WSJ Writer Compares Leno to Power-Crazed Adolf Hitler

January 27, 2010

(ChattahBox)—OK now, these ridiculous comparisons, equating just about anyone, to mass murderer and megalomaniac Adolf Hitler have gone too far. The recent popularity of Hitler YouTube parodies and the disturbing specter of tea party protesters marching the streets holding signs depicting President Obama as Hitler, have served to desensitize Americans to the true horror of the Nazi mad man responsible for the mass genocide of nearly 14 million people. Because these teabaggers can’t display their racism directly against our first black president, they have resorted to indirect methods, by attacking him as a Socialist, Fascist and Marxist, while painting a Hitler mustache on his face. Now, a writer for the Rupert Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal, has decided that late night comedian Jay Leno is just like Adolf Hitler, because he is “a master of making secret demands for foreign territory and then acting like the wronged party.”

According to writer Joe Queenan, the so-called NBC late night wars are just like a giant game of Risk. He has cast Jay Leno as the power-crazed Adolf Hitler and mass murderer of millions, because he is returning to his previous job as host of “The Tonight Show,” after agreeing to hand over the job to Conan O’Brien. Yup, Leno’s television power plays are just like Hitler.

Queenan claims that Leno has a super secret plan to take over the late night television world, just like Hitler’s plans to take over the real world:

“Jay Leno, much like Adolf Hitler, is a master of making secret demands for foreign territory and then acting like the wronged party. First he pretended that he wanted to annex only the first half-hour of Mr. O’Brien’s “Tonight Show.” Here he was mimicking Hitler, who insisted that he merely wanted to annex the German-speaking Sudetenland, not all of Czechoslovakia.”

Queenan portrays Conana O’Brien as Czechoslovakia and NBC as British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain:

“Then, adopting the craven British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain as a role model, NBC stabbed Mr. O’Brien in the back by agreeing to let Mr. Leno reoccupy the first segment of his old “Tonight Show” slot. NBC’s defense was that Mr. O’Brien had dismal ratings, and the show was a bit of a mess. But the same can be said about Czechoslovakia, a hodgepodge cobbled together after the First World War that never really got its act together.”

And according to Queenan’s World War II, Munich-Los Angeles Hitler scenario, Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC’s “Late Night” better watch his back, because the crazed Hitler-esque Leno won’t rest until he has taken over Fallon’s show as well.

What utter, crass foolishness.


One Response to “WSJ Writer Compares Leno to Power-Crazed Adolf Hitler”

  1. Justa Notherguy on January 28th, 2010 12:43 am

    For anybody here who is too young to recall – or, perhaps, just wasn’t interested in late night TV, at the time – it might help your perspective on the current Leno vs O’Brien mess if you get some background on the original Leno vs Letterman feud. Here’s the full story of how Jay Leno took over the ‘The Tonight Show’ hosting gig from long-time host Johnny Carson, way back in 1993.
    . (complete article – NY Times; 1994)

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