15-Year-Old Sells 7-Year-Old For Gang Rape, 27 Arrested In Complex

April 2, 2010

New Jersey (ChattahBox) – Police are investigating the brutal gang rape of a seven-year-old girl, who was “sold” by her fifteen-year-old step-sister, who allegedly stood counting her money and watching as the young child was assaulted by as many as seven men and boys.

According to police, the teen had been working as a prostitute herself, and while at a party she offered to get the child and have her passed around for sex.

The girl was told that she was not to scream or she would be killed.

It isn’t clear how many people participated in the rape, but there were at least seven, police say. They also are trying to establish how many of the dozens present saw the assault happen, and whether or not they will be charged.

In an unrelated raid that had been planned since well before the rape occurred, police arrested 27 people (most women) living in Rowan Towers.

They hope that the arrests will lead to information about the rape, and say that the officers were screaming “What happened to the little girl” as they raided the building.

Rowan Towers is a complex high rise in Trenton, New Jersey that is considered so dangerous that many refuse to even go in there. Armed police work as security guards over the place.

Police had planned the raid on anyone who has any kind of outstanding warrant, in order to make the place safer.

Of those arrested, the step-sister has been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child.



18 Responses to “15-Year-Old Sells 7-Year-Old For Gang Rape, 27 Arrested In Complex”

  1. lacey on April 2nd, 2010 12:30 pm

    that just makes my stomic turn. i believe at 15 u know right from wrong!!! she should diff get what she deserves! and as for the boys they should lock them up and throw away the key! how can u hurt a 7 year old? a baby? whats the world coming too. i agree with the cops i would do the same thing. i bet going about it that way they have that they will find out a lot more with time!! whats the world coming to?

  2. Terry on April 2nd, 2010 4:16 pm

    Publishing this kind of utterly digusting slumdog sexual behavior has no social or journalistic value whatsoever. Google’s news editors need to think about this.
    Publishing miscreant criminal behavior is nothing more than poisen to the human spirit…We all know evil exists in the human soul, we don’t need to hear the specific details everyday.

  3. Rosie on April 2nd, 2010 6:48 pm

    terry, are you kidding? Just because rape, assualt, and other criminal behaviour doesn’t fit your description of what should be news, does not mean the media should stop reporting it! Your comment shows why henious crimes need to be reported and investigated. Noone should ever allow shame or embarrassment to prevent them from reporting something illegal. Terry your ignorant preferences show that there are ppl out there that need a good kick up the ass! News can’t all be happy and full of smiles.There is a dark side to humanity, less frequent than more, but just bc you are uncomfortable with it does not mean that it needs to go away! I hope something like the gang rape of a seven year old female child will never become that commonplace in our society that it does not deserve the attention of the media and concerned citizens.The day we become like communities in Tijauna, Sudan, etc. places where there is violence unfolding everyday, where violence is so normal horrible crimes are not shocking anymore, than Terry pray dear.The ppl in that building need to know what happened so hopefully, nothing like that will ever happen there again.

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  5. Jessica on April 3rd, 2010 1:08 am

    Things like this do need to be put on the news because it let’s these criminals that they are being watched and we will not stand for it. Check out LOVE146.org, it’s a fantastic organization that works on the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation. It’s opened my eyes to the help these lil girls need and has me educating myself and others of such crimes ad what we can do to help stop it. This 7y/o childs voice needs to be heard, not ignored. We need to let her know that we hear her story and we’ll be her voice of awareness. God bless her lil heart and may she learn to just be a child and to trust & love again.

  6. olivia on April 3rd, 2010 11:54 am

    Terry – So, this poor little girl’s story shouldn’t be told? People shouldn’t know that horrible things like this happen? The public should not be on the lookout for the men and boys involved, who have no yet been caught? There is every reason to report stories like this. There is a certain responsibility to release facts about the heinous things people do, not for sensationalism, but for the sake of warning. If someone from Trenton sees this story and knows anything, they now may see the need to report it to the police.

    You speak about journalistic value…it is about alerting a public that often doesn’t understand how easily or frequently these things occur. I mean, for God’s sake, it was the child’s step-sister who pimped her out.

  7. Craves on April 3rd, 2010 7:12 pm

    Wow…all I can say is go back to Mr. Rogers neighborhood Terry, and in order to maintain your state of make belive and DENIAL I suggest that you stay off of the internet and keep your t.v. tuned to the Disney Channel because the majority of us prefer to be informed about the good, the average and even the sad state of humanity versus your Mary Poppins spoon full of sugar news BS….

  8. Marion Williams on April 3rd, 2010 8:01 pm

    All the barbaric pieces of garbage should be castrated with a rusty garden saw.

