Deerfield Beach, Fla., was reportedly assaulted by five teens who allegedly doused him with rubbing alcohol and set him on fire, sending him running for a nearby pool. But it took a man with a fire extinguisher to finally put out the flames. Michael is now hospitalized with burns over 65 percent of his body covering nearly every part of him save for a strip down his front.

Valerie Brewer said what happened to her son Michael Brewer is “disgusting.”

“Our country, our world, needs to wake up and see what is going on with our children,” she said. “They need to do something. This has got to stop. It’s not just my son. It’s everybody’s children. This could happen to somebody else and God forbid — I don’t wish this agony and torture on anybody. We have got to do something to make this violence stop today.”

The ruthless act was based on a small debt and revenge.  According to Broward County police, Michael owed one of the suspects Matthew Bent $40 for a video game. When he didn’t pay up Bent allegedly tried to steal a $500 custom bicycle, belonging to Brewer’s father. And when Brewer called the cops, police say, Bent sought revenge.

Michael Brewer is in for a long fight now and is expected to remain hospitalized for several months and is at extremely high risk of infection and organ failure. If you would like to help Michael Brewer and his family, go to CBS 4’s Neighbors 4 Neighbors.



2 Responses to “Mom of severely burned teen set on fire: ‘Teen violence has to stop’”

  1. sanchez on October 15th, 2009 4:17 pm

    many prayers for healing and much love sent to this young person and his family, they are victims of unthinking ,unfeeling parents, producing unthinking, unfeeling monsters, then unleashing them on our children, the fact that a 15 year old has no problem inflicting premediated hideous, cruel torture on a peer, that is frightening, of course evil comes to mind, the parents of this sadistic potential murderer are as guilty as their son that thought up this evil revenge, pray he will not be a part of our society, EVER, pray he will spend his life very aware of this sadist, inhuman torture and attempted murder he put upon his peer will never be forgotten, hope there are in depth studies done on what makes this kind of monster and that his parents are called out and researched on what not to do when raising a child, hope that mom and dad of this sadistic , moronic jerk that laughed in court hearing of the horrifying injuries, pain he inflicted on another young person never get a full nights sleep, you have caused too much pain.

  2. Richard on November 6th, 2009 2:05 pm

    Why isn’t the media making more of the savage attack made upon 15 year old Michael Brewer, the Deerfield Beach FL boy set on fire by five (5!) teenage thugs in retaliation for Brewer’s having reported their criminal conduct to police? The consequences of our having become an immoral, vulgar and gratification-crazed society are sending some mighty ugly chickens home to roost.

    Are we in the last days of Rome or is there hope? Edmund Burke observed in substance that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men and women should do nothing. John Kennedy told us that, in this world, God’s work must truly be our own. If I know nothing else, I’m certain we’ll get the kind of society we deserve.

    If we have come to a time when children, observing the behavior of adults and noting (as children surely do), that execrable conduct by adults, though heartily condemned, is seldom if ever really punished, then we should expect teen gangs to take up the practice of setting alight anyone they feel has wronged them. Be careful, if some teenage thug thinks you cut him off in traffic, he’ll get your home address from the RMV and set up a time for your dousing with alcohol and being set alight.

    This Brewer matter is most grievous. The implications for what is left of our society are as well.

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