Palin ‘Thriller from Wasilla’ Punked: Tells Canada to Throw Out Public Health Care

November 27, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Mary Walsh, a popular comedian from Canada who hosts a political news parody show akin to Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” recently took her comedy gig on the road to the States, to confront the “Thriller from Wasilla.” Dressed as her favorite character, Marg Delahunty, from her show “This Hour Has 22 Minutes,” Walsh confronted the unawares Sarah Palin at a Columbus, Ohio book signing held at Borders with hilarious results.

Palin told Marg Delahunty that Canada needs to privatize its public health care, so that our neighbors to the north can suffer from a broken health care system, just like us.

As Walsh and her camera crew started walking towards the Borders book store, she said that she had been chasing down Sarah Palin all day:

WALSH: “Thriller from Wasilla. The Alaskan Aphrodite.” [..]

Walsh then approached Palin’s table to ask a question with a copy of Palin’s book in hand:

WALSH: “Ms. Palin we came all the way up from Canada. I just wanted to ask you if you had any words of encouragement for the Canadian conservatives who have worked so hard to try to diminish the kind of socialized medicine we have up there.”

Palin yelled to Walsh, as she was being pushed out of the store:

PALIN: “Keep the Faith. That common sense conservatism can be plugged into Canadian policies too. OK?”

Walsh, in character as the pushy Marg Delahunty, would not be deterred and caught up with Palin later, as she boarded her bus repeating the same nonsense about Canada’s health care system, apparently not having a clue that Marg Delahunty was a popular comedian from Canada:

WALSH: “Ms. Palin I tried to ask you a question inside but I didn’t hear your answer.”

PALIN: “My answer is to keep the faith. My answer was to keep the faith. Keep the faith. Because common sense conservatism can be plugged in there in Canada too. In fact, Canada needs to reform its health care system and let the private sector take over some of what the government has absorbed. So, thank you keep the faith.”

As the “Thriller from Wasilla” drove off into the night, Walsh wondered why Palin’s handlers tried to prevent her from questioning Palin:

WALSH: “I guess they were afraid that perhaps someone might ask the question of why was every word in the book a lie? Or seemed to be anyway: even the word, “word.” Good luck in 2012! It’s the end of the world anyways. So, What odds?”

Palin may be interested to know that a recent study showed that 90 percent of Canadians support universal, single-payer health care. And they believe they have a better health care system than the one in the United States.

Palin was punked before by a comedian from Canada during the presidential election. Last November a comedian from Montreal convinced the former half-term governor she was speaking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Watch Marg Delahunty confront the clueless Alaskan Aphrodite:



8 Responses to “Palin ‘Thriller from Wasilla’ Punked: Tells Canada to Throw Out Public Health Care”

  1. JL on November 27th, 2009 1:52 pm

    Libertards…wake up. I guess that’s why people from Canada frequently come to US for healthcare..those that can afford to bypass their great public HC so because it provides them with such great service over there.. .I guess. Public Healthcare is for those that want to be treated like cattle and husband livestock….take whatever they give you when they give it to you and say thank you..and hope you don;t die in the process…yeah thats what public HC is all about.

  2. Annie B on November 27th, 2009 10:20 pm

    Wow. Palin is kind enough to answer a question and you think SHE looks bad? That tells me much more about you than about her.

  3. Jon Moseley, 911 on November 27th, 2009 10:48 pm

    Sorry, joke’s on you.

    Canada SHOULD throw out its public health care system and reduce the soicalism in its health care system.

    You are the one who did not listen.

    Canada should get rid of its P U B L I C health care system, which every intelligent person knows means GOVERNMENT run.

    Not all health care. PUBLIC health care.

    You make Sarah Palin sound smart.

    News about the Palin phenomenon can be found at:

  4. willegge on November 28th, 2009 11:00 am

    I’m a Canadian living and working in the US. My dad a brave WWII volunteer vet. Fought for Canada’s freedom along with his two brothers. Canada has sold out. Over taxation of its people, an invasive wacky multiculturalism that is destroying the very fabric that made it great. Thought police that are trying to squelch opposing speech to progressive liberalism, and brave but severely underfunded military that would not be able to stop an invasion if our faithful big brother to the south were not there to protect us. Canada needs to be mocking itself. Sarah Palin showed her class by being so kind to a women who looked like a lunatic. I pray God would be so good as to bless Canada with a Sarah Palin.

  5. robert on November 29th, 2009 12:10 pm

    Oh come off it all of you, the only people who don’t like the canadian health care system in canada (and im a Canadian too) are the rich. Because in Canada money doesn’t equal more treatment or better treatment. the US prides itself on equality? yeah right, money talks in the US… having had several injuries which were significant in the past and having almost died on one occasion and having to be rushed to emergency, I know that our system will be there for you when you need it most. And I don’t even need to bring my chequebook…shocking premise for poor people and rich people to be treated the same? Your country seems to want to be able to classify this type of person as being better than the other…yeah real equality…

  6. Les Ferris on November 29th, 2009 1:22 pm

    Great post Robert. I don’t know where Americans get the idea that the corporations care about their health more than the Government do. They make out like it’s some kind of terrible thing, and that the companies who control their health care actually have their best interests at heart… They don’t all they care about is making money out of you.

    My country may not give the best health care in the world (ranked 18th) but we’re doing better than you guys across the pond at the minute, no matter how much rubbish Palin, Fox News, the Republicans, the bible bashers or whoever want to spread about our system. The rest of the developed world has universal health care and we don’t want to get rid of it. If you want to keep your flawed system, go right ahead. No one over here is trying to force you to change it, but we’d appreciate it if the likes of Sarah Palin and her right wing ilk kept their mouths shut about our systems.

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