Paranoid Teapartier, Palin Worshipper Jailed for Weapons Cache

February 12, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-Right-wing extremism, racism, paranoia, religious fanaticism, armed to the teeth and preparing for Armageddon—This description could describe any number of people associated with radical militia groups and it’s also a perfect description of a Massachusetts teapartier and rabid Sarah Palin fan, who was taken into custody this week for stockpiling a stash of military grade weapons and explosive devices. The dozens of weapons, included high-powered rifles, handguns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, tear gas grenades, pepper ball projectiles, knives, handcuffs, bulletproof vests, helmets, night vision goggles and stockpiles of nonperishable food and medicine.

Gregory Girard, 45, a Manchester-by-the-Sea technology consultant, told police he was preparing for the coming of “martial law.” Girard believed that President Obama planned to “transform our county into a fascist state based on totalitarian Marxist ideology” And where did Girard come up with such paranoid ideas? Besides Fox News’ fearmonger-in-chief Glenn Beck, Girard was welcomed by a like-minded community at the Ning social Web site of the radical tea party group Constitutional Emergency/Patriots of America.

Girard was arrested late Tuesday, after his wife, a psychiatrist, contacted police on Monday concerned about her husband’s increasing paranoia and stockpiling of weapons. They had an argument and she was afraid to return home. Authorities from the Cape Ann Response Team, the state police tactical operations team and the ATF converged outside of the couple’s condo and took Girard into custody after a brief standoff.

Besides the cache of dozens of weapons, police discovered a makeshift shooting range on the third floor, where Girard had installed a steel backstop to direct rounds from his 22-caliber rifle.

His wife told police that her husband told her: “Don’t talk to people, shoot them instead,” and “It’s fine to shoot people in the head because traitors deserve it.” Girard worked from home, rarely leaving his condo and told the neighbors not to be concerned if they heard noises that sounded like gunfire.

The police said that Girard was “preparing for domestic and political turmoil,” and feared martial law would soon be imposed by the Obama administration. “He was convinced that martial law was imminent,” said a prosecutor on Wednesday.

Girard began stockpiling his weapons, during the last nine-months and had obtained legal permits for some of the weapons. He was charged with six counts of possessing an infernal machine, four counts of possessing a dangerous weapon and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling. He is being held without bail, pending a dangerousness hearing.

Girard’s delusional and conspiracy laden beliefs posted on his Patriots For America page, are shared by many members of the tea party group. He fit right in. The entire site is filled with paranoia about FEMA concentration camps, birtherism, and the fear that the Socialist, Marxist Obama plans to take away our constitutional freedoms.

Girard’s frequently misspelled and erratic posts beginning on January 12, 2010, with his last entry published on Feb. 4, depicts a tea party member who is fearful that “we are progressing rapidly towards a totalitarian Marxist state,” and he is determined to be ready and armed in order to defend himself by: “shooting with a close range discharge of double-ought buck from a 12 ga at the assailant’s face (from behind cover!)”

Girard believed that Obama was organizing a “secret police force,” which was “likely to be created from inner city youths.” And that Obama intended to create a murderous “War Powers” act wherein the government would mass murder citizens. Girard wrote: “gov’t troops and police would freely be able to use lethal force against anyone for just about any reason, and entire sectors of the population could be subject to mass murder or indefinate (sic) detention.”

And Girard was deeply fearful of Obama’s concentration camps, a conspiracy theory embraced by many right-wingers and advanced by birther Joseph Farah and his site WorldNetDaily. Mind you, Farah spoke at the recent Tea Party Convention along with Sarah Palin.

“The activation of a number of the country’s 800 concentration camps provides the capability for the gov’t to imprison potential (sic) millions of citizens, which one gov’t “Continuity of Government” plan (Operation Garden Plot) indicates would include: “dissidents, tax protesters, anti-government protesters, non-conformists and members of religious organizations,”‘ ranted Girard on January 12.

And there is Girard’s devotional worship of Sarah Palin in multiple posts, in which he praises Palin’s “magical combination of charisma, a remarkable reserve of personal strength and committment (sic), and her righteous ‘mission from God.”

“I’m now of the opion (sic) she is exactly what this country needs to fix decades of rot and evil that started back at start of the 20th century, when American progressivism first reared its ugly head. I believe we can only restore the majesty of Constitution, as the truly the Supreme Law of the Land, with a gov’t so committed to the task that it be willing to dismantle and declare voice mountains unlawful legislation and ramantly (sic) unconstitutional Execute Orders, such as ALL of those related to War Powers and Continuity of Gov’t. (which are all simply plans for tyranny). With the right cabinet and key appointees, I cannot imagine a better person for top job. She’s got my vote if she runs.”

“I believe that the ONLY —– ONLY —— potential presidental (sic) candidate I have seen with the sheer force of will and God-insprined (sic) rightous (sic) determination to bringdown (sic) this “War Powers” evil is Sarah Palin,” declared Girard.

Rest assured this Massachusetts teapartier has had his Class A firearms license revoked by authorities and his weapon stockpile has been confiscated.

But how many more Gregory Girard’s are out there in the tea party movement stockpiling their own arsenal waiting for Obama to declare martial law? If you spend about five-minutes reading through the Web site of the tea party group Constitutional Emergency/Patriots of America, you get the sense there are many, many more.

Attached are a few of the radical, violent and paranoid images from the site, including a woman holding small children pointing a gun and a photo of Arizona Pastor Steve Anderson sporting a rifle, who prayed for Obama’s death.

See Talking Points Memo for more.

Photo Source: Kate Glass/Salem News


6 Responses to “Paranoid Teapartier, Palin Worshipper Jailed for Weapons Cache”

  1. Bob on February 13th, 2010 1:04 am

    Just love your unbiased reporting.

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  3. Stacy on February 13th, 2010 8:23 pm

    Bob, God love you… You made me belly laugh.

    This article is the biggest piece of marginalizing, fear-mongering crap I’ve ever read… You stupid lefties don’t understand that we understand what you’re doing. You’re wasting your time but it is providing some good comic relief.

  4. The Aged P » Blog Archive » Maybe The Professor Charged in Alabama Shooting Incident Was The Victim Of Redneck Ignorance Suggests San Francisco Blogger… on February 14th, 2010 2:52 pm

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  5. hinckleybuzzard on February 14th, 2010 4:59 pm

    Let’s see…A halfcrazy liberal female guns down six people in cold blood, killing three of them, and it’s the fault of those weird “Southern” people (No bigotry here is there) who just didn’t appreciate her wonderfulness. . But some guy collects a bunch of weapons, never hurting a flea, and we get the full brain wash on him, complete with guilt by association, character assassination of innocent, uninvolved people, and a gratuitous but apparently de rigeur slap at Sarah Palin.

    Yep, that’s a good day’s work for a bunch of spohisticated nuanced lefties.

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