Is Fox News-Roger Ailes Grooming Sarah Palin for President?

February 6, 2010

(ChattahBox)—What are Roger Ailes’ plans for Sarah Palin? Since Sarah Palin’s failed bid for vice president and her quitting as governor of Alaska in the middle of her first term of office, she has become a right-wing celebrity of sorts. Free from the normal scrutiny that accompanies a run for public office, Palin is free to define her own brand in a protective conservative bubble. And the media plays along, as each of her incoherent Facebook missives and tweets are treated as breaking news. And after her successful Going Rogue book tour, her new lucrative stint as a Fox News contributor and speaking fees starting at $100.000, she is quickly amassing the necessary wealth to position herself as a political celebrity, with perhaps a presidential run in her future. When Sen. John McCain negligently thrust Sarah Palin on the world stage, during his presidential campaign in 2008, it was immediately clear that she was ill prepared, divisive and lacking in intellectual curiosity. But she attracted crowds and she developed a following with a fringe right-wing crowd.

Now that she has been given a forum on the conservative propaganda outlet Fox News, it appears as if Roger Ailes, former Republican operative-dirty trickster and president of the network, is positioning Palin for political office. Now, imagine a world where the likes of Sarah Palin is president of the United States of America and Roger Ailes acts as a behind the scenes puppet master, with Fox News operating as co-president. No, that’s not a plot for an upcoming science fiction doomsday film, it’s apparently already in the works.

Roger Ailes has successfully turned Fox News into the media arm of the Republican Party, combined with his freak show, car crash philosophy on journalism. He is known for his “orchestra pit” theory: “If you have two guys on a stage and one guy says, ‘I have a solution to the Middle East problem,’ and the other guy falls in the orchestra pit, who do you think is going to be on the evening news?”

And Sarah Palin is Roger Ailes’ new two-headed monkey,”orchestra pit” pratfaller, whom he is trying to sell to the American public as someone also having a solution “to the Middle East problem.”

An interesting piece in The New York Times, offers a look inside the new right-wing rock star status of Sarah Palin, as she juggles back-t0-back speaking gigs, Facebook missives and daily political briefings from her staff. And on top of that, she makes appearances on Fox News as a contributor, where she recites right-wing talking points. And courtesy of Fox News, with a new at home television studio, she can deliver her right-wing punditry from the comfort of Wasilla, Alaska:

“Her growing cast of advisers and support system could be working in the service of any number of goals: a presidential run, a de facto role as the leader of the Tea Party movement, a lucrative career as a roving media entity — or all of the above. Ms. Palin represents a new breed of unelected public figure operating in an environment in which politics, news media and celebrity are fused as never before. Whether she ever runs for anything else, Ms. Palin has already achieved a status that has become an end in itself: access to an electronic bully pulpit, a staff to guide her, an enormous income and none of the bother or accountability of having to govern or campaign for office.”

She receives advice from a team of former McCain advisers, including neo-conservative hawk Randy Scheunemann and Kim Daniels, a Maryland lawyer who provides Palin with her daily briefings:

“People with knowledge of the daily briefings say they are conducted by phone or e-mail. They typically include information on the day’s news, material that could be relevant to an upcoming speech, or guidance about a candidate Ms. Palin might endorse.”

An interesting read, to say the least.

See The New York Times for more.


6 Responses to “Is Fox News-Roger Ailes Grooming Sarah Palin for President?”

  1. U.S. Weekly News | on February 6th, 2010 3:55 pm

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  2. Glen on February 6th, 2010 6:11 pm

    I agree and disagree with the penultimate sentence in the first paragraph. Palin was ill-prepared to be thrown in to the height of the presidential campaign intensity. As Obama said when he was informed of McCain’s VP choice, (paraphrase) it takes at least four months to become adjusted to a national campaign. Obama, McCain, and Biden all had years of experience on the national campaign trail. Not having gone through the primaries, Palin was clearly not ready for prime time.

    And part of that inexperience was not being able to handle the attack interview. Couric spent many hours over several days badgering Palin, twisting her in circles that she clearly wasn’t prepared for, and leading her into several unbelievably stupid sounding answers to seemingly innocuous questions. Politicians experienced on the national campaigning level are ready for this. Palin clearly wasn’t. And blew it sky high.

