Jesse Ventura : Big Brother, Mark of the Beast and ‘Infraguard Junior G-Men’

December 31, 2009

(ChattahBox)—Jesse Ventura, a former pro-wrestler and governor of Minnesota has collected all of the current, apocalyptic New World Order conspiracy theories and turned them into a TV show on TruTV called, “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.” Combined with schlocky production values and the gigantic Jesse “the Body” “investigating” fringe conspiracy theories sporting a black leather coat and a pony tail; the show is extremely thin on substance and high on hype. And with a doomsday Don LaFontaine-esque voice over and outright promotion of the fevered swamps of conspiracy theories, the result is somewhat entertaining in a B-movie sort of way.

Jesse already covered the 9/11 truthers and the global warming deniers, which he proclaimed was a hoax perpetrated by a powerful global cabal of industrialists to take over the world. And with his Big Brother is watching you episode, Jesse paints a scenario of a Nazi Germany society where kids rat on their parents, neighbors rat out neighbors and and we all are implanted with a microchip. And when martial law arrives, “Infraguard Junior G-Men” will have a “license to kill.”

With the post 9/11 abuses of the Patriot Act and the increasing installation of surveillance cameras on every street corner, there certainly are real Big Brother abuses and concerns to report on, but Jesse is only interested in the tin foil hat crowd. And that brings us to his first guest, Katherine Albrecht a privacy advocate and author of “Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID.” Albrecht strongly opposes the use of Radio-frequency identification or RFID tags. She refers to them as spy chips and believes that someday soon all Americans will be forcibly implanted with a spy chip, so that the government can track us.

RFID technology certainly has the potential for abuse, but Albrecht takes her paranoia that few extra steps towards deranged. She is an evangelical Christian and she believes that the abuse of our privacy by RFID tags is a sign of the biblical Mark of the Beast, described in the Book of Revelations warning that the end of the world is near. And according to Wired magazine, Albrecht even produced a video for sale that describes her extremist Endtimes Mark of the Beast beliefs.

After Albrecht and her human implant scenario, Jesse’s investigator meets with former Air Force pilot and dedicated 9/11 truther, Jeff Dahlstrom at a “late night rendezvous in a “dicey neighborhood.” Dahlstrom is described, as a member of a “loose knit group that keeps track of government terror drills,” who was abused by Big Brother, because he acted as a patriot. What did he do? He says that he called his bank two-years ago and just happened to tell the customer service rep. who lived in Portland, Oregon not to go downtown the following week. Dahlstrom the patriot told the bank employee that “there is a drill where they are going to simulate setting up a nuclear bomb.”

Well, Dahlstrom was shocked when two Secret Service agents showed up at his door a few hours later with a transcript of his phone call, very interested in why he was warning bank employees about nuclear bomb drills.

And then Jesse and his crack team of “investigators” tackle InfraGard, an alliance of private business entities and the FBI, formed in 1996 to “exchange of information about our nation’s critical infrastructures and key resources.” Besides protecting privately owned infrastructures vital to national security, the website also says that, “The primary focus of InfraGard is to share actionable intelligence information for investigative purposes.” The site notes that “350 of our nation’s Fortune 500 companies have a representative in InfraGard,” boasting about 30,000 members with local chapters in every state. The members are also in a position to access classified FBI emails containing information not generally made available to the general public.

Jesse portrays InfraGard as a neighborhood spy watch group with a “license to kill.” He meets with two InfraGard members in Oklahoma, City. And after meeting with David Williams, the director of the local chapter of InfraGard, Jesse declares that his questioning made Williams “crack” under pressure.” Both members deny that they have been given the authority to use lethal force.

Jesse is outraged at the idea of InfraGuard members ratting out their neighbors saying, “is this Nazi Germany we’re talking about?”

To provide support for the show’s claims that InfraGard members can legally employ lethal force, Jesse interviews Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine and author of the book, ‘You Have No Rights: Stories of America in an Age of Repression.” Rothschild wrote a story on InfraGard, where he examined the group’s apparent activities of collecting and and providing information on Americans and forwarding it to the FBI and Homeland Security. In return, Rothschild found that members receive warnings of terrorist threats before the public. Rothschild also spoke to two members who claim that they are permitted to “shoot to kill,” during times of unrest or martial law to protect vital infrastructures.

