GOP Urges Palin Fans to Post Couric ‘Elaine’ Dance Pics

December 1, 2009

(ChattahBox)— The GOP is apparently taking on Sarah Palin’s very personal and spiteful vendetta against CBS evening news anchor Katie Couric. Palin, ever the victim, blames Couric’s “gotcha journalism” for her disastrous and embarrassingly inept interview during the presidential campaign, when she was unable to respond to a softball question, asking what books and magazines she read.

Recently, Gawker posted some embarrassing pictures of Couric dancing at a party in 2006 soon after she was tapped for the top CBS spot. The dancing photos are reminiscent of Seinfeld’s Elaine’s ‘The Little Kicks” dance. During the episode, a horrified George said of Elaine’s dance: “It’s like a full body dry heave set to music.”

Couric obviously was having fun with friends. And she didn’t purposely pose for the photos. But Republicans have been pouncing on the dancing photos with mean-spirited glee.

John McCormack of the conservative Weekly Standard posted a series of the Couric photos with the snarky heading: “Any of these pictures of Katie Couric would make a great Newsweek cover, don’t you think?” He was referring to the recent right-wing brouhaha over Newsweek’s choosing a cover shot of Sarah Palin wearing running shorts.

Palin posted on her Facebook page that the cover was “sexist.” Perhaps it was, but Palin willingly posed for the photo wearing her modest running clothing for an article appearing in Runner’s World magazine.

The pictures of Couric were tabloid type photos found lurking on someone’s three old Facebook post. And what does Katie Couric have to do with Newsweek’s decision to use a photo of Palin wearing running shorts? Absolutely nothing, but Republicans know how to hate and Couric is on Palin’s list of people to hate.

Next, the Republican National Committee decides to join the Couric hate fest. Todd Herman, the RNC Media Director used his Twitter account to urge Republicans to post Couric’s dancing photos to counteract uncomplimentary photos of Palin.

Republicans sure are a spiteful bunch.



5 Responses to “GOP Urges Palin Fans to Post Couric ‘Elaine’ Dance Pics”

  1. todd on December 2nd, 2009 12:15 am

    Gotta love them Christians. You becha, wink, wink.

  2. Old Man Dotes on December 2nd, 2009 1:10 am

    So how come no one ever mentions the 3 years that Sarah Palin spent as a hooker in Saigon?

  3. Judy Brown on December 2nd, 2009 9:06 am

    Katie looks great!!

    And who wears nylons with shorts?

  4. Mbrad on December 2nd, 2009 7:41 pm

    Pretty handy you forgot to mention the Newsweek cover photo was illegaly obtained. The jogging outfit was appropriate for a running magazine. Not what you want on a news magazine cover. At least be honest with your facts and don’t leave out details.

  5. Jim Talbot on December 3rd, 2009 4:24 pm

    Asking Palin what she reads is a “gotcha” moment because she does not read!
    Watch her body language during the exchange, she kept putting her hands together in a strange way, she was stumped and then she said she reads “all of them” but can’t name a single one! Priceless. The republicans are backing her because they don’t have any potential candidates with any name recognition. You gotta love that! She is a flyweight candidate, can’t think on her feet. She had the nerve to call Couric “the perky one” which was a gender specific put down of a woman working in what used to be a male dominated profession, shameful! Especially since she is trying for a job that has only been held by men. She is clearly keeping score, is this the kind of leader we need? I submit that Palin is the perkiest candidate ever, by golly you betcha!

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