Obama’s Christmas Tree Decked With Mao Balls, Arrogance and a Drag Queen?

December 24, 2009

(ChattahBox)—The latest right-wing fake controversy arrives right before Christmas, courtesy of the crack reporting team at Andrew Breitbart’s right-wing BigGovernment website in a big “scoop” entitled, “EXCLUSIVE: Transvestites, Mao And Obama Ornaments Decorate White House Christmas Tree.” Photos of the offending Christmas ornaments are shown and we find out that none other than a gay, Simon Doonan creative director of Barney’s New York, is responsible for this outrage. Out of 800 Christmas ornaments sent to community groups, schools and charities for decoration, the right-wing sniffs out three that fit nicely into their favorite activities according to Media Matters: “red-baiting, gay-baiting, and suggesting that Obama is arrogant.”

The three ornaments in question, show an image of Hedda Lettuce, a celebrity drag queen, an image of an Andy Warhol print of Mao and the third shows a photo of President on Mt. Rushmore. All of the ornaments were designed by community groups.

So, where is the big story here?

According to Andrew Breitbart, the ornaments are proof that Obama is a commie, arrogant and not sure what the drag queen is supposed to say about President Obama, except that the right just hates gays:

“Of course, Mao has his place in the White House. And, of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without an ornament of legendary transvestite Hedda Lettuce”….”And, so soon after collecting the Nobel Peace Prize, why wouldn’t the White House have an ornament super-imposing President Obama onto Mt. Rushmore,” said BigGovernment.

Since BigGovernment’s big scoop was published on Wednesday, the right-wing blogosphere and even Fox News have run with the non-story. Bret Baier of the fair and balanced network, Fox News, reported on the controversial Christmas ornaments, straight from the BigGovernment website, as straight news.

As pointed out by Media Matters, there’s no evidence to suggest that Obama had personal knowledge about individual ornaments on the tree:

“Unfortunately for Baier, his gotcha story seems to be missing the gotcha. Here were the very next words out of his mouth: BAIER: The First Lady’s office says local community groups were asked to decorate hundreds of ornaments but that they are unaware of these specific decorations.”

Meanwhile, Hedda Lettuce, a member of Ru Paul’s reality show on the Logo channel, called Drag Race, is thrilled her ornament is on the White House Christmas tree. A box of the plain White House bulbs showed up at a gay community center where Hedda volunteers and teaches decoupaging. When the ornaments arrived for decorating, Hedda apparently decoupaged an image of her drag queen character on the bulb.


23 Responses to “Obama’s Christmas Tree Decked With Mao Balls, Arrogance and a Drag Queen?”

  1. anyone on December 24th, 2009 8:53 am

    is this a news article, or an attack?

  2. Nolies on December 24th, 2009 9:39 am

    Its obviou that you are a Tool Writeing your Biased opinions about the right or Radicals,Truthers,Birthers,Neo Nazies or what ever name calling you want to choose.

    The Fact is its there on The Christmastree ,I forgot -Holiday Tree now (Cant say Christ anymore).

    Of cource the copout is Obama has no Idea .

    But im still wondring why a President spent milllions sealing up his Public Records of his schooling, College, Teaching and Lawyer Records ? You only do these type of things when you dont want nobody to know.

    What about the 22 people that take care of his wife ? (He is creating jobs for the public you know)

    What about this Health Care Bll,Its just like Social Security and Medicare . Medicare has lost 60 Billion to Fraud and Obama has not done anything to stop it,This Health Care will be another Fraudulent Joke . Take this pill and go die at home!

    Obama is gong down as the worst president in the last 20 years. Even clinton while haveing oral sex in the whithouse wasnt this bad !. Wait until we see the Unemployment numberes in the next year or 2-Oh yea-40 % Unemployment here we come and lets us build a few Freeway Overpasses, that will fix it .

    Americans have a right to be pissed off.Because this Health Care with there Fines and Being forced on people is Unconstitutional .

  3. Mary Waterton on December 24th, 2009 10:12 am

    Obama was a mistake. I wish I could change my vote.

  4. Auntie Christ(ine) on December 24th, 2009 11:04 am

    “According to Andrew Breitbart, the ornaments are proof that Obama is a commie, arrogant and not sure what the drag queen is supposed to say about President Obama, except that the right just hates gays”

    Hanging Mao Zedong balls from the White House Christmas Tree is one thing; but doesn’t President Obama realise that us drag queens were responsible for some of the worst fashion crimes of the 20th century?

