Protesters Rally Against Hate at Anti-Obama ‘Jihad’ Billboard

November 22, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Yesterday, groups of protesters gathered in front of a giant billboard that compares President Obama to an Islamic terrorist, linking Obama to the Fort Hood shooting and asking him to prove he is a natural born citizen. The billboard was erected by Phil Wolf, owner of a car dealership in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, who earlier in the year, teamed up with World Net Daily, a right-wing website that promotes fringe conspiracy theories, to display a billboard that read: “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

The billboard displays xenophobic hate and racial stereotyping and also invokes racist images of President Obama. The billboard reads: “President or Jihad?” with the warning, “Wake up America! Remember Ft. Hood” The center of the billboard is filled with the words, “Birth Certificate,” with the words, “Prove it” directly below. And the cartoonish imagery used is even more egregious; hearkening back to the racist Sambo cartoons. The top of the billboard contains two black caricatures of Obama, one wearing a suit and tie with enlarged ears, and the other depicting Obama as a turban-wearing terrorist.

The people attending the protest said, they didn’t want their community associated with hate. One large banner read, “Hate Doesn’t Help!”

Wolf said that he was surprised at all of the attention, but his previous anti-Obama birther billboard drew national attention as well.

ChattahBox spoke by telephone with Wolf and asked him why he would display such an offensive sign in front of his business? Wolf said he was angered by Obama’s “politically correct” response to the Fort Hood shootings carried out by the American-born Muslim Nidal Malik Hasan.

“The shooting was an act of war. And Obama did not treat it like that” Obama needs to “clean house in no uncertain terms,” Wolf said. ‘We know these people hate Americans,” he added.

Wolf defends his sign by saying, there are “questions about Obama he says haven’t been answered.” His offensive billboard certainly suggests that our President is a secret Muslim terrorist who was not born in this country.

The Anti-Defamation League is calling for Wolf to take down the sign. Joyce Rubin with the ADL said, “By linking an image of a turban and a robe and a reference to the Fort Hood tragedy, the suggestion was made that this was somehow a Muslim responsibility and not the responsibility of an individual.”

Wolf says he’s in no hurry to take down his sign.


27 Responses to “Protesters Rally Against Hate at Anti-Obama ‘Jihad’ Billboard”

  1. Mike on November 22nd, 2009 12:57 pm

    I think the sign is great!

  2. PRESIDENT OR JIHAD? on November 22nd, 2009 1:21 pm

    […] for another crazy billboard story! This one, located at a car dealership in Colorado, links Obama to the Fort Hood shootings, asks for his birth certificate and runs with the question […]

  3. Ezee-T on November 22nd, 2009 1:28 pm

    If you like this sign then you’re a gay fish.

  4. prsmith on November 22nd, 2009 1:36 pm

    “Wolf says he’s in no hurry to take down his sign.”

    Outstanding!! A man who is willing to stand behind his principles. You have my deepest admiration, sir, and I will keep you, your business and your family in my prayers.

    If you live in the area and agree with Mr. Wolf and me, please consider arming yourselves with video cameras and standing guard duty. You can be absolutely certain that SEIU thugs will be showing up very soon.

  5. Betty on November 22nd, 2009 3:20 pm

    I see like 2 people in the pic lmao where are all the thousands of bo supporters we are led to believe rallied here? too funny
    Another photo op possibly?

  6. Marianne on November 22nd, 2009 3:49 pm

    The car dealer is asking questions all intelligent people are asking. Hasan yelled “God is good” in Muslim language. There will be more acts like this soon. America is infiltred with Muslim hating Americans.

    Last time I looked America had free speach. Its ok for Obama to treat America the way he is and not give us anything about himself. Who says we have no rights to ask questions Obama and his thuds and Czars? Go home and read your Bible and polish your guns as you will need them. Stock up on food and water that you may be killed for in time. OPEN YOUR EYES. every America should have a sign on their lawn asking these same questions


  7. jim on November 22nd, 2009 5:08 pm

    I know Obama isn’t eligible to be president when he said he was “governed” by England at birth by way of his fathers Kenyan citizenship. That means he is NOT a natural born citizen which is a requirement to be president. No one can refute that especially when Obama admitted being “governed” by a foreign power. You MUST have 2 parents who are US citizens, Obama did not. People that say one parent is enough are simply wrong.

    This point cannot be argued at all.

  8. Sam Sewell on November 22nd, 2009 5:15 pm

    If you are not suspicious of a man who hides his history I have a bridge in the desert I want to sell you.

    If you are unwilling to call for an investigation of a man who attempts to sell you a bridge in the desert I have some beach front property in Florida at the intersection of I75 and Florida # 29 that I want you to buy.

    If you place a down payment on a contract for the bridge in the desert and the beach front property in the swamp I would conclude that you voted for Obama.