Rothschild’s expose of InfraGard is worth a read, but Jesse’s show is more interested in the dramatic “license to kill” aspect of the story. The FBI’s Cyber Division Assistant Director Shawn Henry responded to Rothschild’s story saying, “InfraGard members have no extraordinary powers and have no greater right to ‘shoot to kill’ than other civilians.” Rothschild stands by his story and says that he later learned that a private company that’s an InfraGard member was given “lethal powers.”

Jesse ends his conspiracy theory extravaganza, by saying that he knew the government was spying on him while he was governor. And he offers his own unique assessment of “InfraGard members: Infraguard Junior G-Men with ID cards What a crock!

Watch a clip:


26 Responses to “Jesse Ventura : Big Brother, Mark of the Beast and ‘Infraguard Junior G-Men’”

  1. Chris Swan on December 31st, 2009 9:35 pm

    Jesse Ventura is a true American hero and I can not believe that “the powers that
    be” are letting this show air. I have watched 5 and I am shocked at what I did not
    know – shocked at the content being aired -the cat is realy out of the bag now !

    The establishment realy dropped the ball this time. I guess they were to afraid to
    wrestle with Jesse.

  2. David de Rothschild on December 31st, 2009 10:31 pm

    Do your patriotic duty and kill a Rockefeller today!

  3. Tom Roberta on January 1st, 2010 12:29 am

    I really see our rights being taken away and I never thought I would say this but I think the U.S was behind 911 and being a Marine it takes alot out of me to say that but with research Ive been doing I see this for a 1 world Government.I found out a month ago I lost my 2nd Amendment rights because I had a domestic Violence charge in 1994 and cant get it expunged because I was pulled over in 1984 for a traffic violation.Since when do we loose rights for petty charges? They dont want us to have guns so they can take over without a fight.I have guns and will hide them and fight.I will serve my country and fight till the death for them but want my rights back.I Love America and will never give up on our rights I took a oath to defend the constitution and I didnt give a timeline.

  4. beelzebub on January 1st, 2010 12:31 am

    Hey “no name M–Fer”….what’s your name? you talk about everybody else and you use their names but you do not identify yourself, so, what’s up with?and let us know how to contact you with more info. OK? I want to come over and be your buddy…..let’s do lunch…or (heh,heh)dinner. You game for that …..ambush journalism…I am almost done here and then guess what…..wrath…you mighta heard of it5…that old wrathagod thing….nutin’ much just some burning and all… know,…that stuff you don’t believe in…but that’s OK…IT believes in you…and what a tasty morsel you will make. You are so stupid…….I just gotta laugh (laf, laf).

  5. beelzebub on January 1st, 2010 12:37 am

    hey sue…i shoulda known it would be a computer entry article…no real thinking person would write such crap as you did…let’s get together sue and i’ll pull your plug. you are not even a real person, just another stamped signature pretending to be somebody.

  6. EyesWideShut on January 1st, 2010 4:05 am

    Considering the fact that 70% of all money spent on security goes to private companies, it is not surprising all of this technology and abuse takes place. Keeping the citizens in a constant state of fear of being attacked by something is great for these private companies profit margins.

    Jesse Ventura has been right on many occasions, and I would tend to believe him than the person downplaying him in this article. Is some of the stuff hyperbole? Probably. However, it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to know how tools and technology of this magnitude can and will be abused because every person can be corrupted left up to their own devices without consequences for their actions.

  7. Joe C on January 3rd, 2010 6:46 pm

    Hey Suzy Q Thanks fr your REPUBLICAN diatrabe above. A total waste of ‘net space. If you do not think that Orwell’s 1984 is in full swing here in the USA then you have to be a FAWXE NEWZ extremist. Cause they are the only ones who think this way. Problem is the Democraps AND the Repukes are working HAND IN HAND to spy on their citizens. WORKING TOGETHER.

