“Troopergate” Officer Accuses Palin Of Not Supporting Soldiers

November 26, 2009

Alaska (ChattahBox) – Some might accuse him of being petty, but after some of the comments made in Going Rouge most would probably agree with his accusation that Palin’s troop support is all a bunch of PR hooey.

Palin constantly talked about supporting and looking after our men and women in uniform during her campaign platform and continues to do so in her new book.

But Mike Wooten, the officer who was the central point in Palin’s “Troopergate”, says that her actions speak much louder than her words.

In the Trooperate scandal, Palin was accused of using her position to try and have Wooten, an Alaska State Trooper and her sister’s ex-husband, fired. When the Commissioner of Public Safety, Walt Monegan, refused to do so, she fired him.

An official investigation, led by a team of ten Republicans and four Democrats, found that she had tried to have Wooten fired on thirty separate occasions, and that she had misused her position to have Monegan fired as well.

Not only that, but Wooten was a veteran, having served ten years in the Air Force and three in the Air National Guard Reserves. He participated in military operations Persian Gulf War–Desert Storm, Desert Shield, and Restore Hope, as well.

Monegan was also a veteran who served his country, as was Police Chief Irl Stambaugh, who was said to have been ‘victimized’ by Palin.

“Sarah is only about Sarah. She doesn’t care about the ‘men and women in uniform.’ It’s all about advancing Sarah’s career,” Wooten said.

While Palin says in Going Rogue that Wooten had ten complaints against him by citizens, Wooten alleges that each one of them were made by friends and family of Palin. It is a charge that has been confirmed by John Cyr, the former Alaska Public Safety Employees Association Executive Director:

Not one complaint has ever been made about Mike Wooten’s professional performance from any member of the public other than the Palin/Heath family and their closest friends. The troopers that I’ve talked to that have worked with Mike tell me Mike is the kind of guy they’d go through a door with. That he does his work. He’s a professional. You know, just no complaints out there about Mike’s work.



2 Responses to ““Troopergate” Officer Accuses Palin Of Not Supporting Soldiers”

  1. Old Man Dotes on November 26th, 2009 5:02 pm

    Was there ever really any question about Palin being all about Palin? She was the least-qualified Vice Presidential candidate in living memory, yet she blames everyone else for the fact that she (along with G.W. Bush) caused the massive failure of the GOP during the 2008 elections.

    Palin is a self-absorbed egoist who would sell out her country as fast as she sold out Wooten. She is, as the British would say, a “runt” – except they’d use a “c” instead of an “r” (in Great Britain, the term is applied to anyone who fits the description, regardless of gender).

  2. wildmon251 on November 27th, 2009 1:30 am

    After reading this pack of slanderous lies, and having actually read Sarah Palin’s book, I will put “Chattahbox” on my list of online sites to never trust, or to read. Good day, Dudes.

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