Rep Gutierrez Wants Immigration Reform ASAP

December 16, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) began the process of immigration reform yesterday with the introduction of his bill offering a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. The bill is viewed as too progressive by many lawmakers, including some Democrats, but it’s intended to lay down the gauntlet to form the basis for the passage of a comprehensive immigration bill, during the next legislative session. But Gutierrez and other progressives in the House are not going to wait too long for serious work to begin on immigration reform. The acronym of Gutierrez’s bill for “comprehensive immigration reform,” is “C.I.R. A.S.A.P.”

With the complicated push to enact health care reform legislation before the year’s end, two wars and a need to deal with the double-digit unemployment rate by passing a job’s bill, the reform of our broken immigration system will have to wait until next year. However, immigration reform is a major part of President Obama’s ambitious agenda. Still, Rep. Gutierrez and other lawmakers intend to make immigration a priority in 2010.

“This says, “Here, this is what we want; our proposal is out of the box,” said Gutierrez. The Illinois lawmaker’s bill would allow undocumented immigrants in the US to gain legal status and eventual citizenship based on a number of conditions, including proof of employment, the payment of a $500 fine, learning English and passing a criminal background check. The immigrants would not have to return to their native country first, which previous bills have required, as a path towards citizenship.

The bill would provide additional training and equipment for border officials and would eliminate a controversial program that permits local law enforcement officials to work as immigration officers. Think Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona.

Republicans decried the bill, as an amnesty program for illegals that would lead to further immigrants taking jobs away from American workers. Republicans would like to see a temporary worker program in any immigration reform bill.

Matthew Chandler, a spokesman for Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security, released a statement commending the move to reform the country’s immigration laws. Napolitano is pleased that “Congress is taking steps forward on immigration reform,” said Chandler.

Meanwhile, the Senate is also working towards crafting an immigration reform bill led by Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) and several Republican members.



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  1. Truth on December 16th, 2009 12:11 pm

    US economy largely unaffected by illegal immigration

    Tucson, Arizona | Published: 12.03.2009

    WASHINGTON — A study released Wednesday concludes that illegal-immigrant workers do not drain jobs or tax dollars and have a neutral impact on the U.S. economy.
    Because illegal immigrants occupy a small share of the work force — about 5 percent — and work low-skilled jobs at lower wages than other workers, their overall influence on the economy is trivial, according to the report, sponsored by the Migration Policy Institute, a pro-immigration think tank in Washington.
    “The fate of the U.S. economy does not rest on what we do on illegal immigration,” said Gordon H. Hanson, author of the report and economics professor at the University of California-San Diego.
    Illegal immigrants contribute a tiny 0.03 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, with that gain going to employers who save money on cheap labor, the report says, while their cost to the economy is 0.10 percent of GDP, which mainly comes from public education and publicly funded emergency health care.
    The net impact at minus 0.07 percent of GDP means that illegal immigrants have an essentially neutral effect on the economy, Hanson said.
    The report does not factor in the spending or entrepreneurship that illegal immigrants contribute to the economy, said Marc Rosenblum, senior policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute.
    Where illegal immigrants do have a substantial impact, Hanson added, is in specific labor-intensive and low-skilled industries such as agriculture, construction, hospitality and cleaning services, where the share of native-born workers has dropped precipitously.
    Because the U.S. has dramatically raised the education level of its adult population in the last 50 years — going from about 50 percent of all working-age adults without a high school diploma in 1960 to just 8 percent today — the native-born, low-skilled work force has shrunk, while employers continue to require low-skilled workers.
    This leaves room for illegal immigrants to take such jobs at a low cost, the report says.
    Illegal immigrants now account for 20 percent of working-age adults in the U.S. who don’t have a high school degree.
    While the influx of illegal immigrants is one of the factors keeping low-skilled wages stagnant, the biggest losers in the current system are legal low-wage workers, both native and foreign born, who compete with the illegal immigrants, Rosenblum said.
    Meanwhile, employers reap higher profits because of lower labor costs and more productive businesses.
    The solution to this imbalance, proposed by the Migration Policy Institute, is to provide more visas and legal channels for unskilled workers to enter the U.S.
    Today, low-skilled workers must have a green card — effectively requiring them to have close family members in the U.S. — or obtain a temporary work visa.
    “We really need to approach migration control comprehensively by both strengthening enforcements and creating legalization mechanisms that will control the unauthorized population and improve the economic outputs that we get from immigration,” Rosenblum said.