  9. RN on April 4th, 2010 12:49 am

    Stories like this make me feel better every day about my decision to not have kids. Maybe I have been a news junkie for too long and take too gloomy a view of life, but seriously years and years of following the news regularly has convinced me that I don’t want to bring a kid into this fucked up world…..

    But some stories stand out in how horrific a picture they paint of the depths humanity can sink to:

    Gang rape of a 7 (SEVEN) year old…..barf….

    WTF is wrong with people? UGH….This is the sort of shit nightmares are made of. I have a 7 yo niece I am very fond of and stories like this make my skin crawl.
    Seriously WTF is wrong with these people?

  10. Gilbert Schwob on April 4th, 2010 6:00 am

    Thanks Rosie: well said and well done. As an old Jewish I would add that Terry would have even hidden the Shoa!
    Shame to him.

  11. flossie commedore on April 4th, 2010 11:04 am

    we need to keep all the families in prayers, especially the raped victim. how i feel is not important. the healing of the CHILD should be our concerns.

  12. landa on April 5th, 2010 12:11 pm

    this makes me wnt 2 cry.i feel so bad 4 the kids qrowin up 2day.i cnt imaqine wht human be able to do this 2 a lil qurl the sister include.she deserves whtevr she qets.this world is full of sick crazy ppl.nd there were qrown men there.i have a lil sister nd i dnt noe wht i would do if anybdy evn tried sum crazy ish like this.they wont mess wit nobdy thts there aqe i promise you tht.a 7 year old??seriously.uqqh.this makes me sick..

  13. I am greatly troubled by this!!!!! - Page 2 on April 5th, 2010 8:25 pm

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  14. person on April 6th, 2010 6:55 am

    Terry- What a moronic statement. People like you sicken me as much as the people who do the evil-doing in this world. You would probably be the type to close your window curtains while someone was getting beaten or raped, because it’s not “pretty and nice” enough for your eyes.

    People know there’s bad in the world, but not everyone knows about what kind of bad. Like a child having to grow up in a dark basement while being strapped to a toilet seat for years. Or this story here. It’s important that everyone gets informed, even if it’s hard news to take.

    So what about “journalistic value”? This doesn’t lose any of it; in fact, I think it is even enhanced. Kudos to whomever it was that was able to write on this horrifying news in order to let the public know just what can happen in crime-ridden areas by people who may seem like totally normal/everyday people.

    If you want to shield your ears, your eyes, and your heart- Go at it. But don’t complain about these news stories. No one is even forcing you to read them.

  15. eric on April 6th, 2010 11:24 pm

    i think most of these posts have gone off of the track of the story….. i don’t really care about what should be published in the media and i think arguing about it over this story takes away from what went on. i went to basketball camp in trenton in the mid 90’s and the coaches told us to stay on campus. that place is rough. in saying that, anyone that would commit such a heinous crime should be killed. that’s that. i am tired of people blaming society or environment. i don’t care how old the the participants are, they should all be killed. if i was allowed, i would come to new jersey and do it myself. i have a daughter who is six and if anything happened to her that person would not be living today. where are the parents? let me guess….. no dad, mom is a crack whore, and grandma is raising her, or the state has custody….. another statistic. it is a shame and the biological parents should be held equally responsible. sorry to say it, but it is a problem within the community….. the BLACK community. that is not a racist comment, it is a fact. more crime goes on in the black community than any other…. look it up, it is empirical evidence. people are so sensitive these days and are hesitant to say what they really feel. i say kill all of the participants. they cost tax payers money to prison them and they are a waste of skin…… f#&%ing dirt bag trashers. a SEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL! it doesn’t matter where you are from or what socioeconomic you fall under, that is just wrong and i say kill all of them including the dirt bag sister…. f$%*ing C@^T!

  16. Tasha on April 8th, 2010 11:17 am

    I just would like to say, I definitely agree with Eric…….KILL EVERY LAST ONE EM!!! A concern family member should be allowed to take each participant, one at a time, into a small dark room and just bat ALL THEIR FU%%ING BRAINS OUT!!! Sick BASTARDS…..and for the step-sista or should I say 15 year old HOE….Life in prison!!!

  17. Tasha on April 8th, 2010 11:22 am


  18. Mizz Blue on April 8th, 2010 10:17 pm

    First of all, WTF? If that were my child I would ask for access to the jail so i could be the living daylights out of her. Then i would make them try her as an adult so she cannot see the damn day light ever again. But you know what, thats too damn leanient. Feed that hoe to the sharks and let them tear her ass apart limb by limb.

    (forgive me Lord because i know that this is not your way)

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