Officials Knew Of Fort Hood Shooter’s Contact With Terrorists

November 9, 2009

Texas (ChattahBox) – Army Major Nidal Hasan had been making electronic contact with terror suspects, and had attended a mosque that was run by a Islamic extremist now living in Yemen.

Hasan had allegedly been in contact with Anwar al Awlaki, an imam who provided spiritual guidance with an extremist edge in Virginia, California, and Colorado. Hasan attended the services offered in Virginia.

Awlaki was also in contact with two 9/11 terror suspects, and has been investigated, but not charged, in connection to the 2001 attacks.

Hasan had been maintaining this connection, it is believed, and was attempting to contact key members within al Qaeda.

According to reports, U.S. Intelligence was aware of these connection, and attempts at contact for months ahead of the fatal shooting that left more than a dozen dead, and many injured.

Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) has called for an investigation into whether or not the military had any knowledge of his radical leanings, and whether or not his superiors should be held partially accountable.

Several Army doctors working with Hasan have claimed that they went to superior officers on several occasions to complain about radical remarks and confrontations they had had with Hasan.

However, that is not the only worry.

Many are beginning to fear a backlash against U.S. Muslim soldiers, as people become paranoid about another such attack on a military base.

What has to be remembered is that Hasan was not a Muslim. Hasan was an extremist, a radical, and a terrorist. He was a man who went in opposition to his own beliefs, and gave in tot he call of jihad from other radicals bent on destruction.

Hasan should not be seen as an agent of Islam, any more than those few that call for the death of the West should be given the title.

We can only hope that the message passes to the rest of the country, and we realize that those Muslims bravely fighting in our military should be as honored as all our other enlisted men and women fighting for the same freedoms we enjoy. The freedoms we are trying to protect.



One Response to “Officials Knew Of Fort Hood Shooter’s Contact With Terrorists”

  1. bruce on November 10th, 2009 2:42 pm

    If public opinion starts deriding this kind of violence done in the name of Islam as a disease like alcoholism, then Muslims themselves may work harder to address it than they are working to excuse it. The killing spree at Fort Hood along with most responses from secular and Muslim institutions underscore a thesis posted at that violence done in the name of Islam is like alcoholism in a codependent dysfunctional family. Both systems feature excuses, denial, and enabling behaviors of people inside and outside of the systems. Neither justice nor excuses for violence done in the name of Islam are deterring it. Underlying enabling systems and attitudes must be addressed and changed. Nothing impacts alcoholics and their dysfunctional families like a reformed alcoholic, and nothing changes an alcoholic better than prayer. Similarly, no one can preach better against violence done in the name of Islam than a reformed terrorist, and nothing can change these deranged people better than prayer. Pray for the miracle of seemingly impossible changes in these desperate lives and their dysfunctional system.

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