    By contrast, since Hitler’s only got one ball and Herr Goering has no balls at all, I’ve heard that, because of their lack of balls, far-right ‘commie-hating’ nazis hang innocent people from trees at Christmas who’ve committed no crime at all. However, they’ll swear on ‘der fuhrer’s’ barbecued remains that they were actually partisans.

  5. LPetty on December 24th, 2009 11:04 am

    “We find out that none other than a gay, Simon Doonan creative director of Barney’s New York”

    I’m sorry, did they actually say “a gay, Simon Doonan”? “A GAY”?!!! Oh God. This makes me so sad that there are actually still people out there that are that ignorant and paranoid. (The gays are coming for you! OOOOO!!!)

    News flash! There are WAAAAAYY more kinds of people in this country than just straight, white, conservative, Christians. I know that’s hard for you all to accept, but it is a reality.

    And Nollies, way to be yet another shining example of an undereducated, self-righteous conservative spouting off about things they have not the first clue about. (BTW, “Don’t want nobody to know” is not just a double negative but an awful affront to the English language.) Go educate yourself (and Fox News IS NOT an education) and THEN maybe you have room to criticize the people you probably wouldn’t even be able to conduct an intelligent conversation with.

  6. Linda on December 24th, 2009 12:22 pm

    I’m just not sure how much more ridiculous the Republicans can get as they dig for anything (including the extremely predjudiced Fox News) to throw another log on the fire against Obama. If anyone paid attention to history, Reagan inherited a mess from Carter. When Reagan took office the unemployment was just above 7%. By the end of Reagan’s second year in office (12/31/1982) it had risen to over 10%. And Reagan didn’t inherit two wars along with the bad economy. Why did things get so much worse in his first two years before they finally got better?

    Those against Obama continue to throw absurd speculations and call him the worst before he had even one month in office. The Republicans were happy to give Reagan all the time he needed to get the economy going, but Obama? My 401K has bounced back, the stock market is doing much better, the lag in unemployment is NOT Obama’s fault, try taking a look as far back as 1999 when Clinton, a Democrat, signed the ridiculous Republican bill that could definitely be called deregulation no matter how you look at it and started all this crap. Yes, this recession belongs to Clinton for the kick start and Bush for not doing anything about it. This recession belongs to Clinton and Bush, they both molded it.

  7. Barry on December 24th, 2009 2:58 pm


    I agree except you’ve missed an important fact. The Republicans had control of both the house and senate at the time Glass-Seigel Bill deregulating banks was repealed. Clinton had no choice other than to accept it rather than have it passed over his veto.

  8. Brenda on December 24th, 2009 3:24 pm

    Poor, poor Nolie…….

    .Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it. –Robert Frost

    ’nuff said………

  9. Dave on December 24th, 2009 3:32 pm

    Nolies –

    Are you really that stupid? Seriously?

    Do you actually expect anyone to take you or your opinions seriously? You can’t spell, you can’t write a complete sentence and your grammar is terrible. If you can’t manage even these simple things, why would anyone believe anything that you have to say about anything more complex. You’re obviously an uneducated, functionally illiterate punk that lacks basic reasoning skills, and you want to berate Sue for expressing her opinion? As an aside, yes, Sue’s opinion is biased – all opinions are. That’s the definition of opinions.

    Let’s look at some of your “facts” (using the term loosely). Obama has spent “millions” hiding his public records. Really? Anyone with an IQ above 50, an internet connection and three minutes of spare time can see Obama’s birth certificate (I know, it’s obviously a forgery, we should take your word for it, given you’re an expert on forgeries and Hawaiian birth certificates even though you’ve never actually seen a Hawaiian birth certificate, or a forgery of one); see where and when Obama graduatated from High School, College and Law school; read essay’s he’s written; even his tax records are available – are yours? I’m sure you probably spent millions to hide your tax records, since you have so much to hide.

    The 22 people assigned to Obama’s wife: How do you know how many people Michelle has assigned to her? I’m sure the actual number is actually classified, since it would necessarily include secret service agents. How does the 22 people compare to other first ladies? You want to imply that 22 is extravagant, but you don’t really know anything do you?

    And your opinions on the health care bill – can you name me one provision of the bill? Do you actually have a copy of the bill? Have you read for yourself any part of it? I’m sure the answer is “NO”. Even if (and it’s a huge if) you are correct about the bill including fines, how is that unconstitutional? It may be a bad idea, but it’s not unconstitutional. My copy of the Constitution doesn’t mention health care, but does specifically mention the government’s right to levy taxes. Maybe you ought to READ the Constitution (or have someone read it to you) before you try and tell us what is or isn’t constitutional.

