Fox News Steve Doocy’s Healthcare Solution: Treat People ‘Like Dogs’

March 12, 2010

(ChattahBox)— Death panels, government takeover of healthcare, socialized medicine, healthcare reform is unconstitutional and will bankrupt the country, critics of the healthcare system will be placed on a no-treatment “list,” reform will kill granny, healthcare reform is tyranny and so on and so on. The right-wing’s outrageous fearmongering over reforming our nation’s broken healthcare system, has sunk to unbelievable depths of disingenuousness, depravity and outright stupidity. How could the public discourse over healthcare reform sink any lower? Well, it has. The dim-witted Steve Doocy of Fox News’ Fox & Friends, proclaimed that treating Americans like dogs is a “very brilliant” solution to the problems of our current healthcare system. Just like dogs, if the medical costs of sick loved ones becomes too high, simply make a cost-benefit analysis and put them down. Talk about death panels.

The simplicity of Doocy’s plan is indeed brilliant in a contemptible and derisive Kafkaesque way. Just get rid of health insurance altogether, and require sick people to pay for their care out of pocket. The reasoning goes; when people are “on the hook” financially there would be less waste in the system and unnecessary medical tests. The wealthy can pay for whatever treatments they desire and the poor—- well, it’s not a good idea to be poor in the harsh world of a compassionate conservative.

Doocy and his Fox & Friends pals were discussing an article in Newsweek by a veterinarian, entitled “Treat People Like Dogs,” in which the author Karen Oberthaler advocated treating our sick loved ones the same way as an ill golden retriever. “The fact that insurance generally covers all of this makes it more likely that doctors and patients pile on excessive and nonessential tests and procedures, she wrote.

She continued with the theme basing healthcare for humans, solely on the ability to pay for it. “No family wants to subject its already sick pet to uncomfortable tests or dump thousands of dollars into dead-end diagnostics. So why do we do that to our grandparents?”

Doocy thought it was a swell idea. The Idea to “treat [people] like dogs” “makes a lot of sense,” said Doocy:

DOOCY: “[T]here’s only 3 percent of Americans who have pet insurance and so we’re on the hook for the charges. So, if Americans were on the hook for all the tests and stuff, it would be a lot different.” Citing Oberthaler’s column, Doocy added: “if you’ve got a golden retriever…and you know that the dog has got cancer and it’s — you know, there really is no getting any better, would you order a bunch of tests that are going to be costly and right out of your pocket because chances are you don’t have the insurance…it also has to do with, you know, putting the dog through pain at the end of the road.”

Of course the reality is; even for people who are lucky enough to be covered by health insurance through employment or can afford to purchase a substandard private plan, there is no guarantee that medical costs will be paid for. If you get sick, the insurance company may find a way to rescind your policy. If you have a preexisting condition, you can’t obtain health insurance. And if you suffer from a catastrophic illness or injury, your insurance coverage will cap off at a lifetime limit. The result? The majority of personal bankruptcies are due to crushing medical costs.

Of course, hate talker and multi-billionaire Rush Limbaugh already beat Doocy and veterinarian Karen Oberthaler to the punch, in the let’s treat human suffering, in the same way we treat sick dogs argument. Last June, Limbaugh said on his radio show that the medical care system we provide to our pets is a good model for human care, because “there’s no insurance involved.”

“There’s no federal dog health care plan out there, and it’s working just fine,” because the “private market is providing dog owners every option they want for their dogs to be cared for” and that “it’s based on the owner’s ability to pay, there’s no insurance involved,” said Limbaugh.

The mind reels. Welcome to a compassionate conservative’s utopia and hell on earth for the rest of us.

Source: Media Matters

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