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  3. Mario on December 16th, 2009 12:57 pm

    These people must live in a bubble that think illegal immigrants do not have an impact on American citizens.

    You have watched an economy tank, with outlandish reasoning, but no one is talking about the facts:

    1. Emergency room closures
    a) There was once a superb safety net for emergency healthcare to indigent Americans, that has dried up in many communities, because the hospitals could not afford to service them any longer, some would have us believe that illegal immigration had nothing to do with it, when hundreds and thousands of undocumented residents flooded the doors, and in many cases as a source of primary care.

    b) American born women under the age of 50 are no longer offered mammograms because of the cost, even though it is factual that more women under the age of 50 are being detected with suspicious findings, but rather then taking illegal residents off the rolls of CDP and other grants to detection, they cut off Americans.

    2. Welfare
    The vast majority of illegal parents to citizen children, flock to another safety net dedicated to protecting Americans from physical and financial detriment, where billions of dollars flow in, and do not circulate in the US because many of the dollars are shipped to their native countries to support the poor people there.

    3. Education
    American children that should be preparing for the global competitive market, are being held back educationally because primary education is now catering to bring children that are further behind up to speed. Class room overcrowding, results in the hiring of under staffed, under qualified teachers to manage a baby sitting sector rather than educating.

    4. Housing
    The media did not cover the facts that thousands of illegal immigrants owned homes that went into the red, and they were allowed to simply walk away, while Americans in the same situation had to undergo financial ruin, bankruptcy, and other unfortunate situation. Non profits and other organizations like NACA helped these people get in the door, and tax payers are footing the bill.

    5. Infrastructure
    With any degree of logic, any individual will understand, if you design a freeway, bridge, building, house, etc. designed to support a certain number of people, will accelerates structure corrosion, if you add more abundantly.

    6. Traffic
    What used to take Americans a few minutes to get to and from work, has been doubled if not tripled which takes quality time from families, drives up cost of oil, and gasoline, because of the buy and demand nature of business, adds more pollution to the air, and reduces spending in local shops because of the time lost.

    7. Crime
    The cost of housing convicted non citizens would have paid for the border fence twice, added more border personnel on the northern and southern borders to boot. which would be an added protection considering America is a marked nation.

    ID theft, is the number one violation, because it defrauds the federal government when non existent socials are in play, and drastically affects the quality of life for Americans that are victimized, because there is no legislation to protect American citizens from the consequences of the governments failure to protect them from collection agencies, dept collectors, credit card companies that did not have secure networks, and the social security administration that did not flag socials used twice or more times for employment, which pays more on the back end.

    8. Assimilation
    Many illegal immigrants have no desire to assimilate with American culture, I mean look at Mr. Gutierrez, who fights harder for the rights non citizens then he does for his native constituents. Many fly non American flags, which is a basic slap in the face to Americans that would support reform otherwise.

    9. English
    Our elected officials have turned a deaf ear to Americans that are blatantly being discriminated against when companies policy hiring bilingual only employees, there are only too populations of citizens in America that are allowed this unfortunate bias, ex-cons, and non dual language speaking Americans.

    10. Wages
    How many reports do you need, before you realize many unscrupulous employers are using the illegal alien situation to drive down wages and benefits?

    To every elected officials that puts a greater onus on protecting the non legal rights of non citizens above the legal rights of Americans are in the wrong business, and should consider in the ethical reasoning of national security, populous representation, simply because it was the populous that sent you to office to represent their best interest, to step down, seek office in your hearts respective country, and allow individuals with the same passion you have for your people, to represent Americans with the same tenacity.

  4. Brittancus on December 16th, 2009 2:42 pm


    If Internet blogger’s, the national and rural newspaper comments, forums or bulletin boards, are a national grading of passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform–FORGET IT! IT JUST ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN! I follow the commentaries very carefully and my observation show a very negative response to any new law that indicates giving the 20 to 30 million illegal immigrants a more or less free passport to the road of citizenship. We don’t have to forcibly deport, as E-Verify is the computer ideally suited to eject foreign labor from the all working locations? IT WORKS! It’s success rate is climbing even higher, as its continually modified. Under normal circumstances it would be an impossibility to pass any AMNESTY? But when the headlines scream that 15 million irate Americans and legal residents cannot find employment, the chances of giving another AMNESTY, is impossible–and absolutely, incredulous that they would even try?

