Time’s Halperin Smears Landrieu With Photoshopped Semen ‘Hair Gel’

November 25, 2009

(ChattahBox)—There’s something about Mark Halperin. His journalistic something-something has certainly drawn attention with his recent depiction of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) with sticky semen “hair gel” in her hair, in a warped tribute to Cameron Diaz’s character in the 1998 comedy film, “There’s Something About Mary.” Why would a writer for Time Magazine stoop so low? Jason Linkins of Huffington Post seems to think it has something to do with the fact that Halperin is a “babbling idiot.” That sounds about right.

Only a “babbling idiot” would take inspiration from the likes of hate and fear mongers Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, who both referred to the moderate Senator from Louisiana, as a prostitute. Beck attacked Landrieu first, as “a high-class prostitute.” And he later said, “…we know you’re ‘hookin’, but you’re just not cheap.”

Limbaugh, not to be outdone, attacked the female Senator as “the most expensive prostitute in the history of prostitution.” All of this odious vitriol is the result of Landrieu voting in favor of allowing the Democratic Senate health care reform bill to proceed to the Senate floor for debate. Because the bill contained $300 million in expanded Medicaid aid for her state, which is still suffering economically from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, she’s being portrayed, as a whore.

Yes, the aid was most likely aimed as a sweetener to ensure her vote on cloture. But that is nothing new in legislative horse-trading.

So, Halperin apparently drew inspiration from all of the right-wing talk of prostitutes and “hookin” and perhaps became excited, and he decided to Photoshop her image with semen in her hair. Get it? Semen hair gel–prostitutes–‘hookin.’ Well no, not really.

Maybe Halperin just simply made the connection between MARY Landrieu and Cameron Diaz’s character, named Mary? And—– forget it, my head hurts. Halperin really is a “babbling idiot.” And for his tasteless idiocy, he was also awarded the honor of Eschaton’s “wanker of the day” award.

Oh, and you might be wondering what news story prompted Halperin to post a semen hair gel photo with the catchy title, “There’s (Still) Something About Mary.”

Here is Halperin’s entire piece:

“Senator Landrieu’s Communications Director on Motion to Proceed Timing”

Aaron Saunders:

“Sen. Landrieu is still reviewing the bill and CBO score. There is no timeline on when she will make and announce her decision on the motion to proceed.”

That’s it.

Someone at Time has since removed the offensive Photoshopped image of Sen. Landrieu, but it remains cached in posterity.

Time has now posted an apology: “A photo illustration included in a recent post about Sen. Mary Landrieu was in poor taste and not up to the standards of TIME or time.com. We regret the error.”

What an embarrassment.


One Response to “Time’s Halperin Smears Landrieu With Photoshopped Semen ‘Hair Gel’”

  1. George on November 26th, 2009 6:44 pm

    I love how anyone who disagrees with liberals is automatically labeled a “hater”.

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