  8. Chris Wood on January 7th, 2010 10:32 am

    I’m glad to see that “the body” has got bigger balls than biceps. My theory is that who he is trying to expose are the Devils who have been in control and power of this world from the day the decended from Heaven. I think we are about to realize that the biblical prophecies about The End are going to be coming true. I think the Devils know they cannot control all of Us, so the masses must go. Humans are like white blood cells to the Earth. We now have way to many white cells, and we will kill the Earth, or rather make Her have a menstrual cycle and wipe us out, and start again. Their theory is that if they kill the majority, God will leave them alone, and allow them to live here. Seems to me there has been some sort of pact from day one. Why was the Serpent in the Garden in the first place. If Omnicious knows everything, wasn’t that known. Wasn’t everything known. Was this some kind of test. Who wants to send their son into hell to be tortured. Don’t everybody speak up at once. Back to the Devils, the richest most powerful families who have been in power forever, is who you should look at. The World Bank would be a good start. I believe we will die a human death anyway, why not go out in style. Stand for something or fall for anything. The air, food, water, medicine, t.v., everything mainstream is all designed to keep the Herd peaceful. 2% cannot control 98%, but the 98% is too hungry, high, drunk, having sex, paying bills, making money, going to college, killing themselves and one another, mentally ignorant to the Real reality. Sit around and meditate, do nothing, let God take your souls, hopefully, while they control and treat Us Slaves like they have always done. Or, stand up and fight. Fighting doesn’t have be the old school thought, think Love to yourself, first and foremost, then thy nieghbor. Treat yourself as God, and everyone else too. With every thought, action, bite of food, drink of whatever. They control our minds, warp them to think the way they want us to think, which then we enslave ourselves with our own thoughts. This world is but a Dream, unless you get trapped in Hell. Each one of us has the power to overcome. Wake Up, Stand Up, and Rise Up!

  9. Ron Gramsworth on January 7th, 2010 5:05 pm

    okay I have to laugh at the Infragard one. I am a boring govt employee who works in IT and am an Infragard member. We have no special powers and we don’t get”secret information” that has not gone out to law enforcement and we have no lethal powers more than I had the day before I joined as Joe Citizen.

    Our meeting are inherently boring with more interest in the sandwiches and snacks being provided that the power point presentations that pretty much give information more mundane than my CPEs for work.

    As far as ratting on your neighbor, Infragard does not ask that. Sure, like any or your neighborhood watch programs they would love it if you told them you found out your neighbor is cooking meth so big deal or that someone at your work is selling information to Iran.

    Basically put, the sharing of information is just getting together with other professionals in your field learning how to better protect our corporate infrastructure.

    So if a James Bond Infragard exists, I would lvoe to know it because for 5 years mine feels more like a management meeting at work.

  10. Lauren Alexandra on January 7th, 2010 10:38 pm

    I am another InfraGard member who thinks this is HILARIOUS. If this is what they proclaim to be the “truth” than Jesse “the BODY” just screwed his whole television show! What idiot writer thought the InfraGard had a “license to kill” and was some secret spy conspiricy theory? What a joke! I think it’s hilarious! By the way, every American has a license to kill, it’s called self defense. If someone tries to kill you, you can kill them. There you go. And yes, if my neighbor is cooking meth or I notice him carrying dead bodies to his car I have somone to call that will take me for my word. How awful. What a conspiracy! I hope the whole show falls down the rabbit hole on this one because I have to admit, I did believe the “Manchurian Candidate” episode until I read about this. HA HA…

  11. Justin TI, on January 9th, 2010 2:46 pm

    Have you not heard about the growing crimes of organized stalking and electronic harassment? You will not believe what is going on right here in our own neighbourhoods under the guise of citizen watch groups and “national security” gone, well, nutz. Believe it or not it appears to be a form of domestic terrorism right here in Canada and the United states.
    The National Victims of Crime Center receives thousands of calls per month from average citizens reporting this crime. Further, the Tornoto Rape Crisis Center is leading the way by aknowledging and activily supporting these until now, unknown and underserved victims of the community stalking phenominon. Organized (gang) stalking is a very real, systematic and deadly form of stalking that is just now beginning to come to the public’s attention.

    Thanks for your time,
    Justin TI, Ottawa, Canada.

  12. Shannon on January 11th, 2010 1:59 pm

    I have been tortured by these voice throwing devices, because at one time I was on the streets. This was something that literally almost made me lose my mind. I suppose I was an easy target for these powers to experiment on considering my circumstances. I literally attempted suicide on a few occasions,wich led me to a few mental institutions. I think that was their goal. It makes me wonder how many people have been institutionalized because they were targeted by these mind torture devices. I feel like I have been violated on many levels ,and really had no power to stop this.

