Osama bin Laden nearly missed assassinating President Bill Clinton in 1996?

December 21, 2009

ChattahBox) — Did Osama bin Laden nearly succeed in assassinating President Bill Clinton during a summit in the Philippines in 1996?  That’s the claim made in a new book by a professor at Duquesne University Law School.  The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr, by Ken Gormley, due out in February, is mostly focused on the investigations into Clinton’s finances and sexual habits. But Gormley also recounts a story told to him by Louis Merletti, the former director of the Secret Service. During the 1996 visit to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in the Philippines, Clinton was scheduled to visit a Filipino politician. Gromley tells in the book via Jamie Malanowski at Trueslant:

The route he was to take required him to cross a bridge in downtown Manila. As the motorcade was about to depart, Merletti received “a crackly message in one earpiece” informing him that intelligence operatives had picked up a transmission that used the words ‘bridge’ and ‘wedding’ in the same sentence. Since ‘wedding’ was known to be a code word for assassination, Merletti ordered that the motorcade be re-routed. An intelligence team then discovered that a bomb had been planted under the bridge. No estimate is given in the passage for how soon the motorcade would have crossed the bridge, but the implication is that the bridge was not far away.

The thwarted assassination attempt was never made public,” writes Gormley. “It remained top secret except to select members of the U.S. intelligence community. The American government’s subsequent investigation of this plot to kill Clinton, however, revealed that it had been masterminded by Osama bin Laden.”

David Sanger, covering the trip for The New York Times, wrote in almost as an afterthought to a dispatch that authorities had uncovered two bombs– “one in the passenger terminal of Manila’s airport and another at Subic Bay, the former American naval base where the 18 leaders will meet on Monday.”  So it appears their were three bombs in all, perhaps set to take out Clinton.

What’s strange is if this assassination attempt really happened, why didn’t Clinton retaliate and take out Osama when he had the chance?  Supposedly in a videotape secretly recorded by a CIA plane high above Afghanistan in the fall of 2000, Predators flew over a known al-Qaida training camps. The tape shows a tall man believed to be Osama bin Laden who is 6 foot 5, walking at a known al-Qaida camp. The tape seems to prove the Clinton administration was aggressively tracking al-Qaida a year before 9/11, but didn’t pull the trigger to take him out when they had the chance.


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