GOP Sen. McConnell Attacks FBI: ‘Larry King’ a Better Interrogator

February 5, 2010

(ChattahBox)— Why do Republicans hate America? It’s a provocative question to be sure, but it has to be asked, in light of recent GOP attacks on the Obama administration’s handling of the arrest of the failed Christmas-day bomber, to score political points and fearmonger the public. Republicans led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have falsely charged that the FBI mishandled the interrogation of the underwear bomber, by reading him his Miranda rights and providing him with an attorney. But every single one of McConnell’s attacks on the Christmas bomber case have proved to be dead wrong. The FBI and other counter-terrorism officials have performed admirably, obtaining “actionable intelligence” from the failed Christmas bomber, while adhering to the rule of law. But McConnell isn’t about to allow facts to get in the way of his attacks on the presidency, which by-the-way, also undermines our justice system and our Democracy.

After being proven wrong time and time again, McConnell decided to disparage the good men and women of our FBI, by comparing their interrogation skills and professionalism to that of Larry King, a talk show host with a cable network.

Appearing on Fox News on Thursday with host Megan Kelly, McConnell stepped up his attacks against the Obama administration, using an attempted terrorist attack against our nation, as fodder to score cheap political points. When Kelly asked McConnell to respond to charges that he was criticizing the handling of the case of Christmas bomber Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab for political reasons, McConnell claimed that our Department of Justice treated the Christmas bomber, just like someone who “had robbed a convenience store.” :

“The American people expect us to have a full debate here about these policies. They have seen on full display the chaos as a result of treating the Christmas bomber as if he had robbed a convenience store. This was a person who was trying to blow a plane out of the air from Nigeria.”

McConnell then proceeded to slur the counterterrorism officials working for the FBI:

“It’s clearly a case for our military and for our intelligence people and not for the U.S. court system. What happened? He was given a 50 minute interrogation, probably Larry King has interrogated people longer and better than that. After which he was assigned a lawyer who told him to shut up. That is not the way to deal with someone in the war on terror.”

Republicans made a media stink last spring, when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) correctly charged that the CIA had withheld information from Congress on the use of waterboarding. Republican lawmakers attacked Pelosi, claiming that she falsely disparaged the CIA. And Newt Gingrich called for her resignation.

Apparently there are different rules for Republicans. Sen. McConnell owes the FBI an apology. What a disgrace!


Source: Think Progress


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