Houston Teabagger Depicts Obama as a Pimp in Fundraising Email

January 28, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-Since the surprising victory of teapartier-backed Republican Scott Brown in the Massachusetts special election to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat; the conventional wisdom among media pundits is that the tea party movement can no longer be ignored. And the teapartiers themselves are scolding the mainstream media for unfairly portraying their movement, as made up of racist and bigoted fringe groups. But here’s the thing; many of the tea party members behave like extreme right-wing racists and bigots. A recent case in point, is Dale Robertson, founder of the Houston-based TeaParty.org. You may remember Dale and his problem with spelling the N-word, as he was photographed holding a sign at a tea party event comparing a taxpayer to a “niggar.”

Now, ole Dale is at it again, as he stirs up some good old fashioned racism in a recent fund-raising email, which depicts President Obama as a stereotypical black pimp. Obama’s image is photoshopped with a pencil-thin mustache, wearing an oversized zebra-striped fedora trimmed with white fur, a garish purple band and a black feather. Stay classy Dale.

The offensive email, obtained by Talking Points Memo is entitled, “Obama Pimping Obama-Care, One Last Time!”

The fundraising appeal announces that health care reform is still in danger of being passed by Democrats, despite the recent senate win of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. The email asks members to send anti-healthcare reform faxes to Congress, and to send cash donations to TeaParty.org.

The email also contains a rallying call from Dale Robertson: “I am greatly encouraged with the progress of the Tea Party, but our work has just begun!”



4 Responses to “Houston Teabagger Depicts Obama as a Pimp in Fundraising Email”

  1. Old Man Dotes on January 28th, 2010 7:35 pm

    Robertson is right about one thing: The work of destroying the United States of America is just begun. His teabaggers have a lot of work ahead of them before corporate board rooms can take direct rule of the nation, and enslave everyone who doesn’t happen to be a majority stockholder, but that is the obvious goal of the movement.

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  3. majii on January 30th, 2010 10:06 pm

    This is just more of the same coming from folks like Robertson. He likes operating on stereotypes and denying reality. I’m so glad that when I was attending those segregated schools, and learning all that I could, it was good enough to gain entry to the University of GA way back in 1974 on the basis of grades and SAT scores. No affirmative action (but student loans were necessary.) I’m also glad I didn’t listen to people like him while I was working towards my advanced degrees in education and teaching for 33 years. The point I’m trying to make is that there are plenty of AAs who are smart, intelligent, law-abiding, well-spoken individuals, but we don’t get the press time. Notoriety does, and many Americans believe what they see on teevee and think that all AAs are the same, have no morals, and come from single parent homes ( my mom & dad were married 52 years until my mom passed & my siblings & I have the same parents & we were heavily involved in our church.) People who feel the need to portray someone else in an unfavorable way reveal who they really are. They probably have had little/no contact with people who look somewhat different than themselves, and they can drop the word “Christian” from their vocabulary because their actions say otherwise. They are intimate friend with Mephistopheles and don’t even realize it.

  4. ThinkingMeat · Classy on February 1st, 2010 1:52 pm

    […] By sending out email appeals decorated with images of President Obama depicted as a pimp. […]

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