    Can you pass the: Obama Eligibility Logic Test?

    Or get educated and read:

    Somehow, you know its coming. That OMG moment is just around the corner. You can feel the inescapable reality creeping up on you. Something will leak. Someone will spill the beans.

    “For nothing is hid that shall not be made manifest, nor anything secret that shall not be known and come to light.” Luke 8:17

    Obama “I have nothing to hide but I’m hiding it.”

  9. When it Comes to Iran, America’s Muslim POTUS Won’t Hear “No” For an Answer — Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami on November 22nd, 2009 5:46 pm

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  10. MrUniteUs on November 22nd, 2009 6:27 pm

    MIke and prsmith,

    Do you think Nidal Hasan would be pleased with your support of the billboard?

    9-11 brought Americans together, but it the Ft. Hood shooting turn American against each other then his bullets did more than kill 13 Americans.

    The billboards is an affront to the Presidency, our country, the victims of the Ft. Hood shooting and their familes.

    I salute the Americans that took action and protested against the billboard,
    and I salute Sgt. Mark Todd, the Black American policeman, that stopped Hasan from killing more Americas.

  11. prsmith on November 22nd, 2009 8:44 pm

    I’m sure Hasan would be very pleased to know that Barry is a not-so-closet Muslim and an American traitor. How that is relevant to the discussion, however, is quite beyond me.

    “The billboards is an affront to the Presidency,”

    Barry is a usurper and a traitor. He may be the devil – the jury’s out on that one. I will give the office no respect with him sitting in the oval office surrounded by his goons and fellow marxists and I am certain Mr. Wolf feels similarly.

    BTW, by Todd’s own words it was the female officer who stood in the line of fire, took three bullets and brought Hasan down. It sure would have been nice, however, if those defenseless personnel had been armed and capable of protecting themselves. Thanks, Pres. Clinton — NOT!

  12. BREAL on November 22nd, 2009 9:11 pm

    The question “Where is the Birth Certificate?” is not wrong to ask, it is the answer some are deathly afraid of.

    Mr. Wolf I commend you for your motivation and bravery!


  13. JH123 on November 22nd, 2009 9:47 pm

    It just makes me laugh when I see all of the conservatives (especially the radical Christians a la “polish your gun”) go crazy and say racist, and otherwise crazy remarks that are so hypocritical. All of you were probably going crazy and sneering at all the Liberal remarks that were being made against Bush when he was president. Oh, wait, I know the retort, “But Bush was a better president and he wasn’t a Muslim!” You know much of this political polarization occurred because of Bush’s right-wing policies that none of you have a clue about because none of you are objective in the slightest, probably getting all of your news from Fox News and then thinking that’s the only way to look at things. You people would do well to step outside of the box and see that an open mind is truly the best way to look at things. I read websites with comments like this, then I go to the and I complain about the same thing because they are radically Liberal. Polarization in politics is what’s dividing our people apart and causing fear. But, all you see is the single point of view; the Xenophobic-white-ultraconservative-racist-“Christian” (although, seems like you little hypocrites are misrepresenting the loving God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) point of view and it’s just going to separate people further. I’m all for freedom of speech and this billboard, but why don’t you instead of getting off on it in your uberconservative bubble, just let it be what it is: A man’s opinion that a good number of people agree and disagree with. So madam Marianne, please go home and yes do polish that gun, and while you’re at it please tell me in the Bible where it says God condones killing. Or, are you one of those people that just claims to know the Bible?

  14. Tracey on November 22nd, 2009 10:05 pm

    Islam is not a religion of peace. The believers who say it is peaceful are just like Christinas who dont live for their religion. Only about 10% of each is truly represented

    The koran tells followers that death to the Jew first , then the Christian. In order for their “messiah ” to return , they must bring this about. The terrorists are true believers and living by their word,

    The Christians are instructed to forgive and love and be kind. How many do you know like that ?? All of the Holy wars and mistreating of Jewish people may have been done by people who said they were Christian… but they WERE NOT…..

    Another thing… when you defect form Islam, you are cut off or you are killed . The fact that Obama has been heavily funded by muslim organizations … look up campaign contributions, ans embraced by their culture after he said he was one at one time….. tells me all I need to know. It is called SILENT JIHAD.

    They tried to take us doen from the outside , now they are doing it from right inside of our own white house.

    It is sad , he uses “his” own people to get him elected , but he keeps them down. Look at Chicago slums he has been involved in. He will redistibute all of our wealth… UNITED STATES all over the planet…. it was the dream of his father. He was an African Socialist and has written many articles about tribal living and everyone being equal.
    And by everyone being equal.. they mean everyone having NOTHING>

  15. Sean on November 22nd, 2009 11:56 pm

    Just reading the comments here. I have tin foil hats for everyone. Form a line please.

