Rachel Maddow to Scott Brown: ‘You Need to Stop Lying’

March 31, 2010

(ChattahBox)—-MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has reached the end of her rope with Sen. Scott Brown’s (R-MA) tall tales about her running for the U.S. Senate against the former nude Cosmo model. The freshman Senator, sent out a fundraising letter to out of state supporters begging for cash to help him fight off the threat to America posed by Maddow’s “far-left agenda.” Maddow debunked the rumors of a senate run on her nightly program multiples times, while her staff’s calls to Brown’s office went unanswered. Finally, Maddow took the extreme step of taking out a full-page ad in the Boston Globe condemning Brown for his “made-up threat of me running against him, to try to scare donors into giving him more money.”

Well, one would think that from either shame or humiliation in being caught in a blatant falsehood to shill for campaign cash, Brown would have ended his charade and moved on to another fundraising bogeyman. But you would be wrong. So, in a final act of desperation Maddow, on her show Tuesday night, pleaded with Brown to stop lying.

“I thought this was weird, said Maddow, but at least I thought this was finally over.” But, come to find out, when asked about the controversy with Maddow, Brown responded that her denial was an attempt “to boost her ratings.” Maddow again, told the world that she was not running for the U.S. Senate against Brown, and called him a liar more than once.

“You shouldn’t get to flat-out lie in the conduct of your business as a United States Senator and get away with it,” Maddow said. […]

“Senator Brown, you need to stop lying about this.”

Watch it:

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One Response to “Rachel Maddow to Scott Brown: ‘You Need to Stop Lying’”

  1. james fiore on April 2nd, 2010 12:26 pm

    At some point the flag is going to reappear, and if Democrats don’t figure out how to unveil it first, it is going to appear from the right.

    Forty years ago the US was engaged in another unpopular war, our economy was faltering, and our national ambivalence claimed an entire generation of America’s young as it’s victim. Over the next 2-4 years (this is the BEST case scenario) we will be bringing home hundreds of thousands of service members again. We already know the statistical realities of PDSD. We know that the families of active duty, reserve, and National Guardsman got slammed along with the rest of the middle class in the Wall Street swindle. If I am a Democrat, I am figuring out how Health Reform makes America more equipped to really care for our veterans. And if we needed a good response to the perpetual crowing about future generations paying a debt we are incurring now, it might be to remind America that the real debt is being carried by this generation of guardians, and this time we intend to pay them back when their needs begin to manifest. In fact, the Dems need to tie this reform and all others to follow in direct ways to national security, a thing they so rarely do.

    In a world full of biological weapons, I want everbody to be able to see a doctor. I want to be able to innoculate or vaccinate everybody I can in the case of communicable disease. Or is the real point of anti-reform to identify those left behind as expendible?

    Our President’s course may well save us from the sheer folly of Southeast Asia, but we still have to be in a position to main our commitments to those who went out and preserved the freedom the Republicans keep referring to. And if you need a Trojan Horse in order to infiltrate the minds of the opposition, paint that sucker red, white and blue. The alternative is to get outflanked and outstrategized by them. Remember Swift Boat? There is no low they can’t go.

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