    And your 40% unemployment? Maybe in your household that’s true, but for the rest of us, you’re not even close.

    Do the world a favor and kill youself BEFORE you reproduce!

  10. Sam on December 24th, 2009 4:04 pm

    Why is this a “fake” controversy when it’s true? There really are inappropriate ornaments on the White House tree. No, the ornament of the murderous Mao does not prove Obama is a commie, but Obama’s own words, friends, agenda, and Mao-praising nominees strongly suggest it. His arrogance is also self-evident, so no explanation needed there. And what is more emblematic of the militant homosexual community (supported by the left) than a transvestite who makes a spectacle of his sexual orientation. And no, the right does not ‘hate’ gays; although that is the standard narrative the left resorts to if anyone dares criticize the actions or statements of a homosexual. The absence of evidence to suggest that Obama had personal knowledge of these ornaments is irrelevant – the messages the ornaments convey are consistent with Obama’s (and modern liberal) ideology. Which is why left-wing community groups, presumably lead by community organizers, would decorate ornaments in such a fashion. And the whole story isn’t meant to be something “big,” but rather further proof of what others have been saying all along about this president. Don’t blame the right when it’s the left that’s producing the radicals, we just point it out and critique it.

  11. heathen on December 24th, 2009 6:39 pm

    The balls do not support , encourage , confirm or provide proof about any of the presidents endorsements , or ideology . The Andy Warhol is a piece of art , you would be hard pressed to conclude that Warhol meant it as a pro communist statement or that its use as ornament was meant as that . Do communists even celebrate christmas since they banned all the churches? Maybe there is a joke there my unsmiling republican friends
    Obama on mount rushmoore was obviuosly someone admiring this president
    or could it be that right winger was making a joke?
    And the drag queen? well that must good for a laugh on the presidential tree , though it would of been better on bushes tree…

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  13. bob schnorgy on December 25th, 2009 2:52 am

    I am amazed at how the left brushes things aside as so insignificant and “aren’t you foolish to think it means anything”. If it didn’t mean anything then why are they here commenting about it? Of course it means something–dumb butts. Liberals think they are so smart, but they can be so damned dumb sometimes. Why don’t you just say that it means something and you are OK with it. That would be …now here’s a scary word…the truth. You don’t mind a drag queen being on the tree, you think it’s funny to see Obama on Rushmore, and Mao–well, whatever. What’s the big deal.

    I guess conservatives should be happy there is a tree at all, so stop complaining and get over it.

    Dumb ass liberals. So stupid. So dumb. Such dupes. You don’t even know what you believe do you? No absolutes. If conservatives are against it, then it must be wrong. If conservatives are against it, then it must be cool. Why not take a thought for a minute and just think about it yourself. You know, it’s ok to criticize your own side if they do something wrong. Don’t you think that’s healthy? Or are you into such a cult that you cannot see anything wrong with your leader? He can do no wrong. All he does is right. –That sounds pretty cultish to me. Dumb butts!

  14. Tracy on December 25th, 2009 7:19 am

    You can’t logically conclude anything specific from the ornaments, but it’s quite natural to question why he would have these images on his Christmas tree, unless you are a mindless suckup. On one extreme, there are those who seem to look for evidence under every rock that Obama is the commie loving antichrist. There is no shortage of the other extreme who would think him a darling if he gave the State of the Union in a red toga holding a hammer and sickle. If you are one of those two extremes pointing a finger and hurling cheap shots at the other, you are really just looking at yourself in the mirror. Enjoy.

  15. JLJ on December 25th, 2009 9:45 am

    You must act before it is too late! The lefties will say this is just a cute prank, it is not! My country (Sweden) has been enslaved for many decades by hords of little “obamas” : socialist and communist opression. We have the highest taxes in the world. People can not say anything negative about mass immigration by muslims into Sweden, if the do they are immediatly branded “nazis” or “extreme right winged” Sounds familiar? Good bye USA…

  16. Dave on December 25th, 2009 7:32 pm

    Sometimes the right wing, religious conservative rednecks in this country just kill me. They really think they’re on to something here! If we show the world that Obama has an ornament with Mao’s picture on it, everyone will realize he’s a muslim/communist/satanic man whose intent is to destroy the good ole’ USA, right?

    If you actually bothered to read the article, it’s obvious that Obama had no input on the design of the ornaments. The whitehouse shipped hundreds of plain white ornaments to various community groups around the country to decorate as they pleased. The fact that someone put a picture of Mao on one, might suggest that somebody, somewhere in this country is a communist. That shouldn’t exactly be a surprise to anyone; there’s a communist party in the USA that puts someone on the ballot for president every four years. What it tells you about Obama is absolutely nothing, except that he’s too busy to personally approve each and every item on the whitehouse christmas tree.