    Where I disagree is the notion that Palin is incurious. The “all of them” answer was obviously a stupid response to the Couric question, but it was not stupid in the Beck interview. I would have to think for a while if hit with Beck’s question out of the blue. I think the FF were awesome, but I’m not sure I could name my favorite. Its like asking someone who’s your favorite ancient Greek.

    It seems that way way too many of Palin’s critics always go back to the Couric interview to cement the legitimacy of their criticism. To them I would ask, say the Couric interview never happened. What else have you got?

  3. Michael on February 7th, 2010 4:28 pm

    I just wanted to say I respect the level-headed tone of Glen’s comments. I think it’s good to hope that Americans can rise above the petty name-calling that so often spins around every mention of Sarah Palin’s name. The same people who quickly call her “stupid,” “incurious,” and “incoherent” are – themselves – revealed as all of those things by the nature of their attacks on Sarah Palin!

    She is, in fact, very intelligent, has done many successful things as an American elected official, has crafted some very pithy and adroit missives, clearly has character and integrity that many Americans admire, and there are many other qualities and truths about Sarah Palin that exist – whether people want to see past their blind hatred for her, or not!

    When we can get to a place of being honest, having integrity, seeing clearly, listening to what people have to say, and not being afraid of ideas that challenge us… then, I think our country will be in a better place. Palin – like other public figures – deserves our intelligent attention, not mindless reactionary crap.


  4. jim shabat on February 8th, 2010 8:01 pm

    grooming sarah palin for national office. you must be kidding. she is only a step, no, make that a half-step, removed for low-grade moron.
    total uneducated airhead. good for only one thing……a future anchor on the fair and balanced news network.

  5. Kathleen on February 9th, 2010 2:03 am

    Glen and Michael,

    Thank you for your even-handed and fair comments about Sarah. Whether or not one agrees with her politics, one should be willing to admit that she has many qualities that Americans admire. She has achieved great things without the benefit of either a rich, powerful family or a rich, powerful husband.

    In many ways she is a living example of the American dream. That is why her defense of small business and the free market ring so true with so many people – she is living proof that the system works if you are willing to work for success.

    To call her an “uneducated airhead, a half-step removed “for low grade moron” is patently false. She earned a college degree, slowly it’s true, because she had to work to earn enough money to pay for her state-school education since she was not fortunate enough to be born into a family that could write a check for an expensive ivy-league education. She plowed through and earned her degree, and to many Americans that is much more admirable than sitting through four years of classes that daddy paid for.

    (By the way, Jim, you meant to say “from a low-grade moron”, not “for a low-grade moron”. An unkind person would point out that you, Jim, appear to be an uneducated moron yourself, or as Rahm Emmanuel might put it, an “F’g retard”, but since discerning, intelligent people don’t make judgments on such superficial things, I won’t say any such thing.)

    The vitriol that has sprung forth against this woman, who has done nothing except disagree with the policies of the current administration has been absolutely appalling. The most disturbing thing is that she has been condemned by feminists for not being “feminist enough”!

    To many of us, Sarah Palin is actually the living embodiment of the feminist dream. She has a satisfying career, a husband who supports her in that career, and who is in fact willing to leave his own job to enable her to pursue her career. She has 5 beautiful children. Frankly, Sarah has it all, and wasn’t that the goal of feminism — to enable women to have it all?

    But apparently Sarah must be destroyed because she doesn’t follow the party line. Not only does she dare defy NOW by being pro-life, she actually has the audacity to walk the walk. It seems that having the bad taste to deliver a baby that she knew to have Down’s syndrome was the cherry on the ice cream sundae of her sins against feminism in the minds of many.. To the rest of us her decision is one more reason to respect and admire this woman. She has the courage of her convictions and a moral base.

    Dark days indeed when people cannot disagree about politics without resorting to name calling and hate. People are allowed to disagree. Let’s keep it civil, please.

  6. r barragan on February 9th, 2010 9:53 pm

    Shabat- Sounds like the name of a suicide bomber!

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