Man Executes Son After Admission Of Molesting Sister

November 20, 2009

Michigan (ChattahBox) – A 37-year-old man is in custody after executing his 15-year-old-son, who had admitted to molesting his 3-year-old sister, in a vacant lot.

According to police, Jamar Pinkney Jr. had admitted to his mother to having inappropriate sexual contact with his toddler half-sister. The mother contacted his father, who showed up with a gun.

After pistol whipping the 15-year-old in his mother’s livingroom, Jamar Pinkney Sr. forced him to strip off his clothes, then drug him outside into a vacant lot.

Once there, as his son begged for his life and his mother watched on in horror, Pinkney allegedly shot his son in the head.

Though he is denying the claims, Pinkey’s lawyer has said that if it did happen, a mental illness must have been involved.

Pinkey has no past criminal history, or history of mental illness. He has worked for more than a decade for the U.S. Post Office.



6 Responses to “Man Executes Son After Admission Of Molesting Sister”

  1. RW on November 20th, 2009 12:28 pm

    Too bad the father’s actions were illegal. One less sick f**k in the world, score one for the good guys.

  2. Stew on November 20th, 2009 2:23 pm

    Well, considering that the “Molestation” never occurred, you statement doesn’t make much sense. I’m sure the mother just wanted the boy to clean his room and decided to get Daddy involved when he wasn’t cooperating. Tell a little lie to get daddy over and get the boy in shape.

    If in fact the boy did confess to inappropriate touching, and it did occur, they were both fully clothed, so it really wouldn’t seem to require a death sentence. And it’s kind of hard to believe he’d brag to his mother about it. I mean really, think about it. If all this did occur, why would you call the father and not the police? The mother should be charge with the same crime as the father since her intent was obvious.

  3. olivia on November 21st, 2009 2:37 am

    Stew – Your comment is a little confusing, and maybe misguided. It isn’t surprising that the mother would cal the father to tell him what was going on. He is the parent as well, and it would need to be discussed. It doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have gone to the police, just that she was shocked and didn’t know what to do. Wouldn’t you feel the same if you found out your 15-year-old son was potentially a predator?

    The allegation that she was calling him in with a lie to get him to ‘clean his room’ is utterly ridiculous. The fact that your mind would go there is disturbing. As for charging her with the same crime, that is also ridiculous. There was no way she could have known that the father would do something so extreme and kill their son.

    As for his comment to his mother, I doubt he was ‘bragging’. He was probably 1. caught, or 2. genuinely terrified and remorseful of his impulses, and reaching out for help before he continued. It doesn’t make it right, certainly, but it was not te job of the father to execute him. We have laws for a reason, and citizen-spurred revenge killings have no place in a civilized society.

  4. john on November 21st, 2009 10:38 am

    This kid was fifteen. The father taking a gun to speak with his son about touching his little sister in a sexual manner is ridiculous [that action shows intent]. How many dead children would we have if every parent took this approach when a sibling became curiuos.

    The father was not an everyday dad so the choices that kids make are sometimes indirectly your fault fore being a man that is not present on a regular basis.

    TV, RADIO, and the internet have such an impact on children and adults of today, the young boy being curious, the father becoming a gangster, and etc. He may have been the boys father but the child was not his property to judge and sentence in a way that would end his future.

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