Randall Terry’s New Halloween Stunt: ‘Staffers, Hill Rats, Join Nancy Pelosi in Hell!’

October 29, 2009

(ChattahBox)— Randall Terry the militant anti-abortion activist, who has threatened violence against the government, appeared on Thursday outside of a Capitol Hill Metro stop, to protest health care reform that he falsely claims will pay for publicly funded abortions. Terry and his merry band of extremists were dressed for Halloween in demon attire, with two of the protesters wearing Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi masks, splattered with blood and draped in chains.

Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, the controversial militant anti-abortion group, launched a similar stunt earlier in the week, encouraging his followers to burn Senators Pelosi and Reid in hell on Halloween night, by igniting their images in effigy.

In a video of today’s extreme street theatre, made by Talking Points Memo, Terry can be seen orchestrating the scene saying, “Okay, you stand here and she’s gonna whip you with this whip.”

Two protesters dressed as demons armed with whips then proceeded to whip the activists dressed as Pelosi and Reid screaming, “The pain of the fire! I can’t take it! No one told me it would be like this!”

Another activist used a bullhorn to heckle staffers on their way to work: “Staffers, Hill rats, join Nancy Pelosi in hell!” “Behold the dreadful price of killing babies Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will die in Hell”

Randall Terry’s group warned that they planned to meet with Nancy Pelosi “and discuss with her child-killing in health care and the wrath to come.”

During Terry’s 10-city “kill granny/kill babies” tour in August, Terry threatened “random acts of violence against people in power,” who are pro-choice.

Update: Randall Terry was arrested for his vile antics this morning, along with fellow extremists, Dick Retta and Joan McKee, which of course was the point.

Terry released the following statement:

“Hoyer says he wants ‘rational discussion.’ How can you talk rationally with someone who wants us to pay for ripping unborn babies limb from limb with tax money?

“Pelosi, Reid, and Hoyer are lying to us. If child-killing wont be funded, why are Hatch’s amendments defeated? Why is Pelosi trying to keep debate off the House Floor? Because they are lying — child-killing is a key part of this legislation.”

Watch the video:


4 Responses to “Randall Terry’s New Halloween Stunt: ‘Staffers, Hill Rats, Join Nancy Pelosi in Hell!’”

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  3. r4i software on November 18th, 2009 6:59 am

    WOW! I never thought I would see the Devil – and there they are!

    The DEVIL – they are evil.

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