Poll: Pot Nation? Majority of Americans Want it Legalized

December 11, 2009

(ChattahBox)—A new poll shows that a majority of Americans support the legalization of marijuana. With the Obama administration placing a moratorium on federal raids of medical marijuana dispensaries, the shops selling the medicinal weed have mushroomed, and the sky hasn’t fallen. Americans now seem to be rejecting the failed “War on Drugs” strategy, which has resulted in severely overcrowded prisons filled with inmates convicted of minor drug offenses. And with a weakening economy, beleaguered states are looking for ways to increase tax revenue. Sales of medical marijuana to licensed patients generated about $18 million in tax revenue for California last year.

The poll was taken by the global polling firm Angus Reid, by conducting online interviews of 1,004 American voters. The poll asked the question: “Do you support or oppose the legalization of each of the following drugs?”

Among those polled, 53 percent responded that they supported legalization of marijuana, with 43 percent opposed. This result is a significant increase from an earlier Gallup poll, which found that just 44 percent of Americans supported marijuana legalization.

Broken down by party, Democrats support marijuana legalization at 61 percent, Independents at 55 percent and only 43 percent of Republican voters in favor.

However, the Angus Reid poll found that Americans want other drugs, such as ecstasy, heroin and crack cocaine to remain illegal. Only 5 percent of those polled wanted to see crack cocaine legalized, for example.

Regarding the Bush administration’s “War on drugs,” a significant majority of 68 percent, or two thirds, believed it was a dismal failure.

While a majority would like to see marijuana legalized, a whopping 70 percent of those polled believe America has a serious drug abuse problem, which affects the entire country.

The entire poll can be found here.


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8 Responses to “Poll: Pot Nation? Majority of Americans Want it Legalized”

  1. Tina on December 11th, 2009 8:53 am
  2. Bill Harris on December 11th, 2009 9:20 am

    One by one, people are waking up that society has a prohibition problem not a drug problem. Is liberty about to go viral?

  3. TYC on December 11th, 2009 11:55 am

    With the polling showing close to 50/50 is it reasonable to continue to persecute cannabis users with militaristic zeal and send casual users to decades in prison? Locally a 64 year old man was set to prison for 15 for 5 plants in his back yard. He feared ending up like his wife who was put no Oxycontin in her final days and unable to function. We, as taxpayers, will pay to lock this guy up,
    feed him, cloth him, provide all medical and dental…Why? What threat to the public good is he causing? Where is his victim? Who is he harming? Is that a wise use of public funds when we are borrowing from foreign nations at an unprecedented rate?

  4. Tommy Jacobs on December 11th, 2009 12:19 pm

    I am so dang sick of the government tellin us that we can’t smoke marijuana. What makes The American Governmet think they can tell me what to do in my own house! If I sit on my living room and smoke a joint as long as I am not selling it or giving it to kids, going out on public, or trying to push it on anyone else I am not doing harm to anyone. The American Government needs a overhaul. Get the big corporations out of the whitehouse and get back to what this country was meant to be.

  5. Matthew Garrison on December 11th, 2009 1:09 pm

    The anti-prohibitionist recognizes the competence (and natural right) of the individual to exercise self-ownership, and that liberty is the most ethical condition for human existence. Prohibition laws, by definition, violate the philosophy of liberty that was so fundamental in making this country great. An individual cannot accurately be called free if a government decides what substances he cannot knowingly, and willingly consume as an adult.

    Prohibition laws require a police state for enforcement, and imply that citizens are government property by contradicting the principle of self-ownership. This is unacceptable in a nation that claims to be the freest. Individual responsibility cannot be legislated into existence. Attempts to do so undermine the free individual because they are founded on the axiom that individuals in government posses a superior power of judgment that entitles them to impose their will upon other individuals through state power, whether the other individuals consent or not.

    The liberty movement in America is growing, and prohibition will end. Better late than never.

  6. Kirk Muse on December 11th, 2009 1:28 pm

    According to a recent Rasmussen poll 44 percent of adults believe that
    pot is just as, or more dangerous, than alcohol. See the weeb site:

    Until this false belief can be changed, marijuana will probably remain
    a criminalized substance. The fact is marijuana is an extremely safe
    product. (No reported deaths in the 5,000 year history of its use.)

    People consume marijuana for the same reasons they consume
    alcohol. Why not offer adults the much safer alternative to alcohol?

  7. samantha on December 11th, 2009 7:06 pm

    Read MY lips! No more lies! Legalize it!

  8. Jason on December 16th, 2009 1:10 pm

    Listen…. we need to get educated on the subject of marijuana. We (as a general public) are going off what we have been told about marijuana. That it is bad for you. Which is not true. And has been proven many times by scientist. Hemp alone would do wonders for our economy. If we(as a general public) all get educated on the subject of marijuana….. it would be legal by now. So get educated and join the reform. We need to be free of being told what we can or can not do in our home when we are not hurting anyone. Marijuana doesn’t hurt anyone (no one has ever died from it in history …ever!). The laws that prohibit marijuana hurts more people than it helps. So do your self a favor and stop listening to all the B.S. And find out for your self the truth about Marijuana.

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