Teapartiers Ignore Reality, Seek ‘Truth’ From Beck and Fox News

March 21, 2010

(ChattahBox)—Earlier in the week, as hundreds of tea party members converged on the Capitol to protest against passage of healthcare reform, David Frum, a former Bush speechwriter surveyed a random group of protesters, asking various questions about their knowledge of the issues. What he found was a shocking lack of basic knowledge about federal taxation and the healthcare ranking of the U.S. compared to the rest of the world. Overall, the teapartiers believe their taxes have gone up under the Obama administration. They haven’t. They have gone down. And tea party members believe they pay three times as much in taxes, as is really the case. So, a recent YouTube documentary showing teapartiers displaying willful ignorance of what’s actually in the healthcare reform bill, should come as no surprise.

The documentary was produced by New Left Media, and shows a reporter interviewing teapartiers protesting in the Capitol on Tuesday March, 16, as they hoisted homemade signs depicting Obama as Hitler and railing against a Socialized government take over of healthcare. Of all of the teapartiers shown, not one person was able to point to a specific provision in the healthcare bill that backed upped their false assertions about death panels and a tyrannical government takeover. When pressed, they said that they received their information about the bill from Fox News and Glenn Beck.

The tea party protesters have every right to make their voices heard and hold their Congressional Representatives accountable. But their lack of knowledge about the very issues they claim to be protesting against, makes it difficult to take them seriously.

New Left Media described the people in the documentary, as proudly ignorant of reality. “Averse to facts, no one interviewed was able to cite evidence for their false beliefs about the reform proposal, and instead suggested we seek the “truth” from Glenn Beck and Fox News.”

Watch it:

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3 Responses to “Teapartiers Ignore Reality, Seek ‘Truth’ From Beck and Fox News”

  1. Michael on March 21st, 2010 2:29 pm

    I want the flag clothing and accessories concession.

  2. Kenna on March 21st, 2010 11:57 pm

    What many people DO know, is that after you figure state and local taxes, which include various forms of property tax not already assigned to the federal government, sales tax, property taxes, etc… and then figure in the federal taxes on income and just about everything the states don’t tax you for- they have reached a state of critical mass. If the question is are their some uneducated folks carrying the flag for either party, then, the answer is obvious. We spent almost 2 trillion dollars on healthcare in 2004 alone. Perhaps a site so wise as this could enlighten us how that translates into less than a trillion over ten years to cover the remaining uninsured. This is payment reform, not healthcare reform. The Massachusetts model has been artificially propped up by infusions of cash from the federal Government while at the same time being used as the poster child for this debate. This is a matter of public record. Surely atleast some of these right wingers have internet access and can read. Also it would seem that this is too big and important an issue to be including other and completely separate initiatives the way they fold so much pork into less controversial Bills. Unfortunately not however as they have included while almost nobody noticed a large student loan appropriation within the larger framework of healthcare while everyone argued the latter. The ‘Reality’ seems to be that we have a one party system in this country. The ‘Wall Street’ party. Polls don’t matter, the will of this abstract concept of the ‘American People’ doesn’t matter. All that matters is this big sociopathic machine continues to roll to it’s own ends, whatever they may be. Losing an honest debate is not whats wrankling people. Being steamrolled through a tough and sensitive issue- one where very little has been done to truly address the ‘realistic’ drivers of our nations health system- is. Whats good for the goose is not good for the gander when it comes to an issue this impactful on peoples lives. Saying arcane parlimentary procedures are ok because Republicans have used them before just covers us all in the worst sort of dirt and provides for too much ambiguity in a process that needs to be, at this time, crystal clear. I would personally like to have seen a public option. My feeling is if the Government is going to get all the way in to healthcare then get ALL the way in. They are certainly going to tax us like they are the sole provider. Thats not misguided nonsense. Thats a statement made from reading over 1600 pages ( so far ) of this poorly contrived Bill. If you try and beat them at their own game you guarantee the game continues. In other words, the left has done a lot of things…just not what they think. Time will bear out that they have not solved anybody’s healthcare crisis and for that I am truly saddened. They have, however, now popularized the notion of back door dealing and roughshod parliamentary procedures that, I assure you, absolutely WILL be used by the right if and when they regain substantial power and now it has been demonstrated that no issue is too big for them to do this in a very arrogant and public fashion. So while we call each other stupid and some of us deservedly so- it is all of us who are losing here. WE didn’t just arrive at this dysfunctional system of governance… it evolved into this. Guess where it evolves now ? To more civility and transparency ? To real accountability ? While we get an egocentric spike because my side won or your side lost, what we are overlooking is that nobody in power considers us on their team to begin with. We ALL lose. Big Money and Industry get everything they want while many of us are clueless that this is the case. The precedent for tramping all over your rights set so alarmingly by George Bush in the aftermath of 911 is evolving through the whole political landscape until I guess they’ll just tell us to tune into C-span to see what we’re getting. Lord knows we won’t have a say and the people who are supposed to be our representative ‘voice’ have demonstrated again that they speak for themselves, and furthermore, there is nothing you can do about it. There’s your ‘reality’….cold and sober

  3. Daniele O'Brian on March 23rd, 2010 2:59 am

    I know the language in the earlyt version that provoked the “death panel” controversy has been removed ( thank you Sarah Palin), but whether you agree with government control of heathcare through this bill is tyrannical or not, it is definitely a take-over. Granted, this is a start ( though what is there is damaging enough).

    Either way, to go up to a bunch of protesters and act like it represents all tea partiers is frivolous. Glenn Beck? Shouldn’t there be more of a concern over the AP promoting one side along with the Main Stream Media? I don’t want any side to be ignored ( whether I agree or not) and I certainly don’t always agree with Beck but at least you know what you are listening to with him. ABC NBC ABC CNN and now the AP are full throttle cheerleaders for Obama.

    If this little video is supposed to prove anything than look at what Howard Stern did to the Obama supporters after the election ( going as far as saying that Obama was wise to pick Sara Palin with the Obama voter shaking his head with approval and commenting that he is did the right thing by picking Palin ).

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