  13. Ella on January 12th, 2010 2:11 am

    I have been stalked by this Red Squad, Gang Stalkers for MONTHS now! A lot of them drive dark red cars. Stalking and street theater is a daily thing since I reported that my computer was hacked and I had death threats to myself and my children on a Google Finance discussion group. I am being harassed by microwave/laser torture, my husband is being hypnotized by the microwave (believe it or not, it’s crazy), and my renters who live across the street are also being stalked and harassed with microwaves. On the discussion group, they indicated that my neighbor would be the Slayer, and she would kill me. She is being put into a trance/sleep on a daily basis, and harassed with text messages from former black ops/snipers who say they would kill for her. Our home is entered on a regular basis, and the stalkers know everything I do inside my house. The whole house is bugged somehow, and our phones are tapped. I am an INNOCENT mother and loving wife of a professor! When I mentioned it to my doctor, I was immediately classified as delusional, and my husband was told that many people have this delusion of being a Targeted Individual!!!

  14. Justin TI on January 13th, 2010 5:12 pm

    The real issue is that a parallel justice system has been developing for some time. It’s exactly that such groups would love to hear that the next door neighbour is a criminal, that any person accused falsely of such law violations will quickly become a victim of highly illegal harassment. If you really wanted to falsely harm a person, what would you tell people in these groups that the person did or does criminally?

    Given the state of modern technology and other factors that can be criminally manipulated, how would you protect yourself from such groups if you were falsely accused of the illegal activities you say these groups would love to hear about? If your neighbours were members of such groups, how would they treat you once they heard the now deadly rumours? This is why the above writer used the term strong but necessary term “Stasi” in her self report as a victim of this rapidly growing organized harassment crime.

    Look at how this family was treated:
    – Justin TI

  15. T Palmer on January 22nd, 2010 11:18 pm

    Wow. This is what I needed, a good laugh. I had to laugh at these claims about Infragard. I am a member and an IT technician, with a background in the Marine Corps. Please come to a meeting and look at the members. PLEASE. It is a room of IT geeks. Most in them are 40 or 50 and barely able to walk up a set of stairs. I do not know if the yahoos in the Oklahoma chapters think they are the sheriff or wyatt Earp. Maybe they have militia thoughts. Come on. It is a professional organization set up to help protect organizations from potential attacks against their infrastructure. You get access to bulletins from the FBI when security issues are discovered because most publically traded companies can not expose their threats due to financial implications. This gives organizations a means to communicate. Lauren and Ron are 100% correct. You can become a member by simply applying. The meetings will discuss software vulnerabilities or patch management. When they offer us to run obsticles courses and self defense, I will let you know on my shoe with the built in transmitter. Thanks for the laugh Jesse. Maybe your next story can be on the fact that Wrestling story lines are not scripted. Stick to what you know bud.

  16. Johnny Public on February 1st, 2010 4:20 pm

    It seems to me that we as a country have a system in place already to report suspicious activities. I believe it’s still 911. The information Jessie Ventura has provided the public is at the very least scarry. We do not need another force out there to grow the functioning police force. It seems to me that the constitution is still the supreme law of the land. Makes one wonder if the goverment is growing by way commiting terror on itself. Then justifying the deconstruction of our civil liberties by “protecting” us. If they really want to protect us, they should start by stopping goverment programs that allow foreigners to purchase this great land. Then send every gas station and motel allah worshiping sleeper terrorist back to their homeland. Imagine the concept. We are funding them right here daily with every gallon of gas and night out on the road. I founding fathers are turning over in their graves. The citizens of the United States should read the Decleration of Independance again. I believe this it the sort of thing we struggled against to become a free nation UNDER GOD. Not allah! Budah! or who ever.

  17. Ms on February 1st, 2010 5:25 pm

    I think some people are looking too far into the situation. Nothing is really private anymore. I think they only want to go after the “major” threats like terrorists and people who are in this country with die motives. I watched this episode, though I found it a bit distrubing , it added a bit of security? Did you see where the guy from Infragaurd was showing Jesse how they can put “thought” in your head. I forgot the name of the instrument, but it was shaped like a square and it was silver. So why don’t they use that at airports to intimedate possible (suscipios) individuals. Someone help me..what was the name of that tool? could really work..I mean unless someone abused the authority and aimed it at someone in tatterd clothing and whispered I know you didn’t change your underwear. So why haven’t they caught potential terrorist if theyactually “spy” as much as they do? I think some people are scared for no reason at all. I mean should they be afraid? Why should you be afraid of someone putting “thoughts” in your head… Maybe that is why I chew gum all the time…There is someone following me making me crave gum all the I have to pay my dentist all this $ to fix my teeth. Let me get this straight…they work for my denist and they split the bill because the thoughts they (Infragaurd) put in my head i actually follow. I was trying to find a logical solution to why I sometimes have strange impulses. Especially for chewing gum. Now I know. Thanks InfraGard!

