Obama to Visit Republican Party of No, No, No Way Today

January 29, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-President Obama is paying a visit to the House Republican’s retreat today in Baltimore, but the president isn’t expecting any concessions from a Party that consistently votes no to every piece of legislation put forward by the Democratic majority. No matter that Republican lawmakers may have even co-sponsored the measure in question, or even if Republican lawmakers agree with the bill’s policies, Republicans vote no. Republican lawmakers have it easy, as their strategy to break our president is simple, just vote no. They are thus, relieved of any incentive to actually legislate for the American people. They can simply show up for a vote and hit the nay button. With nothing else to do besides record their no vote, Republicans can now spend their free time attending fund-raisers and making media appearances on Fox News to criticize President Obama, and make it even more difficult for our president to govern, during a difficult time for our country in the midst of a recession, high joblessness and two wars.

And when a bill comes before the senate, the obstructionism by Republicans, becomes even more toxic, where 60 Democratic votes are required to overcome a Republican minority filibuster. Republicans have resorted to unprecedented uses of the senate filibuster to block even minor procedural measures.

Just yesterday, as noted by Steve Benen of The Political Animal:

“The Senate took a vote on extending the federal debt ceiling — without which the United States would go into default. All 40 Republicans voted no.

The Senate took a vote on requiring Congress not to pass legislation that it can’t pay for. [Paygo] All 40 Republicans voted no.

The Senate took a final vote on passing the overall plan. Thirty-nine Republicans voted no. The 40th, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), skipped the vote.”

Since Republicans have been calling for a reduction in the huge federal deficit reasonable people would think that Republicans would have supported the so-called paygo measure, but you would be mistaken:

“The paygo vote was especially ridiculous. The idea is to “impose a requirement that key parts of the budget must be paid for with spending cuts or tax increases to prevent the federal deficit from increasing.” It’s known as the pay-as-you-go approach, or “paygo” — if policymakers are going to increase spending or cut taxes, they have to figure out a way to pay for it at the time.”

Unless Republican obstructionists decide to actually legislate for the American people who voted them into office, Washington will continue to be bogged down in partisan gridlock, turning our government into an ungovernable institution.

See Washington Monthly’s Political Animal for more.


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