Randall Terry: Health Care Bill ‘Could Trigger Violence’

December 2, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Well, it must be about that time again for militant anti-abortion activist, Randall Terry to either threaten violence or stage a bizarre violent protest. Let’s see, by my calculations, it has been over a month since Terry engaged in violent unhinged rhetoric. Yup, he’s due for some extremist and odious antics any day now.

Fresh from his despicable Halloween campaign, urging his followers to burn Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid in effigy to send them to hell, Terry is now threatening violence against people, if a health care reform bill passes, which offers insurance plans to women covering abortion services. Right on cue Terry!

Terry and about 25 of his followers appeared in Granite City, Illinois on Tuesday to protest outside the Hope Clinic, which provides abortion services to area women. Terry told a reporter for the Belleville News-Democrat that the passage of health care reform “could trigger violence against people.”

“We fought a war over slavery. We fought a war over a tea tax,” Terry said. “What will happen if they take our tax dollars to murder innocent babies?”

Not satisfied with threating violence against people, Terry elaborated saying, health care reform would result in “ominous repercussions.” He helpfully provided examples of the “ominous repercussions,” such as people refusing to pay taxes, violence against objects or violence against people. Good to know. Doesn’t sound like he left anything out.

In August, Terry threatened “random acts of violence against people in power,” who are pro-choice, during his 10-city “kill granny/kill babies” tour to protest health care reform, which he refers to as Socialism.

And in October, he staged a protest outside the Capitol building in demon attire, with two of the protesters wearing Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi masks, splattered with blood and draped in chains. The protesters screamed to staffers walking to work, “Staffers, Hill rats, join Nancy Pelosi in hell!” “Behold the dreadful price of killing babies Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will die in Hell”

Terry and his group are on a 13-city, 7-state tour against “child-killing in the “healthcare” bill,”‘ where they will harass innocent people, threaten violence and stage over-the-top street theatre protests to ensure they receive news coverage.



2 Responses to “Randall Terry: Health Care Bill ‘Could Trigger Violence’”

  1. teri on December 3rd, 2009 11:35 am

    I have never seen one ounce of evidence that Terry has ever been violent.
    If you know differently please prove it with facts

    saying the health bill could trigger violence does not mean he is planning on that.

    again..would love to see evidence of violence

  2. The Story of Health Care Reform in 2009: Hospitals Continue to Bury their Mistakes | Thomas A. Sharon, R.N., M.P.H. on December 3rd, 2009 4:05 pm

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