A DC Snowball Fight, Twitter and an Enraged Cop Waving a Gun

December 21, 2009

(ChattahBox)—-Washington, DC is not much of a snow town. A few inches of the white stuff usually shuts the entire city down, as inexperienced winter drivers and lack of snowplows cause pandemonium in the South Atlantic District. But over the weekend, the Capitol city experienced a record snowfall, exceeding 16 inches. So, what do a bunch of plugged in teenagers and young adults do? They plan an urban snowball fight of course, and announce it on Twitter.

But when an enraged off-duty policeman emerges from his Hummer, which had just been pelted with snowballs, waving a gun, a pop culture moment was caught on video and it has gone viral. The crowd’s shouted refrain: “Don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight!” may become the new catch phrase for police overkill.

The Twitter inspired snowball fight took place at the corner of 14th and U streets NW Saturday afternoon. News of the snowball fight spread like wildfire on the innertubes and soon dozens of kids showed up in winter gear ready for a rare opportunity for some fun in deep drifts of snow. The event also caught the attention of local reporters. And Drew Carey’s Reason TV crew showed up to film the Twitter snowball fight.

But a friendly street snowball fight quickly turned into a circus, when a few members of the crowd decided to pelt a passing Hummer with a few snowballs, as the snow continued to pile up on the impassable streets. The enraged driver of the Hummer jumped out of his vehicle, at first, waving a walkie talkie to the snowball hurling crowd. A verbal fight ensued between the driver and the kids. The driver then started brandishing a gun towards the crowd. The police were called and responded to a report of a man waving a gun at 14th and U streets.

The driver didn’t identify himself to the snowball-throwing crowd, as a police officer. But he later admitted that he was an off-duty police officer with the Metropolitan Police Dept. named Det. Baylor.

The crowd of kids started chastising the gun-toting police detective for bringing a gun to a snowball fight, shouting: “Don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight.” When the uniformed cop showed up, he at first, drew his gun on the Hummer driver, but put it away when he identified himself as a police detective. The uniformed cop tried to calm the crowd down, telling the kids to return to their snowball fight. But Det. Baylor was still royally peeved and so were the kids.

The snowballers didn’t like having their fun interrupted by a gun-toting cop without a sense of humor, during a rare DC snowstorm.

At one point, the detective grabbed one male snowball fighter and slammed him up against a car, thinking the young man had hurled a snowball his way. The crowd began booing, saying “Shame on you Det. Baylor” and they started chanting: “Let him go!” One guy in the crowd shouted: “Fuc**** kidnappers ruining our fun.” When Baylor admitted to waving his weapon: “Yes, I did because I got hit with snowballs,” one snowballer used the reasoning: “What’s the difference it’s snowing out.”

And one crowd member ridiculed Baylor for thinking he could shoot his way out of a snowstorm saying: “Are you going to shoot at the fuc**** sky?”

A crew member from Reason TV, wearing a Santa Clause hat, is heard on the video asking for the spelling of Baylor’s name and his badge number. When she doesn’t get a response, she tells another crew member to film his license plate number.

At first, the Metropolitan Police Dept. denied that Det. Baylor had brandished a weapon at the crowd of snowballers. But after the video of the event went viral, courtesy of Reason TV, the department was forced to admit that the detective drew his weapon.

The incident between the detective and the snowball-throwing crowd is still under investigation by internal affairs and it appears Det. Baylor has been placed on non-contact duty. Good idea.



10 Responses to “A DC Snowball Fight, Twitter and an Enraged Cop Waving a Gun”

  1. Hilary on December 21st, 2009 12:20 pm

    Why is it so common for police officers to escalate a situation instead of diffusing it? It’s like they’re looking for an excuse to crack skulls. Every city in this country needs citizen oversight of its police force so that unstable officers aren’t permitted to act with impunity, which is what happens when law enforcement is left to govern itself.

  2. Liam on December 21st, 2009 12:31 pm

    I guess he was in mortal danger of having snow drip inside his jacket.