  18. tagged on February 7th, 2010 1:47 am

    Want to interview a person of knowledge contact me. An escape might be quite helpful in an in a investigation of reality and DUH.

  19. Jeannetta Kuhlenschmidt on June 25th, 2010 6:45 pm

    go to this website for all the big brother updates

  20. Timothy Haken on June 27th, 2010 8:25 pm

    One had an encounter where we had an incident, as our business was infiltrated by a individual from south America. I have no problem with any person from any other country, as they need help with info technology also, we enjoy their stories of why they are here and learn some of there language, plus offer them information on anything , but this individual insisted that he had rights that superseded our inquisitive questions of why he was in our vicinity of business, and became violent, because we asked why he was here without a reason . Once the person next door explained he was there for their business, I let the incident go, but the individual refused to do the same, explaining to him, “we had incidents of theft in the area and I just wanted to know why a Texas car that looked like it came out of the junk yard. was in our establishment in NJ”. The person excelled the situation until the police showed up, the police reprimanded me that I had no right to ask this person any questions why he was here, and I could be arrested. WHAT!!!, My parents came here and filled the paper work, just as any other person who wants to live in America. I worked for the Department of Defense since 1980, and we protect America, not destroy it!!! If you want to be a, “no pants Lib”, go ahead, the US is the best and any foreigner that comes to this country agrees. Well see what happens.
    Infra Guard forever !!!! We do not get paid by the government, we use our own resources to protect America and offer information on situations. Want to be an anarchist join G.K.B and see who runs first!!!

  21. KJM on July 21st, 2010 10:02 pm

    I think people are letter their imaginations go wild. I say that politely. Certainly I believe in gang stalking mobbing but the politics of it is making people lose sight of the modern occurrence. Certainly all the previous archetypes of evil remain exactly that, archetypes of evil. But I am not concerned about Hitler when my car is broken into. I am concerned about the people around me and their mental state. It is like people have just lost their minds. Too much ephemeral politics of dead evil people and too much conspiracy of other mythological beings…devils and what not. Sorry, there is no devil. Evil is scarier than that, they look and act normal. You can’t spot them, you experience them. There is something pernicious occurring in the country that I can’t put my finger on and no one who is able to articulate these things better than me, wants to discuss. There are extreme problems with mythology and lack of reason that is harmful to us all. There are people who are expressing view that people had in the Dark Ages. It is funny. The are typing on a computer but when they start talking, ruins fall right out of their mouths. And they believe it. They read no better and everything that they ‘hear’ is true.

  22. EMS on August 18th, 2010 2:45 pm


  23. the sentinal on November 7th, 2010 11:50 am

    to make people commit succide,to invade peoples minds to break them,to control them, keep secret what they do
    to test and practice there harrassing techniques,and ways to rat n roll or fish info’for no other use then to use against you for control,or use you as a puppet,or break you
    its all fun and games till someone losses an eye
    concerntration and focus are key to in real life
    to become knowledgable and experienced at a skill you reqiure

    then say dont do this or get a life or get out while you can

    this bullshit once they get into your head they will not let you go

    if you stand alone against them it is going to make you crazy ,insane if you dnt learn what to do defend oneself qiuck enough
    dont get angry(its what they want, it makes you stupid your brain looses bloodand it goes into your bones to prepare violent situation, hate solves nothing in the end.
    defence: there are 3 main physogical paths of attack: DOUGHT WORRY AND FEAR
    the devils plays(1) I know the main one (dont)ever(fear)(death),dont fear your actions of past mistakes what matters is we become better people then what we were.(2)(worring) you must get stern fealings
    never give into hijackers demands no matter what they say
    (3) DOUGHT
    Im still working on this myself,less insecure about yourself figure out your short commings and learn meditation, doing hobbies,arts,crafts learning to play music something that interest you were you can short things in your mind while enjoying,dont forget there listning for what you need hate to use this against you
    so use your own judgment >you cant let them push you around
    rember what doesnt kill you makes you stronger
    be like the new tree sappling learn to bend with the wind

