Biden’s St. Patty’s Day Chuckle Fest Rips Liz Cheney, Fox News, Puts Irish Mom in Grave

March 18, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-Vice President Joe Biden enjoyed quite the joke-filled St. Patrick’s Day in Washington on Wednesday. As usual for the gaffe prone Biden, his first bon mot of the day was unintentional, when he mistakenly put Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen’s mother in the grave before her time. While introducing Obama with Cowen in attendance, Biden said “God rest her soul,” of Cowen’s saintly mam. A fine sentiment indeed to honor a man’s mother, but unfortunately, Cowen’s elderly mother is still very much alive. From there, Biden headlined the 2010 Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner, where he was in better form, wisecracking about Liz Cheney, Tiger Woods, Fox News and poking fun at his recent disaster of a trip to Israel.

When Biden realized he had just killed off the Irish Prime Minister’s elderly mother, he quickly caught himself, pointing out that it was Cowen’s poor father who is no longer living. Biden then said of the the Prime Minister’s mother, “God bless her soul” and uttered the Irish proverb, “a silent mouth is sweet to hear,” before President Obama took to the podium to save the moment.

After recovering from his knocking off of a world leader’s Irish mother, Biden then changed venues for a speaking gig at the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Dinner. Most of his quips and one-liners drew laughs, others elicited groans, from the audience of journalists media personalities and politicos:

Regarding Liz Cheney and her recent odious al-Qaida 7 attacks: “I understand Liz Cheney is in the house — Liz Cheney has been on a tear lately. Now she’s questioning whether Tom Brady is a real Patriot.”

And regarding his recent trip to Israel, Biden noted that housing starts back in the U.S. were a good thing: “It’s great to be back at a place where a boom in housing construction is actually a good thing.” “Trying to negotiate a lasting peace between the Palestinians and Israelis is tough, but it’s a hell of a nice break from health care.”

And then Biden joked about Tiger Woods’ sex scandals: “The job does have some perks, like when Tiger Woods came to see me and gave me some tips. Hey guys, they were golf tips.”

Biden’s dog Champ was compared to Democrats; a party lately known for being their own worst enemy, as Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) vainly works to unite the Democratic caucus (herd cats) to pass healthcare reform: “You can see he’s a Democratic dog — he’s biting the hand that feeds him,” said Biden.

And what’s a St. Patty’s Day joke fest without a shot at the GOP propaganda network Fox News? Biden referenced the tale of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland, quipping “St. Patrick just made that up, which for the first time explains, I realized, why he’s the patron saint of Fox News.”

Biden, now on on a roll, also wisecracked about Sarah Palin’s penchant for writing crib notes on her hand and the GOP’s complaints about the healthcare reform bill being too long: “Put yourself in their spot. Just ask Sarah, that’s a hell of a lot to write on the palm of your hand.”

Watch it:


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