    Advancing this insane reform law under the noses of middle class Americans is going to be a expiration of Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), Speaker Pelosi, Napolitano and a whole mis-match of Democrats who are thinking they will be re-elected. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) champion of his government in Mexico and throughout Central and South America will–NOT–survive his incumbent election. No tourist or student overstays are equally unwelcome in this nation of laws. CALL ALL YOUR SENATORS AND EVEN CONGRESSMEN/ WOMEN. NOW and urge them–NOT–to support COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM. IT’S NOT NEEDED? THE ! THE 1986 IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL WAS NEVER, EVER ENFORCED. The Capitol Switchboard’s telephone number is 202-224-3121. REMEMBER TO SEND IN YOUR 28Cent POSTCARDS NOW! WE MUST DEFEAT THIS IMMIGRATION REFORM PACKAGE.

    There must be heavy consequences to illegally settling here, such as upgrading the unauthorized entry to a felony. In the future we must have an orderly immigration recruitment system, but only for people with highly skilled qualifications. Guest Workers must be equally vetted and not just given permission without strict–return instructions home, after completing their contract. No family reunification, because this has been rife with fraud as sponsors end up reneging on the financial aspect. All this issues can easily be resolved with amendment to the 1986 immigration bill. What to do with 20 to 30 million illegal aliens from across the world, slowly repatriate them using the SAVE ACT. We are unable to afford the costs attributed to illegal immigration. Learning in the Sanctuary State of California has collapsed from the massive surge of illegal foreign nationals into the school system.

    Observe CNN TV documentary this week, “California in Crisis” The state may still implode under the huge burden of supporting financially the illegal aliens with large families. Unrevealed billions of dollars are skimmed from state treasuries, to pay for the immigrants that cannot sustain themselves around this nation. The demented politicians in Sacramento are already talking about raising taxes. No state remains untouched by the unparalleled invasion of this great sovereign country.Understand the immigration enforcement gradings of your politicians at NUMBERSUSA. Understand how taxpayers have been taken for a ride for decades and the unrevealed costs to you. See what JUDICIAL WATCH has to say about CORRUPTION in WASHINGTON. IF AMNESTY PASSES WE ARE JUST A SHORT INTERLUDE FROM OVERPOPULATION AND A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY EXISTENCE.

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  6. Jeanjeanie on December 16th, 2009 5:57 pm

    All you have to do is go to Los Angeles and see for yourself if illegal aliens have been good for this country. Los Angeles and its schools are practically at a third world status. Stop listening or reading the media garbage and go look for yourself. A picture is worth a thousand words, and your eyes don’t lie. We have been invaded and California is now a prime example of what that invasion brings. They can give you all the excuses they want, but look for yourself. Stop this invasion and deport the illegals. We can do it. It will just take enforcing the laws that are on the books now. We don’t need anything else. Remember we tried amnesty in 86 and look what it got us, just look! The borders aren’t secured, just look! We are being lied to and most people are too lazy to just go look with their own eyes. Take the time to see for yourself, and you’ll see the truth. You’re being lied to, there’s no fence that has been built, only barrier for cars in many areas, and welfare is still being doled out to the illegals along with jobs. Look for yourself.

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  8. Wallace on December 16th, 2009 7:56 pm

    These studies that say our economy is not effected by illegal immigrants is the biggest hoax played upon the American citizens. Mario, Jeanjeanie and Brittancus have some very excellent points. Just recently I was laid off from a Manufacturer that hires illegal aliens with falsified documents. The Manufacturer likes to hire them because labor laws do not have to be adhered to and wages are kept low. The illegals claim 6-8 dependents on their checks so they pay no Federal or State taxes. They receive section-8 (rent subsidy) and turn down all overtime because they would have to pay more in rent if they were paid more. They decline the company’s health plan because they get medicaid free which includes dental and eyeglass. We have to educate their children at a cost of $16,000 per child. They do not carry insurance on their vehicles and have a bunch of different aliases to be used for when the situation warrents. They called the Americans there the stupid gringos because they live very well and get everything they want and we all pay for it. Looking at payroll reports and seeing an Americans paycheck with $80.00 of taxes taken out and an illegals check with only $11.00 for Social Security made me sick.

    Now, I have witnessed this first-hand and was outspoken about it. Probably so outspoken that I was laid off when things got slow. I have written to ICE and Homeland security and nothing becomes of it. There were other Americans there who lost their jobs and their homes foreclosed on and the job is now being done for half the salary, by an illegal.

    Pressure your reps to force companies to use E-verify. Illegal immigrants only allow business owners to get rich. They undermine our wages for the benefit of the few. They do not contribute to our economy. They are a drain on our social services that could go to help our veterans, our elderely and the unfortunate

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