Somer Thompson’s Body Tentatively Identified

October 22, 2009

(ChattahBox) — Authorities have tentatively identified a body found in a landfill as that of 7-year-old Somer Thompson, a north Florida girl missing since Monday after disappearing on her walk home from school, the sheriff in charge of the case said Thursday. Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler said authorities made the identification on clothing and a birthmark on the body found in trash Wednesday at the Chesser Island Landfill in Folkston, Georgia. An FBI forensic unit is helping process evidence from the landfill, which is 48 miles from where the girl disappeared.

An autopsy is scheduled to be performed today at the Medical Examiner’s office in Savannah to determine a cause of death. The child vanished on her mile-long walk home from school in Orange Park in a heavily populated residential area after separating from a friend she was apparently arguing with. Somer’s sister told her to stop, and she got upset, walked ahead of the group and wasn’t seen again. Imagine the guilt that poor sister is going to have the rest of her life. Meanwhile Sheriff Beseler said at the news conference he still fears for the community until a suspect is apprehended.


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  1. Val on October 22nd, 2009 9:24 am

    I am OUTRAGED at this!!!!! Parents, PLEASE don’t let your children walk ANYWHERE without an adult present. PLEASE don’t let them spend the night with people that you are not absolutely sure that you KNOW WELL and don’t let people who have not proven their ability to babysit and nurture children with a kind and loving heart watch your children! Children are our most precious and innocent possessions who depend on their custodial parent to make these decisions to keep them safe from the monsters in society who prey on the unsuspecting people in this world!! All the prayers in the world wont save them when they are missing! Prayer works as well as “wishing” for something. To live in the real world people MUST accept that REAL measures must be taken to PREVENT SENSELESS TRAGEDIES SUCH AS THIS.
    I feel that I will lose my mind if I read about one more missing child!!! The prayer vigils that follow may be comforting to some, but they are useless and pathetic and an example of just how helpless we are. If people think that they can influence a god in the sky to restore a child back to a grieving family safe and unharmed, why do they think that a god would allow that to happen in the first place if there is something that can be done about it?? Why do people feel that a loving god would need people to ASK for this??
    Lastly, we need to deal with the monsters who do this with the DEATH PENALTY and use it CONSISTENTLY in order to give the monster some incentive to ALLOW the poor child to live. As far as I know, there is no better incentive because we all know what COWARDS these heartless monsters are!!!!! Florida has seen some of the most inhumane child murders and should be the first to step up the laws regarding the execution of child killers.

  2. Shannon on October 22nd, 2009 1:18 pm

    First Id like to say that I do praise the law enforcement that has been on this case, but I do have to say its a damn shame that this mess is ALWAYS going on in Florida, Granted it does happen all over but 80% of missing children are from Florida. WTF is wrong with these people. Society has let this state go extremly too far, I have 3 kids and it would be a cold day in hell before Id even take my kids to disney worl because of the fact of where it is. Bless these poor little angels hearts and I pray God watches over them and their families. Sexual preditors, child rapist , kidnappers etc should not get the chance to rot in prison and get a chance for parole or be let out of the system with probation and their name on a list! The Govement should reinact the crime they commited on these poor helpless children on THEM and then kill their a$$, they shouldnt even get a proper funeral, thats for people who we pay respects to, i think they should piss on them once their dead and toss their body in a river or somewhere just like they are doing to these KIDS!!!!!! It sickens me to know someone would do this to a 7 year old little girl, not forgetting all the other helpless blessings that God has gave MOTHERS, that this pervert had no right to take from their families. But yet the goverment labels them as being mental or allowing them to plead insanity, in my own personal opinion mental issues is far from killing children. This points soley to society allows these excuses and these types of things to happen. I swear if some one ever so much as gives one of my kids a look that scares them, they will truly need law enforcement when Im done. Ive never been so mad in my life and I hate to ramble on but enough is enough and its damn time someone starts doing something about this. These kids dont deserve this and their families dont deserve this, its time us as Americans and as these peoples neighbors and friends and family start speaking up for them. And taking back our freedom to be able to sleep at night and not have to worry when we wake up if our kids will still be in their beds and alive.No one should have to live like this and those families didnt deserve to lose their precious children!!

