Teapartier Healthcare Reform Logic: ‘Young People Will Become Lazy’ Bums

March 17, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-The halls of Congress are ablaze this week, with overheated anti-healthcare reform rhetoric and under-pressure Democrats scrambling to reach the finish line of passing a landmark and historic legislative achievement. On Tuesday, harried Democratic House leaders forged ahead towards passage of the Senate’s healthcare reform bill, while Republicans took to the floor with dozens of bomb-throwing one-minute speeches railing against the bill and the process being used to pass it. And outside, the mood was even hotter, as a few hundred tea party protesters organized by Dick Armey’s Astroturf lobbying group FreedomWorks, engaged in a Kill the Bill rally, complete with angry shouting and offensive homemade signs, one of which depicted President Obama in a coffin.

And small groups of Kill the Bill teapartiers also took to the streets in small towns and cities across the country, nonsensically screaming that their freedoms and liberty were about to be taken away by access to affordable and quality healthcare. One tea party protester in Detroit, who of course is without health insurance, even went so far as to declare that the healthcare reform bill would turn our young people into lazy unemployed good-for-nothings. If you can decipher that teapartier’s reasoning, I commend you.

According to a report in the Detroit Free Press, hundreds of teapartiers rallied in boisterous anti-healthcare reform protests:

‘”Shouting, “Kill the Bill!” and waving flags and hoisting signs including “Impeach Obama,” several hundred opponents of health reform, part of the Tea Party movement, gathered in front of Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak to voice their opposition to the plan.”‘

On woman told the paper that, although she herself, suffered from a lack of health insurance, she still had her liberty:

‘”We don’t want government health care,” said Cindy Linke, 50, of Clinton Township. “It’s all about personal control.” “Even though Linke doesn’t have health insurance herself, she said doesn’t want it from the government.”

And across town, about 15 teapartiers protested outside the office of U.S. Rep. Sander Levin (D-Royal Oak). One protester, said that offering Americans access to healthcare would make them lazy:

‘”What is the motivator to get a job? Health care,” said Bonnie Coombs, 50, of Eastpointe. “If it’s being provided to you by the government, what’s the incentive of finding a job? I’m afraid our young people will become lazy.”‘

First of all Ms. Coombs, there is no guarantee that an employer would provide health insurance. And as the costs continue to soar, many companies are being forced to discontinue providing health plans to employees. Additionally, there is no “free” health insurance being provided by the government in the healthcare reform bill, unless you qualify for Medicaid, a state run program for the poor, which incidentally, will be expanded in the bill.

Otherwise, the bill would provide health insurance to purchase through exchanges, with subsidies for lower income folks. And yes, there is a provision to allow Americans up to the age of 26 to remain on their parent’s health insurance plans, as a stop-gap solution, as they pursue their education or take entry level jobs without benefits.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, a group of angry teapartiers tried to storm the office of Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) in a raucous scene that was caught on tape. As Connolly’s staff closed the door, so they could continue working without harassment, the teapartiers went into a rage:

Watch it:

Photo Credit: Huffington Post


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