RNC Leaves Racist Obama Photo on Facebook for 6 Days

October 26, 2009

(ChattahBox)—The Republican National Committee allowed three vile photos to remain on its official Facebook page for nearly a week, with one racist image showing President Obama eating fried chicken, calling for the banning of interracial marriage.

The RNC site administrator apparently thought the photos were just business as usual in the Republican Party, because they were not removed from the site until a liberal blog, the Democratic Underground, drew attention to the offensive images Sunday evening. Sometime on Monday, the three photos were taken down from the site without comment.

The racist image of our standing President of the United States, showed the President eating a piece of chicken with the caption: “Miscegenation is a CRIME against American Values. Repeal Loving v. Virginia.”

The landmark Supreme Court Case, Loving v. Virginia struck down the miscegenation laws throughout the South in 1967 that banned interracial marriage and cohabitation. The photo was posted on the Facebook page soon after the recent controversy in Louisiana, when a Justice of the Peace refused to sign a marriage license for an interracial couple.

The racist photo of President Obama was posted by a user named “Gee Dub, with the following comments:

“Racism is necessary in our capitalistic system. To subject ourselves to the socialist ideal of equality will surely destroy the American way of life. As a black man, racism has served as a great inspiration for me to work harder. God bless the Republican Party and God bless America.”

The user Gee Dub also posted an image of Mother Teresa feeding a hungry child with the caption: “Enabling scab-eating mouth breathers will do them no good. How do we expect them to take care of themselves?”

Another disturbing photo showed former presidential candidate John Kerry with a rifle pointed at his head.

Although the photos don’t appear to have been posted by an official of the RNC, nevertheless they were allowed to remain on the site, until a public outcry forced RNC officials to take them down.

As noted by Think Progress, the RNC made a huge stink in 2004 over a similar incident involving MoveOn.org and demanded an apology, which they received. According to Media Matters, “a web user posted a self-produced web video that compared President Bush to Hitler as part of a MoveOn.org video contest and the RNC acted as if the video had been produced by MoveOn itself.”

Republican National Committee spokesman Ed Gillespie said of the user-produced video, “This is the worst and most vile form of political hate speech. MoveOn.org should apologize.” The video was removed and an apology was issued expressing “deep regret” that the offensive video made it through the site’s filtering process.

The RNC posted the video on its website falsely suggesting that the video was produced by MoveOn.org, which it wasn’t. “MoveOn had not produced the ads, not aired them, not endorsed them in the voting, and had removed them from the Web site,” and still members of the GOP howled about the video for weeks.

Of course, the GOP has raised hypocrisy to a new art form. Five years later, Republican lawmakers, conservative pundits and teabagger protesters frequently make use of Hitler and Nazism to attack President Obama.

So, what say you RNC Chairman Michael Steele? Where is your apology?

Source: Raw Story


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