  3. Bea on October 23rd, 2009 4:14 am

    I’m glad to read comments about letting children walk home from school alone. Nobody is blaming the parents, but this is the world we live in. Children cannot be left alone, ever.
    In my opinion, there was more than one murderer. This child was murdered by the criminal(s), by the structure of our society (America has the highest crime rates and incarceration rates of any developed nation), and by the parent who let a 7 year old walk a mile with no adult supervision through a neighborhood that has 160 registered sex offenders!
    Where are our tax dollars going? They certainly aren’t going to programs aimed at preventing crime, educating the public on safety, or ensuring the safety of our most precious people, our kids.

  4. jonny5 on October 23rd, 2009 11:12 am

    Ummm, the parent who allows children to be the parent and walk a mile from school is A: irresponsible. B: Asking for big trouble. C: A bad parent. I feel very bad for this family, but the kids are obviously in jeopardy because of poor parental supervision. There are how many registered sex offenders in that area??? C’mon mom, you have two people to blame here. The Killer and yourself.You’re her mother for crying out loud!!! Good job of being a terrible parent….. I have a boy and he’s 8, and I would never , ever leave him in the hands of a group of kids aged 10 and under. Irresponsibility killed your baby. Registered sex offenders in the area 70??? And you let your baby walk a mile home every day??? Someone has been keeping an eye on her just waiting, while you should have been. Sick!

  5. jonny5 on October 23rd, 2009 11:15 am

    “Where are our tax dollars going? They certainly aren’t going to programs aimed at preventing crime, educating the public on safety, or ensuring the safety of our most precious people, our kids.”

    It’s the parents job to know the facts and protect their own children. Where is personal responsibility? Easy to blame the state. Well it isn’t their job to watch peoples kids!!! We don’t live in fairy tale land where everyone is good, but by moms actions you’d tend to think that’s what she believed.

  6. MADMOMMA on October 23rd, 2009 2:39 pm


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  9. Miss_Neicy on October 25th, 2009 4:29 pm

    I’m not saying the Mother is to blame obviously she did not want her child hurt, however when you let kids walk alone… you might as well put a sign on them that says *take me*. Even if she is walking with other kids, kids are kids and they can not be responsible for the life of another. They don’t concept things the way adults do. As devastating as this is, let this be a reminder to ALL parents… Do NOT let your kids walk alone!

  10. JP on October 28th, 2009 9:03 pm

    Indeed, Ladies and Gentlemen, every season should be open season on sexual predators. Our children are parting this world before their time has come. Why? The other side is that their slayers habitually breathe longer, under the taxpayers (us), than their victims’ collective years on our planet. And again why?

    As, Ladies and Gentlemen, as crusaders to this cause, we should not have to ask such rhetorical questions. These inquiries and their sugarcoated retorts, if answers are ever bestowed, do not resuscitate the preceding child’s life nor do they obstruct the next child’s horror.

    Often, we inquire too much, and we do little. It is time we do more and worry about asking later. The National Registry of Sexual Predators should be renamed the National Endanger List of Sexual Predators, and we should not stop until we, Ladies and Gentlemen, have raped them from our world.

    We can do this together; the time to act is now! Don’t wait until your child, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the one found in a landfill, gutter, trashcan, or ditch or not at all. We have all heard about Somer Thompson, right? Her demise and the demise of thousands of children throughout the world should be your only incentive — crusaders — to exterminate our planet of these less than human sexual predators.

    The creatures that live among us should not have the prerogative to breathe the air of the living or the spiritual breath from the lifeless. Crusaders, we have to take liability for our, subjective, actions, which means the implication here is morally fictionalized.

    Hence, be wary of what you interpret! Compounding violence with violence will not resolve our calamity. Aggression only works and is only needed when it is aptly justified in a particular instance or manner.

    Therefore, crusaders use judgment rather than sentiment to carry out subjective objectives. The text here incites two paths: the rational and the emotional. Yet be cautious, Ladies and Gentlemen, and desire your own path. It is here where the fictionalized consequence becomes what you will.

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