Bigoted Right-Wing Holiday Jingle: ‘Illegals in My Yard’

December 14, 2009

(ChattahBox)—The right-wing conservative Human Events online site and newspaper, is considered a must-read for many conservatives. The publication features columns from the leading right-wingers, including Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, Newt Gingrich, Phyllis Schlafly and Oliver North. Besides standard neoconservatism, an anti-Obama agenda and global warming denial, the paper also dishes out plenty of daily hate and race baiting. And its latest installment in bigotry brings us a heart warming Christmas carol, entitled, “Illegal Aliens In My Yard.”

The holiday song was produced, by Talk Radio Network’s Matt Fox and AJ Rice’s “The Fox and Rice Experience.” The bigoted lyrics are set to the holiday tune, “Feliz Navidad.” Besides offensively referring to undocumented immigrants as illegals, the parody song promotes the most basest type of Latino stereotypes. The lyrics depict immigrants as spreading deadly diseases like the bubonic plague and their bodies infested with bugs. Immigrants are also portrayed as excessive drinkers and criminals riding in stolen cars.

Matt Fox and AJ Rice are shock jocks with the same station that hosts other right-wing talkers, such as Laura Ingraham and Michael Savage. Fox and Rice have produced a slew of racist and bigoted parodies, most recently, “We’re Beginning to Look A Lot Like Marxists.”

Check out the Lyrics to Illegals in My Yard:

“llegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
Throw then some pesos and they work so hard.

Illegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
I don’t even ask if they got green card.

They’re going to pave up my driveway this Christmas.
They’re going to clean all my cars this Christmas.
They’re going to shovel all the snow this Christmas.
Those illegals in my yard.

They’re going to dig me a pool this Christmas.
They’re going to landscape my law this Christmas.
They’re going to cook me up some tacos this Christmas.
Those illegals in my yard.

Illegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
Sixteen arrive in a stolen car.

Illegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
When they’re not working, they sit at the bar.

They’re going to drink some cervezas this Christmas.
They’re going to shoot some tequila this Christmas.
They’re going to get DUIs this Christmas.
Those illegals in my yard.

They’re getting free organ transplants this Christmas.
They’re going to have anchor babies this Christmas.
They’re going to scream “sí, se puede” this Christmas.
Those illegals in my yard.

Illegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
One at a time run past those border guards.

Illegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
Illegals in my yard.
Hugo Chavez sends his kind regards.

They’re going to tackle Pat Buchanan this Christmas.
They’re going to chase down Lou Dobbs this Christmas.
They’re going to join up with La Raza this Christmas.
Those illegals in my yard.

They’re going to spread bubonic plague this Christmas.
They’re going to bring me lots of bed bugs this Christmas.
They’re going to pass tuberculosis this Christmas.”
Those illegals in my yard.

Many of the commenters on Human Events agree with the sentiments of the “Illegals in My Yard” Christmas carol. But others are appalled. One commenter named, your missing conscience, UNITED States of America
decided to pen his own Christmas Carol:

“It’s beginning to look a lot like bigots
Ev’rywhere you go
Take a look at the faux FOX News
lying once again
With stuffed shirts and yellow blondes aglow.”

Source: Right Wing Watch


16 Responses to “Bigoted Right-Wing Holiday Jingle: ‘Illegals in My Yard’”

  1. Phil on December 15th, 2009 7:20 am

    But, they are ILLEGAL. How is the truth offensive.

  2. Fred2 on December 15th, 2009 10:08 am

    The only thing that’s not actually refering to true events in that song is , you know sic’cing the INS on the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, THAT’s the offensive part you prats.

  3. green deth on December 16th, 2009 12:18 am

    The same leftards who are defending ILLEGALS are the ones who have them cleaning their house, cutting their grass and taking care of their horrible offspring while paying them $2.00 an hour. HYPOCRITES and LIARS because the TRUTH HURTS MUCHACHO!

  4. Nation of Cowards » Blog Archive » Illegal Invaders Offended By Truth? on December 17th, 2009 5:05 pm

    […] ain’t it, how those who broke into this country are so thin skinned? (Links @ the link) The holiday song [audio] was produced, by Talk Radio Network’s Matt Fox and […]

  5. Jean on December 18th, 2009 3:24 pm

    Ok, I like the lyrics, though I don’t think the cadence quite works.
    Went to another (leftist) site and had to comment on the stupidity of people there. They want the facts to line up with their worldview instead of letting the facts inform their worldview.

