Teabaggers Bring Actual Pitchforks to Minn. Rally

March 14, 2010

(ChattahBox)—- Two teapartiers decided not to arrive at a rowdy Minnesota anti-healthcare reform rally empty handed. The men literally brandished pitchforks, with cardboard signs nailed on the wooden handles, reading, “Stop Obama.” The non-too-subtle violent message perfectly exemplified the anger of the crowd, with their chants “Kill the Bill,” as a dozen speakers, including the unhinged Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), whipped them into a fanatical anti-Obama-Pelosi-Reid frenzy.

About a thousand or so, anti-Obama teapartiers opposing healthcare reform attended the rally at the state capitol in St. Paul, MN on Saturday, sponsored by the Minnesota Majority and local tea party groups. Many of the protesters carried radical homemade signs, attacking President Obama as a socialist, a tyrant, a liar and called to “abort” him. Another sign contained the crossed out names, Marx, Lenin and Stalin, with Obama, Pelosi and Reid scrawled below. And another read: “God is a right wing extremist…then so am I.”

Two pro-healthcare reform activists carrying a banner reading “Health Care Not Warfare,” witnessed the pitchfork brandishing teabaggers being escorted off the capitol grounds by the police. The two opposition protesters, Democratic Underground commenters known, as Bjorn Against and Coleen attended the rally, to oppose the teabaggers’ “deeply immoral” stance against “any government assistance which provides health care to those who are less fortunate.”

Bjorn and Coleen described the angry scene, in which teapartiers lined up to block their banner and verbally harassed them, shouting that the two were taking away their freedoms:

“One of the first things I noticed when I arrived was two men being kicked off the Capitol grounds by police because they literally brought pitchforks to the event. While I have heard people speak about “torches and pitchforks” metaphorically on many occasions, this was the first time I had actually witnessed anyone carrying them to an event. After seeing the pitchforks and hearing, the angry chants of “Kill the Bill! Kill the Bill!” I knew that this was a riled up crowd and they would probably not be too happy when our banner was unfurled, but it had to be done.” […] “After just a few more minutes of standing on the steps the Bachmann supporters decided they wanted to silence our message and a group of them showed up on the steps to harass us. It started when a couple of people stood directly in front of the banner to prevent the rest of the crowd from seeing what it said. We moved a few feet to the left and they moved along with us, we moved to the right and they followed,” wrote Bjorn.

Bjorn went on to describe the surreal mindset of the teapartiers, whom believe that living without health insurance and medical care is “freedom,” and one woman at the rally even proudly boasted that she and her children did not have health insurance:

“At one point a woman joined the crowd and started yelling at me “Why do you want to take away our freedom!!!” […] “Another woman who had her three daughters with her confronted by telling us how many people in the insurance industry would lose their jobs if single payer was passed, she seemed deeply concerned about the jobs of those in the insurance industry but then she revealed to us that she did not have insurance and neither did any of her children. She proudly boasted that if anyone in her family got sick they would not expect help from anyone else, they would get through it on their own.”

It’s pitiful that these tea party dupes continue to act and vote against their own self interests.

Over the weekend, House and Senate Democratic leaders were counting up the votes and by all accounts they are close to the 216 votes needed to pass the Senate healthcare reform bill through the House, before it goes back to the Senate for reconciliation fixes. A vote is expected by next weekend. And the unhinged and pitchfork brandishing teabaggers, will have to accept the “tyrany” of affordable and quality healthcare.

Photos: by Fibonacci Blue


One Response to “Teabaggers Bring Actual Pitchforks to Minn. Rally”

  1. magi on March 15th, 2010 6:00 pm

    Let the protesters get it out of their systems, but while they’re out there waving stupid, inaccurate signs and being boosted by Michelle Bachmann et al, they need to ask her what she has accomplished after being in Congress for almost 4 years. A reporter in MN asked her this very question and her response was that she hasn’t introduced/developed any legislation because she is a freshman congressperson. I taught social studies for 33 years before I retired last year, and I can tell you, a freshman in Congress is someone who is in his/her first term in office. Bachmann should have been working on financial reform legislation, student loan regulation, and climate change regulation this past weekend since she and her fellow party members in Congress hate anything the democrats introduce. I’d like to see them offering good alternatives to policies they don’t like instead of getting paid $174,000/yr to go on a round of endless speeches and rallies during which they keep repeating the same old tired lies. They’re entitled to their opinions, but not to their lies.

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