    The ornament with Obama’s face on Mt Rushmore tells you that somebody, somewhere thinks he’s one of our greatest presidents. It tells you nothing about Obama!

    Finally to respond to Bob Schnorgy: Didn’t I hear that exact rant from Rush Limbaugh? We liberals can’t think for ourselves, but it’s all of you right-wingers that proudly call yourselves ditto-heads!

    Despite what you said in your post, I don’t have any trouble thinking for myself and defining my own beliefs.I don’t disagree with everything the right-wingers say simply because the say it; I usually disagree with it because it’s not based on anything but hatred and ignorance. And as for why I’m here – it’s for the comic relief. It’s ridiculously funny to watch the dittoheads jump on anything, no matter how insignificant, to try to prove their point. I can just imagine the conversations. “Let’s see, the economy is recovering after 8 years of Republican stupidity, the stock market’s up, inflation is down, we are slowing gaining back the respect of the rest of the world, everything he’s doing seems to be working……What can we bitch about to make everyone believe that Obama is not only wrong but an evil and immoral person?? Oh, wait. I’ve got it! Christmas tree ornaments! That will show the liberals how wrong they are!”

    Too funny!!! And they take thenselves so seriously. I really think the Republican party should change their symbol to the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. “If I only had a brain” seems such an appropriate theme.

    Thanks for the entertainment!

  17. Tracy on December 26th, 2009 12:30 am

    I didn’t have any input as to the design of most of my Christmas ornaments, either, but if I had a picture of Charles Manson that somebody else made, it would raise an eyebrow, don’t you think? Okay, so I didn’t specifically tell anyone to put it there (maybe even had no idea it was there), so I’m off the hook, right? Someone I approved to decorate my tree thought it would be a good idea. So, yes, it is a reflection on my choices and who I have making decisions in my home.

    The logic of Dave’s post and others is pretty transparent: Obama has Mao on his Christmas tree, and, therefore, Republicans don’t have a brain. In other words, “I can’t really defend this, so I’ll just call you an brainless idiot.”

    Some dismiss the Mao ornament as a work of art, as though that supercedes the content of the image. Well, great. Using that logic, why can’t he have a classic painting of the birth of Jesus? Maybe a great big one should go on public display at the Capital. It’s only a work of art. It means nothing. Right?

    As far as the image of Obama on Mt Rushmore, I’d say it is more likely a reflection of his sense of humor. I’m sure it isn’t arrogance. He probably doesn’t take himself and this ‘leader of the free world’ stuff too seriously. Neither does the majority of Americans polled, so let’s give him a pass on that one.

    Bottom line is, either O digs Mao and circus freaks, or he isn’t calling the shots at home. Whatever the case, thumbs way down on your Christmas tree, Mr. President.

    I think a copy of Obama’s Nobel Prize hanging between the image of Mao and Mt Rushmore would be about par for the course.

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  19. Jennifer on December 26th, 2009 12:39 pm

    Oh no! Republicans MUST NOT get their knickers in a twist because it’s just a ‘silly mistake.’ Oh NO, Republicans (and their ‘ilk’) are just being ‘oversensitive’.

    I’M GETTING SICK OF HEARING THAT CRAP!!! When SHOULD we get our knickers in a twist???? When he takes all our money? When he turns this country into a Socialist Hell??? When our Parents are killed due to rationing from this train wreck of a healthcare bill? Oh WAIT…It’s already HAPPENING.

    Perhaps if all of those people who say there is nothing wrong with this would PULL THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSES, then they would realize that this so-called President is running this country into the ground. His narcissistic bs will kill millions and turn us all into slaves for the government.

    But hey…when the gov’t tells you that you cannot give or get Christmas Presents because the United Socialist Government of America says it’s illegal….don’t get your knickers in a twist now……………….

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    Christmas ornaments are generally used to decorate the Christmas tree, but you can also use them for the overall decoration of your home during Christmas.

  22. somaie on January 22nd, 2010 7:45 am

    By that I mean latching on to this or that latest, most innovative idea that some self styled money making guru has put out in the hope it’ll go viral and make them a lot of money off the backs of all the headless chickens who will follow them blindly down a blind alley. Its a shame but a truism nonetheless that people will follow where someone they see as an expert leads. Even if they lead them to certain disaster, which is what most of the gurus tend to do to their flocks.
    The trick is to recognize a shadow when you see it!

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