GOP Rep. Akin: Right to Food, Education are Commie Beliefs

November 2, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Last week Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) rose to speak on the House floor to attack health care reform, as a service the American people should not claim as a right. The right-wing lawmaker from Missouri then carried his faulty argument to the extreme, asserting our Founding Fathers also did not intend to provide Americans with basic rights of food, housing or education and that such rights were Communist in nature and were responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union.

As noted by Media Matters, Rep. Akin’s beliefs are not only morally reprehensible, but are plainly wrong. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the United States helped author, recognizes the universal human right to a basic standard of living:

Article 25.
(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

Article 26.
(1) Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.

If Rep. Akin had his way, the poor and the hungry would be standing in soup kitchen lines, unable to read or write, living on the streets in shanty towns, sick and dying from disease and malnutrition. But of course they would enjoy the Republicans’ notion of freedom and liberty.

AKIN: “And so this idea that, because its essential for your survival to have housing, or food or education or a job or health care—to say that or to assume that therefore it’s a right, is to make the same assumptiopn that was made by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. We used to call them commies when I was younger. And how well did their system work? It didn’t work very well. Lots of people got lousy healthcare, froze to death, starved to death, and were persecuted and killed by their government. They had an assumption that you had a right to all these different things. But I think that when our founders started America they talked about a right to something else—A right to life, a right to liberty, a right to pursue happiness.”

The Missouri lawmaker who would deny Americans food, shelter, education and health care, then veered into a bizarre rant suggesting that if food were made a right people would feel entitled to steal food from farmers:

AKIN: “Well, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is something that is granted by God to each and every individual citizen. Nobody else gives you that. Only God himself. When you talk about a right to food, does that mean that the farmer has to be your slave and give you food which is the product of the sweat of his brow? I don’t think so. We call that stealing. And so we need to be a little careful when we talk about rights a little bit too quickly because when you assume you have a right, then it’s the government’s job to enforce it and pretty soon you end up with public options or essentially one choice and that is the government running everything.”

Strangely, the State of Missouri, has another lawmaker who would deny food to hungry Americans. Cynthia Davis, a conservative Christian Republican State Rep. from Missouri, was denounced recently for her callous screed against government sponsored summer food programs, claiming “Hunger can be a positive motivator.”

Watch Akin’s ode to Charles Dickens:

Source: Media Matters


5 Responses to “GOP Rep. Akin: Right to Food, Education are Commie Beliefs”

  1. Mike on November 3rd, 2009 3:21 am

    Sounds like a true Taliban.

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  3. sanguine on November 3rd, 2009 1:22 pm

    The Universal Declaration on Human Rights is a UN treaty. Not US law. Nor does it have anything to do with the Constitution, in fact in contravenes it.

    Perhaps you should take a few moments and read the Constitution of the US (If you can).

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  5. Leo on January 25th, 2010 12:00 pm

    WE defend out right to pay more for our healthcare!
    We defend out right to be ignorant and not provide public schools!
    We defend Bush and Palin’s right to be totally ignorant and unable to speak English correctly or to be able to form thoughts intelligently!
    We defend the health insurance companies right to deny care for profits sake!
    We defend Sarah Palin’s inability to read public newspapers to try to increase her knowledge of the outside world!

    We defend against all attempts to use common sense and will continue to use fear mongering and outright lies against our enemies – other Americans who think differently than we do.

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