Operation Rescue: Sen Nelson ‘Pro-life Traitor,’ Same as ‘Slave Traders’

January 3, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-Of course nothing, except the overturning of Roe v. Wade, criminalizing abortion and outlawing birth control would appease anti-abortion extremists. But their incoherent wrath is coming as a surprise, even to pro-life Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE), with all of his pandering to anti-abortion interests. Operation Rescue, the militant anti-abortion group is targeting the conservative Nelson with their vitriolic rhetoric and hysterically graphic protests, because of his vote for health care reform. Despite holding up the Senate’s health care bill for weeks, until he demanded and received restrictive language banning federal subsidies for abortion procedures, the militant group has attacked the conservative pro-life lawmaker as a “pro-life traitor,” falsely claiming that the abortion compromise language, that goes beyond the Hyde Amendment, mandates taxpayer funded abortions. On New Year’s Day, several members of the extremist organization parked its “truth truck” plastered with giant graphic images of aborted fetuses, outside of Nelson’s Omaha, Nebraska home vowing to run him out of office.

A press release issued by Troy Newman president of Operation Rescue and Larry Donlan of Rescue the Heartland, announced the group’s plans to park the graphic “truth truck” in front of Sen. Nelson’s home to protest “Nelson’s scheme for tax-funded abortions” in the health care reform bill:

“The Pro-Life Movement will be making Sen. Nelson aware of our New Year’s Resolution. We will no longer tolerate betrayal of politicians who pretend to be pro-life. If you betray the innocent blood of the babies you have promised to protect, we will vote you out on Election Day. It’s as simple as that,” said Donlan.

“If Nelson is so bent on forcing us to fund abortions, it is appropriate for us to show him the truth about what abortion does to babies,” said Newman. The head of Operation Rescue also decried the segregation of private and public funds in Nelson’s compromise language, as an “accounting trick.”

The Operation Rescue president says that Nelson betrayed the pro-life cause by trading his vote for a special deal to pay for Nebraska’s Medicaid expansion, he calls the “Cornhusker Kickback,” and says is political corruption:

“It is morally and ethically unacceptable to trade one’s vote in exchange for special favors. But it is particularly reprehensible when the lives of innocent babies are used as bargaining chips. That makes these people no better than slave traders who also profited off the trading of innocent human lives. It really is that despicable,” says Newman.

So, in frigid temperatures in at least a foot of snow, seven Operation rescue members appeared at Nelson’s home on Friday, standing by the “truth truck” holding signs that read, “Keep your hands off my Health Care” and “Ben Nelson, Traitor to the Unborn.”

Pro-life groups in the conservative state of Nebraska helped usher Ben Nelson into his Senate seat, but now they are aiming the full weight of their activism towards removing him from office when he comes up for reelection in 2012.

Nelson is pushing back, recently airing a TV ad explaining his support for the health reform bill, during Wednesday night’s Nebraska-Arizona Holiday Bowl game. “With all the distortions about health care reform, I want you to hear directly from me,” said Nelson in his 30-second television spot. Nelson told his constituents in the ad that the bill is not government-run, it lowers costs and does away with denials of coverage for pre-existing conditions. “I’m convinced this is right for Nebraska,” added Nelson.

The Senate bill needs to be reconciled with the House version, before a finalized bill can reach President Obama’s desk. Sen. Nelson warned House lawmakers not to materially change his compromise language or he would vote against it. Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), who succeeded in passing a restrictive anti-abortion amendment to the House bill, with Republican support, opposes Nelson’s anti-abortion compromise language in the Senate bill. Stupak has vowed to vote against the final bill, if the Nelson language remains.

Operation Rescue’s goal is to take “direct action to stop abortion and ultimately restore legal personhood to the pre-born in obedience to biblical mandates.”


5 Responses to “Operation Rescue: Sen Nelson ‘Pro-life Traitor,’ Same as ‘Slave Traders’”

  1. Scott Evans on January 3rd, 2010 10:34 pm

    You call them anti-abortion extremists. That’s a misnomer. You’re either anti-abortion or you’re not. There is no such thing as an anti-abortion extremist.

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