    keeping your friends close but your enemies closer.
    there 2 types of people unselfish and selfish
    good reads are taoist ,buddismn and jesus type of beliefs.
    you cant really move away to someplace were they dont use electromagnetic surrvailence systems sooner then later itll be sprouting everywere with communication sattleliets and electromagnectic wireless communication theres no were to be free of them or to have your own freedom of ways to do what you believe in
    ive been through pretty much every tatic the stalking, harrassing, mind washing , and low end plays these so called wanna be groups of society can use on you, of course there could be a banna peal around the next corner , I do fall to forgetfullness also my ego ,and pride, If stay true to lifes learnings —- greater I have consciouness awareness
    there main tatics are physcoligcal the only real power they posses is the artifical electromagentic radio waves that they use to invade your mind , these waves are nataurly produced on earth ,but these artifical waves are too strong and growing everywere, no natural evolution fast of a change , this and our planets climate being changed ,global warming from the artifical radiation waves heating the ions in the air with co2 emmissions acting like a blanket in the upper atmoshepere not letting the extra heat to exscape. the tampering of natural evolution, or just letting it slide to get the resources up north
    be true thy own self be fore true to others
    great people think of ideas
    average people think of things
    small minded people talk aout other people
    there is no Devil its just mankind power drunk
    when absolute power corrupts it corrupts absolutly
    the belief system that corrupt now is from the 1600 century from the beggining of the industrial age were you basically plunder all till nothings left and then move onto another area
    a industrial warlike mindset , totally selfish , and narrow minded thinking
    thats in need of change for these things to get better.
    one must conquer ourselves in our short commings and learn how to get along with mankind
    then we have strength in numbers
    in peace , unselfishness ,and empathy
    A better rightious belief makes a life style for all things material and spiritual to succedd

    one is all , all is one

  24. Jada on December 19th, 2010 10:52 pm

    It’s simply pathetic that people still cannot believe gangstalking occurs. In a world full of drugs and mafia, why would folks discount the concept of staggered stalking? Has no one heard of the Stasi, Brownshirts or Cointelpro?

    I was first gangstalked back in college over 25 years ago. The schtick is classic: breaking and entering, slander campaigns, street theatre, letting you know they are watching you with a signal (With me, they used whistling.). The campaigns are specific for each person. And there is no respite with travel.

    The brains behind this stuff are smart. And this sick system of control has been around for a long time. Like they say, history always repeats itself.

  25. Shannon on March 10th, 2011 12:56 pm

    Some victims of this crime believe they are part of an involuntary human experimentation program.

    On Feb. 28 2011 – Mar. 1 2011 there was The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. Below is a link to the Public Comment section of the conference, in which, victims give testimony of their experiences with electronic torture.

    Thank you,

    Shannon Herbert

  26. Shannon on March 14th, 2011 4:00 pm

    The people who participate in these crimes are well known for preying on defenseless women. That makes them cowards. Stalking, threatening, harassing and torturing women they don’t even know not only makes them cowards but also cowards that suffer from psychopathy. The fact that there are no shortage of these people in our country is quickly becoming a sad reality.

    I know this first hand because I am a person who suffers from this assault called, Organized Stalking and Electronic Torture, daily.

    If you want to know what it’s like to have to try to live through this crime, try to imagine yourself on the television show Fear Factor or Punk’d, except there’s no cameras and laughter at the end with people saying we’re just kidding. Then imagine these acts of “street theater” occuring on a daily basis. Then try to imagine this while experiencing the most horrific pain, like an electric current (Electronic Harassment) shooting from the top of your skull throughout your entire body so bad at times you can barely walk. And then try to imagine this while you look in your friends and family members faces and not talk about it and try to maintain a job.

    I came across an interesting website that talk about this subject called “Are You Targeted . com.

    It touches on the topic of media involvement and has video of interviews given by intelligence agents warning about the dangers of these weapons in use. This website also mentions groups who participate in the stalking.

