Rep. Weiner Gets ‘Threatening’ Letter Containing White Powder

March 25, 2010

(ChattahBox)—The FBI is investigating a threatening letter sent to Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-NY) Queens, NY office containing suspicious white powder. The letter made reference to Weiner’s support of the healthcare reform bill. This latest incident is part of a growing number of threats and acts of violence made against Democratic lawmakers’ homes and offices.

The FBI said the letter sent to Weiner’s office “could be interpreted as threatening.” No other information is available on the contents of the letter. Weiner is expected to release a statement about the incident. This latest threat against a Democratic lawmaker, comes just hours after House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) charged Democrats with exaggerating the nature of the threats to fan the flames for political gain.

Democrats are “dangerously fanning the flames that these incidents be used as a political weapon,” charged Cantor.


3 Responses to “Rep. Weiner Gets ‘Threatening’ Letter Containing White Powder”

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  2. Kenneth W. Treuter on March 25th, 2010 6:36 pm

    Just because dimlibbers (dim-witted liberals of every color, shade and hue – be they Demlibs, commie progressives or spineless moderates who stand for nothing worthwhile so they fall for anything, regardless of how outrageous and anti-America it is) are deaf, blind, dumb and stuck on stupid as well as ignorant as a bucket of rocks, do the honestly think that real Americans are falling for this crap? It’s all made up in the minds of the collective whole of the Democrap National Committee.

    Want to talk about violent protests? Look to the black communities of days gone by when they would burn down whole neighborhoods, loot stores, fire live ammo at passersby. Look at the anti-Vietnam violence, all of which, without exception was created and promoted and acted out by liberals. One could fill a telephone book with the names of liberals who have preached violence in order to get their way about anything and everything they’ve wanted at the expense of others.

    Ever listen to any of the rants of the so-called reverend Jeremiah Wright? Were you listening to what Bill Ayers has repeatedly preached about his wishing he and his cohorts had done more in the way of bombings? The list and recap of violence brought on in the United States and then fanned by liberals would fill a book which would weigh several pounds.

    Yo, dimlibbers, your lying about your fear of violence. What it is that you fear is We, The People, of the American Constitutional Republic and you fear us with good reason. We’re out to get you and get you but good. Not with bullets or rocks and fire and such but at the ballot boxes we’ll be voting at in November of this year and then again in November of 2012.

    We are going to evict your “chosen one” Muslim Messiah who was born in Kenya and is not a natural-born citizen of the United States. He, the BO stench of liberalism’s stinking armpits and orifices and his buttugly hate-America-racist hag are going to be evicted. And we’re also going to be certain that our immigration laws are upheld and finally get around to evicting the aunt of the chief B HO (of all of liberalism’s bholes) under the rule of law inasmuch as she is an illegal alien living here on our taxpayer dollar welfare system after having been ordered to leave the United States and/or be forcefully deported.

    After we have evicted your bought and paid for usurper and shown George Soros and that beached killer whale Oprah that their chosen puppet has succeeded only in pissing us off to the extent that no one will dare want to publicly admit to being a liberal we are going to dismantle and defund the unconstitutionally incorporated OBAMANATION UPON THE NATION, INC. and then go to work on slashing welfare programs, smashing humanistic altars wherein dolts gather to worship the false god of Governmentalism and generally make life on earth a living hell for members of the ACLU, the former ACORN, along with such worthless ilk as is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Keith Overbite, Stretch Pelosi, Harry the “Bod/Boxer” Reid.

    Once we take hold of the reins of power you dimlibbers have no idea what a terror we will be and THEN you will have many things to bitch about with respect to being fearful. We, The People, as a historical review of 1776 can in fact be a VERY VIOLENT group and when pushed too far we simply don’t hesitate to meet the enemy eye to eye and eliminate it. Think not? Ask Santa Anna. Ask Hitler. Ask the Japs of WWII. Ask the Viet-Cong. Ask Hussien. Ask Osama. Ask anyone who has ever made the grievous error in judgment and decided to tread upon us

    Peace loving folk we conservatives are and we simply want to be left along and live and let live but once you’ve pushed us a millimeter beyond our tolerance limit or put us into a corner we will rip your head of without a second thought about doing so. A threat? Oh, hell no. An absolute promise and vow before the Eternal and Sovereign Triune Godhead who you swear doesn’t exist because you declared Him dead and now are feverishly working to displace Him with your humanistic gods and superimpose upon His Glorious Image your fugly image.

    Hide and watch and then be damned certain to hide.

  3. Stever Peever on March 26th, 2010 10:09 am

    What a relief to finally read something from the Right that is so filled with facts as well as the love of Christ. But most of all, thank you for not just being another vitriol-spouting, FoxNews-drugged misinformed teabagger. Oh, by the way, the native Americans have just decided to enforce their immigration laws and are now requiring that all non-native peoples be deported. So it looks like you’ll have to form your precious Fourth Reich somewhere else. Boo hoo!

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