  16. NinaK on November 23rd, 2009 1:43 am

    Ohhh, Rush Limbaugh, Beck, and Sarah Palin must adore this guy, Wolf!! I, personally, believe the guy is off his rocker…just like the above. Say anything, do anything to get media attention. Their hate, lies, anger, and hateful propaganda feed those who are of their kind. One day, they will have to answer and to explain to our creator for all their evil thinking and hatred. Of couse, God already knows the answers but he’ll ask anyway. These ultra conservatives who are God lovers and claim to be family oriented, sinless, and God fearing sure don’t live by God’s word!! My God is a loving, kind, and compassionate being, NOT a hate-filled, arrogant, and a hater of those different from others. God CREATED each and everyone of us. God has given us choices as well. Mr. Wolf, get yourself educated and deal with reality, not poison spewed by the likes of the people I listed above and their ilk!

  17. Bill McKay on November 23rd, 2009 9:39 am

    I live in Florida, but plan to buy a car from Mr. Wolf. These ridiculous lefties can’t even be bothered to question this man’s background… yet an Army of reporters descend on Wasilla to talk to Palin’s first grade teacher. Ask the questions and put our concerns to rest…. jack-asses.

  18. Harold on November 23rd, 2009 10:33 am

    I think you should respect your president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yall just jealous cuz we got a black president!!!!!!

  19. Sam Sewell on November 23rd, 2009 12:00 pm

    The most liberal Senator in America gets elected in the most crooked election in the nation’s history and the lamebrains who support him think he is opposed because of his race. These same halfwits think a phony document posted on the Internet proves this same con man is eligible to hold the highest office in the land.

    He is opposed because he is a crooked big city con man with a socialist agenda. Alan Keyes is strongly opposed to Obama. Is he a racist? Is Michael Steele a racist?

  20. Sam Sewell on November 23rd, 2009 12:03 pm

    In 1961, the Public Health Services, U. S Department of Health, Education and Welfare, National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics Division published the “Vital Statistics of the United States

    Here is a blank copy of the Standard Certificate of Live Birth. This is the information being hidden by Obama

    Plus read the article that is included with the blank copy.

  21. Preston on November 23rd, 2009 9:42 pm

    The man behind the sign is either an idiot, crazy or a racist (maybe all three). We won the election and now these sore losers will continue to spew their lies. They remind me of the Birthers losers, who even Bill O’Reilly have smacked down like true flies.

  22. D Swanson on November 24th, 2009 6:01 am

    As the silent jihad takes down the USA, please look to the words and work of our founding fathers for help. They understood much of what is now happening to us. We need to get back to the constitution. The political class must be voted out this time

  23. Old Fart Football on November 24th, 2009 10:23 am

    There’s a youtube video of a new billboard for Phil the Birther. Search Aobama or Jihad and THE ANSWER on youtube. Birthers are such idiots.

  24. Deena Larsen on November 24th, 2009 6:38 pm

    The birth certificate is at

    Every birthcertificate is a certificate of live birth. And it says: location of birth: honolulu.

    Arguing any further than this is like demanding a drivers license to prove John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence.

  25. Old Fart Football on November 25th, 2009 11:10 am

    As it turns out, Phil Wolf might be a Nazi. Can you PROVE that you’re not, Phil?
    see video –

  26. Preston on November 25th, 2009 11:47 pm

    D Swanson you make me laugh, thanks really, I needed this before the Thanks Giving Holiday.

    Most of you sound like “Chicken Littles” that the sky is falling and I can only wonder if you were the same people that were “Chicken Hawks” when “W” the dullard started two wars of choice (whose spending has taken us to where we are now).

    Happy Thanks Giving! Bless your heart!

  27. Linda on December 1st, 2009 5:06 am

    You go Phil Wolf! I appreciate that you have the courage to speak your mind, and that you are not afraid to put that sign out there, in front of your business. I agree – the shooting WAS an act of war. It was a terrorist attack, period. Yet, our government doesn’t want to fess up to the facts. It wasn’t simply the act of a crazed individual, it was a terrorist attack. Let’s call it what it is.

    Further, when the shooting took place, Obama, who is supposed to be our president (I did not capitalize president on purpose) blathered on at a conference for almost 2 1/2 minutes before even noting that there had been a shooting at Fort Hood. It was obvious that he refused to give any measure of respect to those military members who lost their lives that day. On that issue alone, he deserves no respect from anyone of us.

    This man does not have our nation’s best interests at heart. As far as I’m concerned, he is a rogue president, who is part of a rogue government, and he should be treated as such. He and congress have refused to listen to and represent the people of the United States. My mantra is NO INCUMBENTS. And I would prefer that Obama is tossed sooner rather than later. I for one, want to see his records, all of them. If he has nothing to hide, why such secrecy? If he’s not eligible, he needs to leave office. I will rejoice when the day comes that Obama is booted out, with great flourish and fanfare.

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