GOP Rep. Akin Fondly Recalls Pilgrims’ Rejection of ‘Unbiblical’ Socialism

November 25, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Most of us think of our nation’s first Thanksgiving in 1621, as a friendly harvest celebration between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. But for conservative right-wing Congressman, Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO), the national family holiday of thanks and feasting, reminds him of the brave colonists who rejected Communism and “unbiblical” Socialism.

Akin presented his unique views on the history of Thanksgiving, during a speech on the House floor last week, complete with large cardboard posters labeled “Rejecting Socialism.”

According to Akin, the financial backers of the Plymouth colony ordered the Pilgrims to live in a commie Socialist commune, where the women were forced to wash their neighbor’s drawers:

AKIN: “They had a problem. The loan sharks or the merchant adventurers or whatever you want to call them from England—the people who financed this expedition– insisted that their charter would include that they would live Socialistically. That was that—they would have just one cornfield. Everything that was grown belonged to everybody. The women were supposed to wash the clothes of everybody else.” […]

But the Socialist Governor John Carver soon died, because he had “something wrong with his brain,” said Akin. And luckily, the new Governor William Bradford wasn’t too keen on Communism and Socialism and he wanted everyone to grow their own damn corn.

According to Akin’s interpretation of the early settlers, we have William Bradford to thank for saving us safe from the evils of Socialism:

AKIN: “Governor Bradford knew that Socialism was unbiblical. He knew it was a bad idea and he knew it wasn’t going to work. Eventually they were forced to throw it out, because they were going to starve to death trying to make Socialism work.”

Earlier in the month, Akin made yet another bizarre speech on the House floor, saying that the idea that our government should provide basic needs of food, housing, education or health care to its citizens is a commie belief:

AKIN: “And so this idea that, because its essential for your survival to have housing, or food or education or a job or health care—to say that or to assume that therefore it’s a right, is to make the same assumptiopn that was made by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. We used to call them commies when I was younger.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Watch it:


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