  3. Western1 on December 21st, 2009 1:08 pm

    Yes, I know, you’re going to cry “racism”, but look. A black professor acts like an idiot and Obama says the white cop was the one acting stupid. Here a blg bully of a black cop threatens snowball throwing kids, who are just having fun, with a GUN and even shoves one around. A white kid.

    If this was a white cop doing this to black kids, the shriek of “racism” would fill the air for weeks over this incident and those two phony black “reverends” would be sucking up more publicity.

    My point? That black cop is a white hater and became enraged because it was WHITE kids who threw the snowballs at him. Do we have any “reverends” of any color willing to stand up and say this? Yeah, when pigs fly.

  4. sdjaks on December 21st, 2009 2:28 pm


    You say it’s wrong for society to automatically scream racism when there is a white police officer committing brutal acts, yet automatically assume just because some pissed off cop gets in a white kid’s face he’s a “white hater.”

    Clearly this guy is just angry in general, turning this into a race thing is not necessary.

  5. Snowball Fight Gun - XTS on December 21st, 2009 2:49 pm

    […] officer can be seen getting out of his Hummer and approaching the crowd of young adults,… A DC Snowball Fight, Twitter And An Enraged Cop Waving A Gun (ChattahBox)—-Washington, DC is not much of a snow town. A few inches of the white stuff […]

  6. Dick on December 21st, 2009 3:34 pm

    WHAT? Typical DC cop. Good dam thing the DC citizens are completely unarmed. Will our current dictator get the citizens and the cop together for a discussion over beers? Will he declare the actions of the citizens racial, or just stupid?

    BTW, the cop gets hit with a snowball, while standing in the street blocking traffic, by a tall black person on the left (notice the mannerism and color of skin). “You going to jail! You going to jail! You going to jail!” On what grounds, what charge, and that would turn into kiss my ass pig!!! He has no proof. What? Has the pig got a freezer in the hummer to save the evidence? Dumbass.

    As for criminal mischief, or assault on an officer, I say BS. Until the officer can pick the proper suspect, find a witness that will testify, he has no case.

    I loath stupid cops. These guys just mess it up for the rest of the citizenry. Another example of the good things to come under the current administration.

  7. Jon Cox on December 21st, 2009 4:08 pm

    Maybe it’s PTSD and this snowball fight reminded him of something he dealt with in Faluja.

  8. lenny on December 21st, 2009 6:53 pm

    Let’s get the facts straight. On the video that was posted, it was the black guy (next to the other black guy in multicolored striped hat) that threw the snowball at the officer on camera. One of these guys is seen and heard laughing as well. Let’s not turn this into a race issue. It’s one thing to have a snowball fight and another to throw snowballs at a car-and then at the person when he gets out of the car. The detective was wrong to draw his weapon. The uniformed officer had his drawn based on reports of a man with weapon. Most of the crowd was just having fun, but then you have a few people-detective included-acting like morons-including those throwing snowballs at vehicles. People love their cars and treat them like a kid sometimes. The detective should have called it in and have the uniformed officers quell the fight.

  9. Dan Knox on December 22nd, 2009 8:27 am

    I hate snowballs. In today’s society there is no need for the average citizen to own or carry a snowball. Tighter snowball control? I’ll go so far to say ‘ban snowballs’. That is the only way.

  10. JWH on January 6th, 2010 1:32 am

    Clearly, this guy is a horse’s *ss. He pulls a gun, then a black guy hits him with a snowball (wathc the video). He then picks out some random white guy from the group and hauls him off to jail. I dont know whether he is a racist or not but I do know that if the colors were reversed then it would certainly be protrayed that way. So if that is the way the game is played then….game on…. He is a racist. Lets see if they fire him for it and make him take some counselling. I carry a concealed weapon. If I pull my gun out anywhere, anytime, without my life in danger, then I would lose my right to carry one and would likely go do some jail time. How come this moron should be treated differently?

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