Virginia Honors Radical Preacher Pat Roberston as ‘Inspirational’

March 18, 2010

(ChattahBox)— Pat Robertson, the extreme right-wing televangelist, is prone to making offensive and hateful remarks that results in credible public figures running for the hills, when he appears. But not anti-gay Bob McDonnell, the newly elected conservative Republican Gov. of Virginia, who is a graduate of Robertson’s Christian Regent University and hails the fundamentalist preacher as his mentor, despite comments, such as blaming the Haitian people for the recent powerful earthquake, because they “swore a pact to the devil” and federal judges pose a “more serious [threat] than a few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings.” So, it comes as no surprise to learn that the Virginia state legislature passed an official birthday resolution lauding Robertson as an “inspirational” and “compassionate spiritual leader.”

In honor of the extremist preacher’s upcoming 80th birthday, the state of Virginia officially sanctioned Robertson as a great American:

“WHEREAS, Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson, an inspirational televangelist and longtime host of the Christian television program, The 700 Club, is recognized in 2010 for his many contributions to the Commonwealth and his fellow citizens; and” […]

“WHEREAS, in 1989 Dr. Robertson founded the Christian Coalition, a political organization credited with increasing the influence of conservative Christians in American public policy; and ” […]

“WHEREAS, Dr. Robertson is a compelling and compassionate spiritual leader, who is guided by Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”; he is devoted to his family, his viewers who are his extended family, his community, and the Commonwealth;”

Rob Boston of Americans United had some excellent suggestions for additions to the Virginia resolution:

“Whereas Robertson in 1990 said of homosexuality, “It is a sickness, and it needs to be treated” and added, “Many of those people involved with Adolf Hitler were Satanists; many of them were homosexuals. The two things seem to go together”; and” [..]

“Whereas in 1998 Robertson said, “I want to state very clearly, ladies and gentlemen, there’s no such thing in the Constitution as, quote, separation of church and state. That term does not exist in the United States Constitution. It existed in the former Soviet Union’s constitution but not America”; and” […]

Boston concludes:

“I would have made some other changes as well. For example, instead of lauding Robertson in the resolution, I would have condemned him as an intolerant, bigoted and dangerous extremist and called for all right-thinking Americans to reject his views.”

h/t Right Wing Watch


2 Responses to “Virginia Honors Radical Preacher Pat Roberston as ‘Inspirational’”

  1. Old Man Dotes on March 18th, 2010 7:27 pm

    Well, Robertson *did* inspire a few people to go out and murder doctors and nurses, so technically speaking he is inspirational. So was Hermann Goering. Remember, the “Big Lie” is a time-honored method of propaganda used to “inspire” savagery and barbarism in supposedly-civilized people.

  2. Larry Linn on March 23rd, 2010 8:40 pm

    Like George said, “Think about it. Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever ’til the end of time! But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money! He’s all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can’t handle money! Religion takes in billions of dollars, they pay no taxes, and they always need a little more. Now, you talk about a good bull**** story. Holy ****!”

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