(Video) Rep. Boehner’s ‘Hell No You Can’t’ Shame in Song

March 24, 2010

(ChattahBox)—In a strange pairing, Congressman John Boehner appears in a remix video with will.i.am and Scarlett Johansson. God help us if the Republicans reclaim the majority and crown House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) as Speaker. In a marathon Sunday session, marked by Republican lawmakers cheering tea party hecklers as they were escorted out of the chamber by authorities and additional Republican lawmakers egging on unruly teapartiers outside, Boehner delivered a profane, incendiary and inflammatory speech against healthcare reform. “Hell no you can’t!” he shouted in the body of the House of Representatives. And in a shameful GOP bookend to cap off the disreputable behavior of the Republicans, Rep. Randy Neugebauer, a right-wing Republican lawmaker from Texas shouted out, “baby killer” as pro-life Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) rose to speak.

Making its way around the Internet today is a remix of the inspirational “Yes you can” video originally made by will.i. am to honor President Obama’s message of hope and change, with Boehner’s hateful political rhetoric. The clever video is courtesy of DJ Librul. What a stark and disturbing contrast. Hate and ugliness contrasted with hope and inspiration.

Watch it:


2 Responses to “(Video) Rep. Boehner’s ‘Hell No You Can’t’ Shame in Song”

  1. Rob on March 25th, 2010 12:41 pm

    Hateful rhetoric my ass. The soundbite is from when he was admonishing the house for making the health care decisions behind closed doors, hidden from the public. The only hateful rhetoric here is the parts of the song that associate Boehner’s anger with slavery and suffrage.

    I wish the author of this ‘news’ wasn’t an ignorant drone.

  2. Kenneth W. Treuter on March 25th, 2010 10:27 pm

    Sue, you truly are a drone and as ignorant of our Republic’s founding and grounding as any lib “writer” I have ever read.

    Get use to hearing more and more of “hell no you cant” as conservatives who are true patriots and citizens of the American Constitutional Republic fight to save both the Constitution and the Republic itself from the likes of OBAMANATION UPON THE NATION, INC.

    We will stop him, if the grace of God doesn’t do it first. We will expose him and his past and his lies, if the grace of God doesn’t do it first.

    Sue, it’s drones like you who call the deranged dimlibbers to bow at the humanistic altar of governmentalism and to fall in a lock-step march with the BO stench of liberalism’s rotting existence which is soon to be stopped in its tracks.

    You are yourself a liar and you spread lies and because you are a liar and feverishly work to spread them you are a front for the B HO’s temporary service to his true spiritual father, Satan, the devil who is the father of all lies and has been a liar from the beginning because there isn’t any truth in him.

    Have you ever read any of our Republic’s foundational documents, including The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, the Federalist Papers, the Constitution, the first ten Articles/Amendments to the Constitution (commonly referred to as the Bill of Rights)? If you lie and say you have then I challenge you to direct my attention to where the wannabe dictator usurper of the White House and Oval Office is endowed with the power to take over our nation’s industries, fire executives within those private enterprises, use tax payer’s funds to bail out and then control industries, force the Republic’s citizens to buy something they may or may not wish to purchase, denigrate the country with a world tour apologizing for America, pledge support for America’s enemies, order captured combatants to be tried in civil courts, invite Islamic terrorist sympathizers to serve in high offices within the government, appoint a pedophile to look over the safety of school children, declare the nation to be one of the world’s largest Muslim nations, declare to the world that America is not a Christian nation, promote junk science so as to attack the industries which locate and exploit our natural energy resources and create such an insane tax as Cap and Tax, seek to outlaw sport fishing within the nation, vow to strip Americans of their gun rights, decorate a White House Christmas Tree with ornaments celebrating the lives of murderous dictators (including Mao Tse Tung – one of his communication director’s most admired political “philosophers”), vow to advance the infanticide agenda of pro-abortionists, and publicly denigrate the Supreme Court of the United States during a “state of the union address”.

    Actually, you are worse than a drone, you, like the chief B HO of liberalism’s collective bholes are a pathological liar and are incapable of telling the truth. You even distort and lie about Rep. Boehner’s ‘Hell No You Can’t’ statement.

    As to the ridiculously asinine “song” you refer to as inspirational it is in the real world a racist piece of crap. And with respect to the video you so gleefully displayed it does deserve to be carefully viewed because the only thing inspirational about it is Rep. Boehner’s very astute and insightful observation that with regards to your dimlibbers’ “messiah’s” agenda to displace the American Constitutional Republic with a fraudulent hope and change vision of a Utopian social(istic) democracy the true patriots of this nation will quickly prove to him and you and your sort of ilk that indeed you can’t…in other words, hell no you can’t. We wont allow it. We’ll block it at the ballot box, veto it in the jury box, and, if need be, eradicate it with the use of the contents of the cartridge box.

    Sorry for you and your fellow hate-America bigots and traitors to the greatest Constitutional Republic which the world has ever known and which God’s grace permitted to be established.

    If only you had the guts to practice what you preach; i.e., abortion upon demand and demonstrate your dedication to it by committing, in mass, your own personal post-birth abortions. Your absence from the earth’s populace could serve as a great reason for the remaining members of humankind to rejoice in a CHANGE worth celebrating.

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