    There’s one group this site leaves out that I would address now and that’s foreigners. Let me make this clear I don’t hate anyone and I don’t encourage anyone else to hate either, but there is one group of people who are notoriously known for stalking/mobbing and that’s Asians. I know that sound ignorant for me to say that but I’m saying for two reasons:

    1. I take great offense to people who come to my country and then try to chase me out of it.

    2. More importantly, some of these people doing this stalking to me can barely speak english, like my friend’s upstairs neighbor. That tell me that they learned this behavior in their own country and are now using it for social, political (sleeper cell, espionage), and economic (intellectual property and identity theft) purposes. But then again, there are many groups who participate in this for those very same purposes. Anyway, everyone should be very concerned about people who come here who are skilled in terrorism. Beware!

    I mentioned before that those who were conducting the experiments at General Hospital made it perfectly clear they were reading my thoughts, as well as some of my stalkers. I want to address Remote Neurological Monitoring (RNM), some of the dangers of it, and how I suspect it’s being used on me:

    1. America is becoming a service and intellectual property supplier nation. Where do you think all this “intellectual property” is suppose to come from? Well monitoring (mining) the minds of cattle it’s cattle of course. That means me and you. I read some where that these super computors can “monitor” the minds millions at a time. Did anyone ask you if they could have access to your thoughts? They sure as hell didn’t ask me! Anyone whose reading my thoughts are making a mint. Where’s my cut? You can bet your bottom dollar you won’t be reaping the benefits of your own thoughts either.

    This is Intellectual Property Theft. It has nothing to do with National Security; it is theft, rape, and a robbery pure and simple. Your thoughts will be sold to the highest bidders.

    It’s obvious these people want to know everything about me; well, why didn’t they just ask and of course paid me. But, that’s not how these people do business. They are theives and violators. The very worst scum this country has to offer. But I’m sure many will lovingly refer to them as the “thought police” and not as the mind control, intellectual property thieven, weapons of mass control using, body snatchers that they really are.

    2. I don’t think many know how dangerous it is for a government (foreign or domestic) or anyone else to be “monitoring” the thoughts of the people.

    Monitor = spy on, steal and police (censor).

    – I mean actual thoughts in real time and virtually seeing through your eyes.

    – If “they” don’t like what you’re thinking then “they” can Electronically Torture you, in real time.

    If you think Free Speech and our Constitution is dead now you just wait, soon they’ll be deader than door knobs, if these activities aren’t curtailed.

    3. Who wants to be wired and hooked up to a machine? I sure as hell don’t! Who wants a bunch of mind control cult members having access to their person? Not me! These people are trash and they’re psychopaths.

    And if you allow these people to destroy our Constitution and turn you, your children and your country’s men and women into robots than your a bigger fool than these people take you for.

    4. All this radiation can’t be good for me. I’m sure I’ll die of a horrible disease sooner than later. Then “they” may take my body and disect it at the University of California.

    Internet Access:

    – $39.99 a month.

    To hear Webster Tarpley call Julian Assange a MK-Ultra, child theft, sex and drug experiment victim from a town full of nurse and psychiatric cult members; well now, that’s just…

    – priceless.

    I found this interesting because I feel my tormentors are trying to into a MK-Ultra (trama based behavior modification) victim as well and wondered if this cult from Austrialia has any connections to the psychiatric community here in San Francisco, in particular, the one that operates out of General Hospital?

    Lastly, I don’t know how many victims of this crime can connect their harassment to a hospital or anyother facility, but I can. On three occasions I was falsely imprisoned, experimented on, and electronically tortured in the summer of 2008. Two people who were following me around San Francisco conducting “street theater” were also at the hospital participating in the street theater there as well. That’s a direct link to the hospital being involved in the Organized Stalking Electronic Harassment out in public and away from the hospital too. I can pick every last one of them out of a line up.

    I want to sue the hell out of them. A lawsuit against General Hospital (a county facility) alone could yield ten of millions of dollars. It’s a possibility merely filing a lawsuit of this nature could result in an instant settlement. Since the crimes that I’ve mention are Federal Offenses I don’t know if you need to be an attorney from San Francisco or even from California. Maybe someone hear can answer that?

    If you are a lawyer and are familiar with these activities then I ask that you please consider filing a case with me. I need help and can definately use the money. Maybe you could too.

    Thank you,

    Shannon Herbert

    P.S. If you ever read a post from someone named Shannon on this subject that claims to have attempted suicide please know that it was not Shannon Herbert who wrote that!

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