    I also found that snippet at the end funny – it’s true, too! America is being polarized – race, sex, gender, age, income, class. Anything to keep the people weak and stupid, and divided.

    As I noted on the progressive site (closed it down, not worth it to re-find the site), this amounts to an invasion; they came here and broke the law, just by crossing the borders without permission; and they stand there with their hands out demanding our social services, which people like myself fund with our tax dollars.
    Two analogies.
    1: Woman goes to dinner with a man, he pays, they go back to her place and sleep together. She’s not a prostitute, just because she didn’t get paid in cash? Because she bartered? Fail.
    2. The government enforces taking a portion of what I earn for both myself and the company I work for on force of arms. (Extortion, anyone?) They then give that money to people who have not earned it, in the form of government handouts like food stamps, low-income housing, medicare, etc. It’s not theft if the government does it? Not extortion when they government is immune from being sued, and cannot be overthrown because it’s just SO BIG? Epic Fail.

    A low level of taxation I would support; the needy, who can’t work / can’t get work / can’t find work should get a chance to get back on their feet. They can’t afford medical care, or the old can’t afford to be cared for – that we can do. I’d prefer private charity, but it can be done through taxes, too. But not handouts to someone who came here, breaking the law, with no skills, and no real ability to work legitimately since they’re here illegally. That’s immoral, and should be illegal. (Emergency medical care is exempt from this – emergencies are emergencies, the medical care saves the life, etc. Find out the documentation once the patient is stable and will recover. No reason to be inhuman.)

    Even so – we are facign an invasion of low-skill, low quality individuals who do not think of themselves as Americans, and don’t WANT to be Americans, and that makes for an immediate balkanization of our country and our culture, as well as placing more strain on an out-of-control welfare and prison system, which produces even worse results, and instead of lifting our country up, drags our country DOWN to the level of Mexico / Peru / Ecuador / et al. (Without the positives, I’d say, it’s a one-way ticket down.)

  6. Stan on December 23rd, 2009 7:10 pm

    I’m dominican. And i bet the person who wrote this either was a Cracker or just a redskin bastard. This i took as a very offensive song even tho there was no direction towards me. I’m a spanish perosn and i know who ever wrote this would not like for me to write a song towards them.

  7. mike on December 23rd, 2009 7:13 pm

    americans=killers and illegal invaders around the world how the truth is offensive.

  8. jhon on December 23rd, 2009 8:36 pm


  9. Fernanda on December 23rd, 2009 10:22 pm

    STUPID BITCHES yall r so f*kin rasist and yall can go suk sh*t 4 all i care:)

  10. Julio on December 23rd, 2009 11:11 pm

    I am a mexican, and i think this is SOOO FUNNY!!!!
    Oh boy racial jokes are the best, and mexicans make a lot of them, specially about “gringos” except for the plague, bugs and the tuberculosis phrase, it is true, we do a lot of that.

  11. Pamela on December 24th, 2009 7:52 am

    Stupid ignorants !

  12. NINO on December 24th, 2009 11:02 am

    This song is something so controversial because whoever wrote this song has forgotten their true origin. If is black or white its origin is not North America. If you are Anglo-Saxon don’t forget that you did enter illegally to these lands, killing Indians and Buffalos, may not be you but you have the blood of your ancestors who did this catastrophes and if are African Americans remember the way in which you started to emerge in this country… keep that on mind.

  13. Hispanic women on December 24th, 2009 12:32 pm

    Just remember all those illegals in your “Yard” and cooking for you and caring for your kids that are hispanic and may or may not be illegal are doing just that.
    COOKING YOUR FOOD, CARING FOR YOUR CHILD AND OTHER THINGS THAT LEAVE YOU VULNERABLE. I would be careful how you treat them because you are in a very vulnerable position to be mean to the “Help”

  14. A MEXICAN PERSON on December 25th, 2009 8:50 pm

    WTF is wrong with all yall people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fck YAll

  15. andres on December 26th, 2009 3:31 pm

    right wing extrimest preachers of hate the withe house enemy list minorities enemy list

  16. Carlos on January 4th, 2010 11:15 pm

    ¡Feliz Año!
    I absolutley love the song, I find it so funny I´ve forwarded the link from youtube to
    all of my friends.
    Do you have a problem with it?
    ¡Vé y chúpale las barbas a tu comarada Fidel!
    Demotards have no sense oif humor!

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