Hutaree Anti-Christ Militia Plotted to Murder Cops, Wage War Against Government

March 29, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-A federal grand jury indictment unsealed Monday morning, before members of a radical Michigan-based Christian militia appeared in court, reveals that nine militia members plotted to murder local law enforcement officials, to incite a war against the government. The plot also included plans to attack law enforcement officials with explosive devices, while they attended the funerals of murdered officers. Eight members of the extremist Christian militia group Hutaree, were arrested over the weekend in a series of F.B.I raids in four states. One member remains a fugitive. F.B.I. officials say they have had Hutaree under surveillance for quite some time, but decided to move against them this weekend, because “Hutaree had planned a covert reconnaissance operation for April which had the potential of placing an unsuspecting member of the public at risk.”

Hutaree’s Web site is filled with extremist and paranoid beliefs about the impending Apocalypse and the group fancies themselves Christian warriors, battling the anti-Christ. Hutaree’s motto appearing on its home page declares, “Preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive.” “Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment,” says the Web site. But it appears the group considered the federal government the anti-Christ and were planning to murder local cops and other law enforcement officials, “to serve as a catalyst for a more widespread uprising against the government,” according to court documents.

According to the press release issued by United States Attorney Barbara L. McQuade and FBI Special Agent in Charge Andrew Arena:

“Six Michigan residents, along with two residents of Ohio and a resident of Indiana, were indicted by a federal grand jury in Detroit on charges of seditious conspiracy, attempted use of weapons of mass destruction, teaching the use of explosive materials, and possessing a firearm during a crime of violence.”

“The five count indictment, which was unsealed today, charges that between August 2008 and the present, the defendants, David Brian Stone, 45, his wife, Tina Stone, 44, his son, Joshua Matthew Stone, 21, of Clayton, Michigan, and his other son, David Brian Stone, Jr., 19, of Adrian, Michigan, Joshua Clough, 28, of Blissfield, Michigan, Michael Meeks, 40 of Manchester, Michigan, Thomas Piatek, 46, of Whiting, Indiana, Kristopher Sickles, 27, of Sandusky, Ohio, and Jacob Ward, 33, of Huron, Ohio, acting as a Lenawee County Michigan militia group called the Hutaree, conspired to oppose by force the authority of the U.S. government. According to the indictment, Hutaree members view local, state, and federal law enforcement as the “brotherhood”, their enemy, and have been preparing to engage them in armed conflict.”

According to the indictment, in June 2009, David Brian Stone and his other son, David Brian Stone, Jr., taught other Hutaree members how to make and use explosive devices intending or knowing that the information would be used to further a crime of violence. In addition, the grand jury charged all nine defendants with carrying or possessing a firearm during a crime of violence on at least one occasion.

Andrew Arena, FBI Special Agent in Charge, said, “This is an example of radical and extremist fringe groups which can be found throughout our society. The FBI takes such extremist groups seriously, especially those who would target innocent citizens and the law enforcement officers who protect the citizens of the United States. The FBI would like to thank our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners who are member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, for their assistance in this case.”

The 12-page indictment paints Hutaree as an armed and dangerous paranoid militia group, ready and willing to engage in acts of violence. And the group has been in military training for an “impending war” with their enemies.

“The HUTAREE’s enemies include state and local law enforcement, who are deemed “foot soldiers” of the federal government, federal law enforcement agencies and employees, participants in the “New World Order” and anyone who does not share in the Hutaree’s beliefs,” states the indictment.

And their plans to murder police officers, by luring them to their deaths with a fake 911 call are particularly chilling:

“HUTAREE would commit some violent act to draw attention of law enforcement or government officials which would prompt a response by law enforcement. Possible acts which were discussed included killing a member of law enforcement after a traffic stop, killing a member of law enforcement and his or her family at home ambushing a member of law enforcement in a rural communities, luring a member of law enforcement with a false 911 emergency call and then killing him or her and killing a member of law enforcement and then attacking the funeral procession motorcade with weapons of mass destruction.”

And after the police officers were murdered, the Hutaree planned to retreat to pre-determined locations to wage a full-scale war against the government:

“…Once action was taken, HUTAREE members would then retreat to one of several “rally points,” where the HUTAREE would wage war against the government and be prepared to defend in depth with trip-wired and command detonated anti-personnel Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), ambushes and prepared fighting positions.”

The indictment of the nine charged Hutaree members, reads like a Mafia indictement complete with colorful nicknames. The group’s leader David Brian Stone, has aliases of a.k.a. RD, Joe Stonewall and Captain Hutaree. Likewise, Joshua John Clough, is a.k.a., as Azzurlin, Az, Mouse and Jason Z. Charles. And Kristopher T. Sickles is a.k.a., as Pale Horse.

Joshua Stone, a son of Hutaree’s leader David Brian Stone is still at large.

The charge of seditious conspiracy carries a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, ttempted Usue of a weapon of mass destruction carries a statutory maximum penalty of life in prison, teaching the use of explosives materials carriers a statutory maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and possessing a firearm during a crime of violence carries a mandatory minimum penalty of at least 5 years in prison.

The Hutaree members are expected to appear for a bond hearing later in the week.


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